Thursday, August 13, 2020

VP Mike Pence doesn't want Biden or Harris to cut America's meat (that's what he said)

Yes, Mike Pence. That was a dumb comment you made.

Dear Mike Pence, I know you were actually trying to attack Biden and Harris in terms of the US Dietary Guidelines when you said the following. I also know that in lieu of a doing a speech with substantial content,  you were trying to repeat the attacks the GOP made against former First Lady Michelle Obama when she was attempting to improve the health of our children

But, if you don't mind a little criticism, this line of attack backfired, especially when one takes into account your history of homophobia.

You definitely didn't mean this to have come out the way it did, but consider it as a metaphor for your aiding Trump's pathetic presidency.  I mean come on. You're talking about meat in the middle of a huge pandemic in which over five million Americans have been infected and over 170,00 have already died.

I am curious, though. Who would you let cut America's meat?

Or your meat . . .

I won't tell "Mother."

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