Thursday, December 04, 2014

Will Black heterosexuals PLEASE STOP omitting LGBTs of Color from Black history!

I love my heterosexual African-American brothers and sisters but why is it so hard for some of them to acknowledge the existence of lgbt of color throughout black history?

What set me off? This:

Michigan House stalls gay rights bill after pastor testifies there are no ‘LGBT water fountains’

The gist of the story is that an African-American pastor in Michigan by the name of Stacy Swimp played the "you can't compare the black civil rights movement to the gay rights movement" game in front of the Michigan State House in order to stop an equality bill. The bill stalled because of lack of support in the Republican-led House, but even if it had passed, I would still be pissed.

Why? Because crap like what came from Swimp's mouth:

“There’s a comparison between the homosexual allegation of gay rights and black civil rights,” he continued. “And as a minister of the Gospel, and as a black American whose parents participated in the Freedom Rides — my ancestors were slaves in plantations in the state of South Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana and Mississippi — I stand here today rather offended.”

It pains me that a supposed intelligent man of the cloth can be so ignorant. But I have to wonder if Swimp is as ignorant as I think he is. Unfortunately there does seem to be an unspoken conspiracy amongst some heterosexuals in the black community to omit just what racism and segregation did to lgbts of color. However, in spite of attempts at reckless omission, lgbts of color existed all through black history. We lived through slavery and segregation, got raped, lynched, called "boy" and "gal," been lied to and spat upon, subjected by hoses and dogs, put on jail, and murdered just like heterosexual African-Americans.

Why is there is this intent to omit us, eradicate our presence, erase our existence.  Well Swimp and the others need to know they can't succeed, no matter how much they try. The video below, which I am posting in an attempt to soothe my nerves, makes my point better than I can. And less profane too because if I continue to express my anger, I am going to collapse in a word salad of choice profanity I haven't used in YEARS:

'Why Ferguson matters for the lgbt community' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Why Ferguson matters for the LGBT community - As an lgbt of color, I have been trying to put this into words. For those who are so quick in the lgbt community to decry the feeling of rage and helplessness in the black community when it comes to situations like Ferguson and Eric Garner, etc., I have three words for you - "White Night Riots."

The greatest of hypocrisies: Gays condemn black riots over racism, forget our movement started with one - And a good friend of mine, Matt Comer, puts in some more emphasis on that point. Remember Stonewall? 

Read: 11th Circuit denies Florida stay extension; freedom to marry should arrive first week of January - Just in case you didn't hear, progress in the form of marriage equality is coming to Florida in January.

Republicans Defeat Bill Securing Employment Protections For LGBTs Without Debate - ENDA may be dead . . . at least for now.

 Mat Staver To Headline Jamaica Conference Hosted By Group Defending Anti-Sodomy Laws - Lovely! At the same time while members of the religious right falsely claim that lgbts are holding them under siege in America, they are doing exactly that to us in countries like Jamaica.

'I Am Santa Claus' Documentary Slammed On Social Media For Featuring Gay Man Who Plays St. Nicholas - And just what is wrong with a gay Santa Claus? I'm all for it. Maybe he can hook me up with a nice elf. (That was a joke. These days, you have to always clarify these things.)

Prominent black conservatives are the puppets of white conservatives

When I look at this video of Ben Carson denigrating gays and pro-choice activists, it captures the problems I have with the black conservatives I see in the media. I just don't think they have integrity. Allow me to explain what I mean. From time to time, black liberals, progressives, Democrats, etc. will challenge members of their party if they do not agree with the position taken. They make a point to show their independence.

 I have never seen a prominent black conservative openly challenge other conservatives, particularly white conservatives when it comes to things said about African-Americans, lgbts, or even President Obama. But I have seen these black conservatives get on television and publish pieces spouting homophobia, attacks on Obama and even on their own people with more fiendish glee than a wolf caught up in a sheep pin.  Or even more vigor than white conservatives.  One could say that this is a matter of having a difference of opinion. I disagree. It's about the money.

Look really close behind a black conservative and you will almost always find white conservative hands stuffing money deep in their pockets, via think tanks, "wingnut welfare," or "donations" to their one-man or one-woman organization.

Not that I mind folks making money to pay their bills, but I do have a problem with folks who allow themselves to be puppets for the almighty dollar. And to me, I have yet to see a black conservative who doesn't fit this description.