Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Hate group AFA's 'questions' for Walmart underscores its desire to erase the LGBTQ community

Editor's note - I may not post news briefs for Thursday because I feel that this post needs full attention:

The American Family Association is claiming that its campaign against Walmart is bearing fruit. The hate group  has been raging against Walmart ever since the store chain ran an ad on Facebook geared to its LGBTQ customers.

From Right Wing Watch:

The American Family Association, which has been recognized as an anti-LGBTQ hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, claims it has secured a meeting with a “representative” for Walmart CEO Doug McMillon. 
The meeting with McMillon’s representative, which AFA told subscribers to its email list is scheduled to take place “later this month,” will be purportedly used to discuss an ad Walmart shared on Facebook that featured a same-sex couple. As Right Wing Watch has previously reported, the ad sent AFA into a nuclear meltdown, with the organization accusing Walmart of joining a “cultural revolution” to normalize same-sex relationships. AFA launched a petition to urge Walmart to return “back to its founding principles” that the organization says gathered 163,000 signatures.

AFA head Tim Wildmon presented a list of questions he will be demanding answers to. The questions are vile when one takes into account what AFA is implying in presenting them. I took the liberty of asking my own questions after each one. The purpose is to underscore just how bigoted AFA's campaign appears to be:

1. Are you aware of the 163,000 families who are offended by the ad and have signed AFA’s petition to Walmart for its removal? 
Isn't it hypocritical for your organization to stand with businesses which refuse to serve the LGBTQ community and then attack  businesses which acknowledge that they have LGBTQ customers?

2. Have you viewed the ad and read the gay-affirming comments posted by Walmart with some posts accompanied by the rainbow flag? The rainbow flag, commonly known as the gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag, is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements. The appearance here is that Walmart, Inc. has joined the LGBT movement. Is this true or false? 
That's not only false, but also an idiotic question and assumption. 

3. Are you aware that Walmart has only commented on the positive posts on the ad but has completely ignored the hundreds expressing objections? Does this mean that Walmart does not care about those who have objections and have been offended? 
Regardless if there are hundreds of comments in opposition to the ad, what difference does it make? The general question why is there a problem with a store catering to a clientele. LGBTQ people shop at Walmart and the store wants their money.

4. 163,000 families supportive of AFA - including many of your own customer base - have been offended by the gay-affirming ad. What is your defense of the ad? These families are awaiting a response – and deserve one. 
But what about those who support the ad? You alluded to them in question two. Don't their opinions matter? Why should Walmart have to defend catering to customers?

5. AFA has always maintained that Walmart and other corporations should not take sides by promoting the LGBTQ social and political agenda. Why has Walmart chosen sides against the traditional definition of family with this ad? 
How is simply acknowledging  LGBTQ customers and catering  to them "taking sides?"  Who or what gives you the right to decide the "traditional definition" of family? Or the definition of "family" in general?

It is simply diabolical how homophobic and  twisted the AFA chooses to be when it comes to the LGBTQ community. To that group, we aren't people. We are things with "an agenda." Who we date, where we shop, how we carry on our daily lives seem to be a part of "the agenda," according to the American Family Association. And it's not enough for AFA to have this view. By using evasive code phrases like "traditional families" or "taking sides" and issuing threats, the organization is demanding that Walmart adhere to that view.

But who is more of a threat? Gay men meeting in Walmart and dating or a self-righteous faux religious group which sees conspiracies every time LGBTQ people act as if we are normal members of society?

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