Thursday, April 30, 2015

Conservatives, anti-gay right need to cool it on the persecution predictions

If there one thing which worries me about the possibility of us receiving 50-state marriage equality at  SCOTUS, it is the reaction to folks who do not support us being married.

I am somewhat concerned, not because I think of them as irrational folks. There are some folks who have very sincere beliefs that marriage equality is wrong and I respect that. I am worried about who some are choosing to believe.

It's one thing to be absolutely ludicrous and make ridiculous claims that God will be angry at America. But it's when these folks start predicting actual persecution and conjuring up images of Christians and pastors being arrested which bothers me. Case in point, Glenn Beck:

Glenn Beck is a demagogue. A moronic idiot who lucked into a media empire, but he has a multitude of followers and while we laugh at his inanity, there are folks who actually believe what he says. And unfortunately, he isn't the only person on the right pushing irresponsible rhetoric regarding the possible SCOTUS decision on marriage equality.

Never mind that these folks have track record for being inaccurate (they made the same claims about lgbt-inclusive hate crimes legislation), it's what they can fool people into believe which matters.

All it takes is one fool and the ignorance of fools is what these folks seem to be counting on.

'Anti-gay right urging 'resistance.' Yaaaawn!' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Anti-Gay Activists Urge 'Resistance' Before Marriage Equality Destroys 'Just About Everything' - I want us to win at SCOTUS with regards to marriage equality because it's the fair and right thing to happen. But .5 percent of me can't help but wanting to see if the religious right has the guts to back up all of this "civil disobedience" and "revolution" junk they have been threatening.  No one is naive, guys. When you talk about "resistance," you mean manipulating your supporting masses to do your dirty work while you, as Redd Foxx  from 'Sanford and Son' puts it - "coordinate things."

How Not To Talk About Bruce Jenner - Or how NOT to talk about any situation with regards to the transgender community.  

Anti-LGBT Groups To Appeal Judge's Ruling Upholding Houston Equal Rights Ordinance - They've lost twice so they obviously want to go for the hat trick.

 Capitol Prayer Service: God Will Punish America For Legalizing Gay Marriage - SAD! Our Congressional leaders are in a position to help this country (BECAUSE they are Congressional leaders), but instead they are attacking marriage equality because they seem to think that God has turned a blind eye to more pressing problems of the human race (war, famine, natural disasters, etc) to focus His attention on marriage equality. 

The Top Arguments for and Against Same-Sex Marriage at the Supreme Court - Break it down for us, Matt Baume.  

Watch This 7-Year-Old Explain How Her Two Moms Had A Baby - "Won't someone think of the children?" Guess what. The children GET it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NOM makes AWFUL attempt to inflate the numbers of its #March4Marriage failure

Particularly in terms of attendance, NOM's latest March For Marriage (held Saturday) was yet another colossal flop for the group.

However, NOM president, Brian Brown, thinks that he can pull a big con on everyone as evidenced by this tweet:

The tweet links to an article from MRC Newsbusters. a right-wing site which supposedly monitors  "liberal media bias." The article includes a video of the march, but there is absolutely no way anyone can tell the number of participants by viewing the video.

So where did the "15,000 participants" claim come from ? From NOM itself. According to the article:

A marriage march press contact confirmed to MRC Culture through NOM that “approximately 15,000” marchers attended. 

In other words, Brown is implying that an "unbiased" news source confirmed that NOM's March for Marriage had 15,000 participants. However,  the claim isn't coming from the news source. It is coming from Brian Brown and NOM.

This absolute pitiful subterfuge has been a hallmark of NOM's fight against marriage equality. It would be easy to just allow the organization to embarrass itself out of existence.

But to hell with that. Why shouldn't the lgbt community get in on the fun?

'Congressman exploits Baltimore to attack marriage equality' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

GOP Rep. Bill Flores Links Baltimore Riots To Gay Marriage - Some fool exploiting the sad situation in Baltimore to attack marriage equality was to be expected. But the fact that it was a Congressman talking to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (who, for all his talking about gays trying to co-opt the civil rights movement, has been silent about Baltimore) is simply sad. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg eviscerates same-sex marriage opponents in court - Due to her awesome questions and such during yesterday's SCOTUS oral arguments on marriage equality, I called Justice Ginsburg a "bad ass steel armored bullet-proof Earth Mother." After reading this article which goes into more detail about yesterday, I think a better description of her awesomeness is in order.  

Battle For Marriage Equality Unfolds Outside The Supreme Court - Meanwhile, outside the court room, there was a good scene.  

Parents of Transgender Children Fight Bathroom Bills - THIS is how parents are supposed to act. And they should be commended.  

Florida's Trans Bathroom Bill Dies - Whoever said these awful transphobic bills can't be defeated is lying. It takes will, courage, and hard work, but they can be exposed as the fraudulent pieces of trash they are.  

New Website Highlights Businesses That Don’t Want To Serve Gay People - Three words - Family. Research. Council.  

Starnes: Pastors Will Be Charged With Hate Crimes If SCOTUS Legalizes Gay Marriage - Just a blatant lie. I don't care if he is a "commentator," there should be some type of integrity which keeps one from fear mongering in the name of God. No matter how much some "evangelicals" blame lgbts for the negative view some folks have of Christianity, it is people like Starnes who are mostly responsible.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How SCOTUS rules on marriage equality may come down to familiar question, tone

I personally think that this morning, the lgbt community got a welcome, albeit minor, scare at SCOTUS. It should serve a reminder that nothing is a cake walk and we shouldn't celebrate until battles are over and not when they look as if they are over.

Let me also say that after that minor scare, things look good for 50 state marriage equality. All in all, it could boil down to the same thing which tipped the Windsor decision to us - the dignity of same-sex families and our children.

But rather than giving you an expository, I am going to spotlight what I feel were the three best articles which emphasizes the main points of today's oral hearing, particularly the part which may tip the case in our favor:

Supreme Court Mulls How Marriage Equality Will Come About - From the Huffington Post comes a general overview of today's oral session, including how the swing vote the lgbt community is counting on, Justice Anthony Kennedy, gave us a huge scare this morning and how the lawyer defending marriage equality bans actually brought Kennedy back to why he ruled in our favor in Windsor.  

The Lawyer Defending Discrimination In The Supreme Court May Have Just Talked Himself Out Of Victory - From Think Progress, a special look at the exchange which MAY give us 50-state marriage equality while providing emphasis that opponents of marriage equality simply don't have a justifiable argument. 

 Marriage Equality Arguments First Reaction: Ginsburg Strikes, Kennedy Wavers - From Slate comes a wonderful analysis of the day which goes like this - Kennedy is a tough questioner to both sides of the issue, but has genuine concerns about same-sex families, Alito is a complete butthead, and Ginsberg is a bad ass steel armored bullet-proof Earth Mother. 

So what do I think? In one form or another, marriage equality is here to stay. There are serious trepidations and fear by some of the justices of what they claim to be a "redefinition" of the institution. But this fear is going to be measured with (and hopefully outweighed by) giving same-sex families and their children the fairness and dignity of equal marriage. For now, nothing is for sure. But it does look good.

'SCOTUS hearing marriage equality oral arguments' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Editor's note - We are all on pins and needles about the SCOTUS oral arguments on marriage equality today. They are happening even as I write this and if you want to check them out, go to the live stream at SCOTUSblog

Anti-Gay Protester Disrupts SCOTUS Marriage Hearing: 'Homosexuality is an Abomination!' - I had a feeling that there would be some type of disruption but if this is the most that will happen, that's good.

 Janet Porter: Supreme Court Marriage Ruling Could Land Christians In Jail - The crazy people are just being more crazy. 

 Supreme Court Hearing Same-Sex Marriage Arguments - And an evenhanded look at how things are going. 

 Anti-Gay GOP Lawmaker Outed After Sending Explicit Photo To Another Man - Meanwhile, the battle for lgbt respect and such still goes on on a personal level.

 Court Says ‘Religious Freedom’ Gives T-Shirt Company The Right To Discriminate Against LGBT Group - And legally.

These Twins Want The Supreme Court To Recognize Their Dads’ Marriage - At the end of the day, this is what it's all about.  

Coming Out As Gay In Elementary School - And this. Let me be honest with you. I personally don't expect to get married. It would be nice and who knows what may happen, but I want marriage equality so that our children can decide their future choices based upon what they have a right to receive, not what's denied to them. To me, the argument of marriage equality is simple - it's about dignity for present lgbt couples and potential future lgbt couples.

A few words about today at the Supreme Court

As we hope and pray for success at the Supreme Court this morning, let's remember those whose shoulders we are standing on and those who we hope to lift up to a higher plane with our endeavours.

And most of all, no matter what happens, always know that it's not an ending, but only a doorway to an entirely new world. Win or lose (and I'm hoping for a win), this our moment, this is our time.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Video of NOM's march reveals hypocrisy, irony of homophobia

The following video are scenes from NOM's latest failed attempt at a #march4marriage, which was held on Saturday. Of course none of the arguments these folks are making could ever make sense in front of the Supreme Court.

To me, the grand irony is how these folks whine about being persecuted and ridiculed for their anti-marriage equality stance while at the same time denigrating lgbts and our lives. It's that duck and dodge which has become very popular amongst those who stand against marriage equality.

'Anti-gay freak out before SCOTUS arguments' & other Monday midday news briefs

How will SCOTUS rule on marriage equality?

CBS host introduces Tony Perkins as ‘anti-gay hate group’ leader: ‘You don’t speak for Christians’ - With my attention drawn to exposing the lie Family Research Council head Tony Perkins told on 'Face the Nation' yesterday, I made the mistake of not mentioning this awesome moment when Bob Schieffer called out Perkins before the interview. 

Christians: Stop letting hate control the conversation on LGBT equality! - A wonderful piece by my friend, David Shelton, admonishing other Christians to not let the anti-gay industry hog the debate and speak for them.  

Supreme Court’s Simple Marriage Case Questions Lead To Complex Arguments - Tomorrow is the DAY. SCOTUS will be hearing oral arguments on marriage equality. Some folks have taken it granted that we will win. I say I am taking NOTHING for granted. Chris Geidner of Buzzfeed gives an excellent analysis of the issues and questions at hand.  

Mat Staver: 'No Choice' But To Disobey Supreme Court Marriage Ruling - Oh please. What are you going to do? REFUSE to attend gay weddings? Fine with us.  

Pat Robertson: God Can 'Straighten Out' Your Gay Daughter At Summer Camp - Uh Pat . . . being at a place where you can go off in the woods with your possible same-sex significant other ain't gonna "straighten you out."  

29 Revealing Photos From This Weekend’s Anti-Gay March For Marriage - NOM held its annual poorly attended anti-marriage equality march Saturday. It wasn't attended by any Republican presidential candidates or legislators. Nonetheless, the signs were interesting. 

 We Can Talk About Bruce's Politics Without Ruining the Moment - Last week, Bruce Jenner became somewhat of a transgender icon. But his politics also makes him a conundrum.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tony Perkins tells HUGE lie on 'Face the Nation' about SCOTUS impeachments

This week, SCOTUS will be hearing arguments regarding 50-state marriage equality. Folks are predicting that we are going to win one, however I have always been one for never "counting your chickens before they hatch."

But as the moment draws closer, national supporters and opponents of marriage equality appeared on Sunday news programs to debate the issue. On CBS's Face the Nation, Family Research Council head Tony Perkins debated Freedom To Marrys' Evan Wolfson.

It was a good debate, but I want to point to something before it gets drowned out. When Face the Nation's Bob Schieffer asked Perkins did he call for the impeachment of Supreme Court justices if they rule for marriage equality, Perkins was quick to say no, he did not.

Transcript (start at 3:32)

 Bob Schieffer: Did you really say that justices who come down on the side of gays in this issue should be impeached?

Tony Perkins: No I didn't say that.

Bob Schieffer: Because there are reports to that effect.

Tony Perkins: No I didn't say that.

Bob Schieffer: What did you say?

Tony Perkins: Well I said . . . I didn't say anything about impeachment of the judges. What I said is that they are not the final say on this issue . ..

Perkins is not being truthful. He in fact did say something about impeaching the judges. According to Right Wing Watch, on Thursday of last week, he was interviewed by the Iowa based radio host Jan Mickelson:

 . . . Perkins predicted will end with the court striking down bans on same-sex marriage across the country. Once this occurs, Perkins warned, “it will be open season on people of faith.” He predicted that the court will issue a ruling similar to Roe v. Wade, further dividing Americans and contradicting “natural law.” Mickelson suggested that if this happens, members of Congress should try to “remove” the Supreme Court’s “jurisdiction” over the marriage issue and “nullify” its decision, sending the message to the justices that “if you try it again we will impeach your sorry keisters.” Perkins heartily agreed: “I think you’re absolutely right.”

So why is this important? Because since people like Perkins are anticipating a loss at SCOTUS, they are attempting to shift the argument and make it seem like they are the victims who are being unfairly shunned because of their anti-marriage equality beliefs.

That's the constant mantra implied by spokespeople on that spectrum of the issue from Perkins to Maggie Gallagher to Ryan T. Anderson.

And Perkins implying that a SCOTUS judge should be impeached for merely ruling against his side on an issue doesn't exactly jibe with the image of  "shunned Christians," does it?

Perkins's falsehood is definitely something I wish some folks on our side would keep in mind when they begin "concern-trolling" about this issue.

Certainly no one should be shunned simply because of their opinion, but when we are so quick to believe folks like Perkins even after all of the distortions they have spun in the past, we are merely walking into their latest con game.

Friday, April 24, 2015

'Bobby Jindal defiantly taking Louisiana to anti-gay disaster' & other Friday midday news briefs

Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal Is Disappointed GOP Governors Backed Away From Religious Freedom Laws So Quickly - In an attempt to gain the favor of social conservatives for his possible presidential run, LA Gov. Bobby Jindal is careening towards disaster. 

New Ad: Bobby Jindal’s ‘Religious Liberty’ Stunt a Disaster for Louisiana’s Economy - And it won't be pretty. 

 Ted Cruz Introduces Anti-Gay Bill Spearheaded By Radical Activist - And he is not the only elected official careening, thus proving how much influence anti-gay activists hold.  

Michigan Bills Allowing Adoption Agencies To Reject LGBT Parents Move Forward - While Michigan acts foolish . . .  

Ariz. same-sex couples can again adopt, foster together - . . . Arizona's governor takes a serious stand for same-sex families.  

Tony Perkins: Impeach Supreme Court Justices Who Rule For Marriage Equality - Poor Tony. He is becoming a mockery.

Homophobic insanity of the American Family Association explained in one picture

If you need to demonstrate just how insanely homophobic the American Family Association is in one minute or less, just show the following picture:

AFA claims that the Supreme Court will usher in a targeting of Christians if it should rule for marriage equality later this year. That nonsense doesn't even DESERVE a refutation, but I will say this:

I wish these folks would stop comparing lgbts to Nazis. It trivializes a terrible moment in history and it's not even logical.

I don't think the progression of lgbt equality was something Hitler EVER had in mind.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

God help the lgbt community if Mike Huckabee gets anywhere NEAR the White House

Mike Huckabee
There has been a lot of speculation on whether or not Mike Huckabee will run for president. I think he will and if he does, the lgbt community had better do what we can to keep him from getting elected.

And I say that based upon this conference call he had with other anti-gay leaders (courtesy of Right Wing Watch). On this call, you can practically start a drinking game with the lies and paranoid delusions Huckabee throws out about the lgbt community and how we will attempt to outlaw Christianity and force pastors to marry gay couples.

That's the one thing I hate about people like Huckabee. Not only do they think that their version of Christianity is the only one which counts, they don't even hold true to it because of the outrageous lies they tell.

Editor's note  - According to Right Wing Watch, because of apparent technical difficulties with the conference call, there are beeping noises throughout the call signifying participants dialing in.

'Approval of marriage equality at an all-time high, but . . .' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Breaking: American Approval Of Same-Sex Marriage Breaks All-Time Record - Excellent news, but there are some problems on the horizon. 

 LGBT Advocates Call for Indiana-Style Backlash After Two Anti-Gay Bills Advance - Say hello to problem 1.  

GOP lawmaker introduces bill to strip federal courts of power to rule on marriage equality - Though this bill doesn't have a chance in hell of passing, it is still problem 2 because of the following news brief. . .  

Rep. Steve King Introduces Court-Stripping Bill Written By Radical Anti-Gay Activists - This is why we need to take all prominent members of the anti-gay right seriously. No matter how crazy they are (and we got some crazy ones), if they can get their influence in Congress, that's another fight we have to deal with, regardless of whether or not we win said fight. 

How a transgender teen got South Carolina to change its license photo policy - WONDERFUL!!!  

STUDY: LGBT People of Color at Risk of Lifelong Poverty - We got a problem and part of it stems from the lack of positive reinforcement and attention lgbts people of color receive from society.

Cordileone won’t be back at this year’s anti-gay-marriage march - This is a BIG deal. NOM just lost a high-profile speaker for their Saturday march. 

Photo of lesbian couple taken from (the generous and always helpful) Right Wing Watch.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Family Research Council gets HAMMERED for lies told in anti-marriage equality video

In this wonderful video, writer, reporter, and video producer Matt Baume takes down all of the distortions contained in a new Family Research Council video speaking against marriage equality. It should be required viewing and demonstrates just what is the problem with American broadcast media these days - too many lazy pundits hogging up the air and not enough talented folks like Baume (who actually do the digging and the grunt work) getting the attention they deserve:

Hat tip to Joe Jervis.

'Dan Savage knocks down religious right's 'gay friend' meme' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

Dan Savage
Dan Savage: Why would Santorum and Huckabee’s ‘imaginary gay friends’ invite them to their wedding? - Thank you Dan Savage for pointing this out. Every time I hear someone try to make up for homophobic statements by citing their so-called "gay friend," I say "yeah, right!" 

NBC News To Air 2-Part 'Transgender Kids' Special - Kudos to NBC for doing this.  

Fox News Distraught That Children Are Learning That Transgender People Exist - Because we have some NASTY SOBs out there deliberately putting out bad information. 

  The anti-gay right can't run forever from its history of bigotry - Reiterating this morning's post. You don't spend YEARS dehumanzing lgbt people and then suddenly claim that we are bullying you.

Assembly Rejects Controversial Transgender Bathroom Bill - The folks who fought to defeat this deserve a HUGE round of applause.

 Legendary Activists in the Fight Against HIV - Speaking of folks deserving HUGE rounds of applause.

The anti-gay right can't run forever from its history of bigotry

The anti-gay right wants us to forget this image of the lgbt community they once pushed on a heavy scale.

As a gay man, I admit that I am enthused and encouraged by what I see as a more lgbt-inclusive American society.

While we still have some kinks to work on and straighten out, I am happy with our progress. Just a decade ago, we wouldn't be talking about lgbt issues as openly as we are now. We have more public figures who are out from the get-go, rather than coming out after long rumors and speculation. And marriage equality is closer to becoming a 50-state reality sooner than some of us ever realized (fingers crossed).

But I am nagged by something which is figuratively poking me in the back of the head with the urgency of a classmate eager to annoy the hell out of me.

There is a brazenly dishonest new tactic emanating from the anti-gay right which must be called out on a larger scale. That lie is the idea that somehow the progression of marriage equality and popularity of the lgbt community is suddenly making them isolated and derided for supposedly simply stating their opinions. Suddenly the lgbt community is being portrayed as bullies seeking to shut anti-gay figures down and deride them for speaking against marriage equality and lgbt equality. It's a skilled talking point helped along by think tank finances, intellectuals paid by these finances, and a "news" network  which mistakes omitted information, one-sided interviews, and sloppy (probably in some cases deliberately sloppy) journalism as conservative opinion and ideology.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

And the award for the anti-gay activist making the least sense about opposition to marriage equality goes to . . .

I talked about this travesty today in which anti-gay activist Judge Roy Moore was given a civil rights award from a black organization ( The Coalition of African-American Pastors, is a known astroturfed group of National Organization for Marriage stooges) for his opposition to marriage equality. The crowning glory of this farce is when Moore and the head of CAAP, William Owens, attempt to explain what is wrong with marriage equality.

I don't think I should even bother answer Owens's last statement, except to say I don't do that sort of thing. It sounds dangerous.(speaking strictly with tongue in cheek, of course)

'Anti-gay activist compares marriage equality to segregation' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Roy Moore
Justice Roy Moore compares marriage equality to segregation as he accepts civil rights award - There are NO words vulgar enough for me to express my absolute nausea and disgust over this. By the way, the group giving Moore this award, The Coalition of African-American Pastors, is a known astroturfed group of National Organization for Marriage stooges

Roy Moore Compares Anti-Gay Fight To Resisting Slavery & Segregation - Video footage of the insanity.  

Perkins: Obama 'Has Endangered Our Country And Our Future' By Supporting Marriage Equality - Oh yeah. That will play REAL good in front of the Supreme Court. 

 Adoption 'Conscience Protection' Tabled In Senate - Not the end of this vile anti-gay adoption junk but a good beginning to the end. 

 Anti-Gay Attorney Gene Schaerr Thinks Gay Marriage Will Lead To 900,000 Abortions: VIDEO - That noise you are hearing is the bottom of the barrel being scraped when it comes to reasons to oppose marriage equality. How long will it be before the rest of the anti-gay right repeats this lie?  

Religious Leaders On Same-Sex Marriage: “No One View Speaks For ‘Religion’” - AMEN! Thank you for not allowing the anti-gay evangelical right to bogart the discussion. 

 Irish Kids Encourage Citizens To Vote 'Yes' On Marriage Equality Referendum - Wonderful video which lets you know that while adults have gone crazy, the children are alright because they "get it."

Monday, April 20, 2015

NOM bringing pastor behind 'I'm not gay no more' debacle to its upcoming march

As many of you may or not know, the National Organization for Marriage will be hold another #march4marriage this Saturday in Washington, D.C.

Observers are already noting this march will probably be as disastrous as NOM's #march4marriage last year. However, that's not to say the organization doesn't have minor celebrities in attendance.

According to Jeremy Hooper, this man will be speaking at the march:

And just who is Rev. Brandon Porter, you ask? Why he is the pastor who "laid his hands" on a young man and supposedly "cured" him of his homosexuality. In fact, we happen to have the video right here:

By the way, the young man in the video, Andrew Caldwell,  has said he is still gay.  One can only hope that Porter brings as much success to NOM's march as he did in "delivering" Caldwell from "homosexuality."

'Republicans declaring legislative war on the lgbt community' & other Monday midday news briefs

The Fight for LGBT Equality is Not Over - According to this article in The American Prospect, Republican lawmakers have introduced over 100 pieces of anti-lgbt legislation in 29 states. They never know the meaning of the phrase "overdoing it."

California Ballot Initiative Would Pay People A $4,000 Bounty For Policing Transgender Bathroom Use - A bounty? What is this? Pro-wrestling?

 Maggie Gallagher won't toast you while you trap your spouse in sin - Excuse me? What self-respect same-sex couple would invite Maggie Gallagher to their wedding? As evil as that woman is, I wouldn't invite her to stand on my front yard. 

Anti-gay right owes Mayor Annise Parker, city of Houston an apology - From this morning. It would be a HUGE mistake for the lgbt community to allow the anti-gay right off the hook with regards to this. 

Arkansas Pastors Say Protecting Christian Tourism Trumps Protecting Local LGBT Residents - Another example of the ignorant idea that the lgbt orientation and Christian beliefs do not mingle. It does, particularly in the black church (yes, I said it).

  James Dobson Does Not Understand Bisexuality: 'That's Orgies!' - This is so gross for two reasons -1. Dobson doesn't understand bisexuality. 2. He DOES understand orgies. Ewwwww! I need a mental wish to get that picture out of my head.

Anti-gay right owes Mayor Annise Parker, city of Houston an apology

Dear Mike Huckabee, Todd Starnes, Phil Robertson, Tony Perkins, Family Research Council, Fox News, and assorted conservative & religious right figures,

By now you have all heard the decision coming down in Houston regarding HERO, the trans-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance. The judge has decided that those seeking a referendum against the ordinance did not gain enough signatures to force the issue.

And that being said, you all owe the city of Houston and particularly Mayor Annise Parker a public apology.

Granted, I am not naive. I know one is not forthcoming. The purpose of this letter is not to appeal to either your morality or integrity. It is merely to show how you all are lacking in both. It was bad enough that you helped to weave false stories of male predators attacking women in changing rooms, restrooms, and locker rooms because of this ordinance. You all have told this lie so many times, the lgbt community is almost (and unfortunately) becoming desensitized to it.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Breaking - Judge hands Houston a huge victory & the religious right a huge kick in the butt

Mike Huckabee and a lot of other folks have a bunch of egg on their faces tonight.

Excellent news out of Houston which means that a trans-inclusive equality ordinance wins and the religious right suffers a huge embarrassment.

From The Houston Chronicle:

Opponents of Houston's non-discrimination ordinance failed to gather enough valid signatures to force a repeal referendum, a state district judge ruled Friday, validating city officials' decision to toss out the petition foes submitted last summer.

After separate rulings from both a jury and state District Judge Robert Schaffer, attorneys for both sides entered dueling counts of the valid signatures, adding and subtracting voters as Schaffer responded to motions. By early this week, the counts were closer together than ever before, fewer than 1,000 signatures apart.

Ultimately, Schaffer on Friday ruled the final count of valid signatures was 16,684, leaving opponents short of the threshold required in the city charter of 17,249 signatures, or 10 percent of the ballots cast in the last mayoral election.

Last year,  the Houston City Council passed a transgender inclusive equality rights ordinance (HERO). Opponents of the ordinance rallied in August and claimed to have gathered more than enough signatures to force a referendum. However, according to city, the signatures contained many errors and taking this into account, a lot of them were disqualified, thereby meaning that HERO opponents had failed in their attempt.  In addition, there were accusations that they were engaging in underhanded tactics to gain signatures. 

Faced with this defeat, the HERO opponents sued the city of Houston, claiming that they did in fact get enough signatures.

'Why is the Family Research Council 'reediting' their public prayers to God?' & other Friday midday news briefs

WHOA: FRC 'reediting' all those heinous fasting-for-marriage prayers I've been showing you!! - I've never heard of such a thing. Taking the time to lodge public prayers to God to stop marriage equality and then "re-editing" them? What's the point? Obviously these prayers were not for God's consumption or the Family Research Council wouldn't care if they appeared too extreme or homophobic. 

Anti-Gay Activists Vow To Repeal Marriage Equality Laws Across The Country If They Win At SCOTUS - Well duh. They are going to try this even if they lose (and I hope they do lose). An interesting about this piece is that it shows the hypocrisy of the anti-marriage equality crowd. They will work to repeal marriage equality laws even if people in certain states voted FOR these laws. So much for "let the people vote" or "let the states decide."  

Ten Novel, Absurd, And Irrelevant Arguments Made In Supreme Court Briefs Against Marriage Equality - More false data, more junk science, more idiocy. The anti-marriage equality crowd is getting desperate.  

Anti-gay leader Mat Staver spins outrageous lie about gays costing government billions - Reiterating this morning's post because the media should pay as much attention to anti-gay lies as they do when anti-gay groups spin memes of "anti-Christian" persecution.

  C-Fam 'Mission' in Africa: Spreading Anti-Family Planning, Anti-Gay Gospel - And speaking of persecution . . .

Anti-gay leader Mat Staver spins outrageous lie about gays costing government billions

Mat Staver
One thing which is sad about this so-called cultural war is how anti-gay group leaders can say some of the most outrageous things about the lgbt community without them or anyone else batting an eye.

These folks, who are supposed to stand for morals and values, freely spin lies so outrageous that one can only wonder what values do they actually believe. Case in point is Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel claiming that homosexuality costs government billions of dollars:

“Same-sex marriage leads to the devaluation of both a mother and a father, who each provide a unique contribution to the family,” Staver said. “Studies estimate that over the course of 26 years, our government spent more than $225 billion that could be directly attributed to the breakdown of the family culture and its resulting social consequences.”

Of course Staver won't reveal just what these studies he alluded to are or where he found them because no one is going to bother to ask him about it. Just like no one bothered to confront him about the lie he told to a Congressional committee last year regarding his support of Russia's anti-gay laws.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

#TBT (1960s) - Police officer lectures children on what happens if he 'catches' them 'being homosexual'

From time to time, I like to look at old negative footage regarding the lgbt community to give myself perspective. And to remind myself that progress happens, no matter how slow we think it is taking place.

I wish the above video was a joke, but it's not. It is a snippet of an actual lecture in the 1960s of a police officer threatening school children with jail if he finds out they are gay. It's a reminder of how far we have come.

Because I swear if I had a child and he or she came home and told me that a police officer did this, I would put a knot on that officer's head so tall, it would have snow growing at the top:

'Meet anti-gay powerhouse group behind 'religious freedom' law push' & other Thursday midday news briefs

How An Extreme Anti-LGBT Legal Powerhouse Is Working To Enact "Religious Freedom" Laws - The Alliance Defending Freedom is a $39 million a year organization working hard to enact statewide anti-gay "religious freedom" laws. It has deep connections with other anti-gay groups and deep connections with members of various state legislators. And that's not counting the receptive relationship it has cultivated with Fox News. Now in spite of all of this, the lgbt community can defeat its nefarious efforts but that ain't gonna happen with merely putting offensively funny statements on facebook, useless one-note "direct action" tactics, and ridiculous squabbles about "Gay, Inc." We defeat this group by educating the public about its immoral tactics and lies to the public. But first we need to educate ourselves. In The Art of War, Chinese general Sun Tzu said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. . . .” So ask yourselves, just how much do you know about the enemies of lgbt equality other than simply labeling them as "bigots?"

Ted Cruz Asks Pastors To Preach And Pray Against Gay Marriage Ahead Of SCOTUS Arguments - Sorry, Teddy. I can assure you that MY pastor will be preaching about more important things. Not all Christians follow in lockstep of your nonsense.  

100 Prominent Catholics Place Full-Page Ad Asking Pope To Remove Anti-Gay San Francisco Archbishop - The point of my last news briefs emphasized in a good way.

Doubts Removed: The Day My Son's Breasts Were Surgically Taken Off - Wonderful story of how a mother supported her transgender son.  

Angie's List CEO Who Opposed Indiana 'Religious Freedom' Law Could Challenge Mike Pence - Religious right figures are spinning this to say their "boycott" of Angie's List drove him out. Think again, folks.

GLSEN's Day of Silence is Friday! Support our lgbt children

With all of the talk about anti-gay "religious freedom" bills, marriage equality, and presidential elections, it's easy to forget one of the most important reasons why we fight for lgbt equality - our lgbt children.

Tomorrow is GLSEN's Day of Silence, an annual event in which students across the country take a vow of silence in order to call attention to the "call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools."

Check out the above video and links to find out more about it.

Now usually, I would talk about how the opposition spins lies about "homosexual indoctrination" in order to undermine the event. This time, I won't.
Who cares about them. They don't matter. Our kids do.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Was Marco Rubio lying about his non-support of federal anti-gay marriage amendment?

Sen. Marco Rubio
Dear Sen. Rubio,

For the remainder of your presidential run, perhaps it's best if you no longer speak. It would be safer that way:


Sen. Marco Rubio told reporters on Tuesday that he has never supported a national constitutional amendment banning gay marriage despite his general opposition to such unions, preferring to leave the issue to the states. But a 2010 voter guide from a leading social conservative group indicates he supported such an amendment as recently as 2010 and a spokeswoman for the organization told msnbc they stand by their account. 

“I’ve never supported a federal constitutional amendment on marriage,” Rubio told msnbc’s Kasie Hunt in an interview Tuesday.
But the Christian Coalition, a group that issues surveys to candidates and tracks their positions on a variety of issues, reported in their 2010 English and Spanish voter guides that Rubio supported a Federal Marriage Amendment. The guides are posted on the group’s website. The organization surveys candidates around the country and rates them, among other issues, on their specific stand on the issue of gay marriage.

Reached by msnbc for comment, a Christian Coalition spokeswoman confirmed that Rubio had filled out a candidate survey in 2010 when he was running for the Senate in Florida and attested to the voter guide’s accuracy, which she said was rigorously checked against candidate’s questionnaires, votes, and public statements. However, she said the group could not immediately produce a copy of Rubio’s survey without digging into their archives.

'Conservative groups regrouping on anti-gay 'religious freedom' bills & other Wednesday midday news briefs

Conservatives Regroup on Religious-Freedom Bills - This article proves the sentiments expressed by my friend Michelangelo Signorile (sue me for name-dropping) in his recently published book, It's Not Over: Getting Beyond Tolerance, Defeating Homophobia, and Winning True Equality. No matter how many public disasters or losses they face in pushing anti-gay 'religious freedom' laws, the religious right will not stop pushing them. They merely regroup and charge again. In absence of truth and integrity, their goal seems to be simultaneously finding a way to get these laws passed and tiring us out with battle fatigue. 

BREAKING: Clinton urges Supreme Court to rule for marriage equality - Hardly a shock (if girlfriend knew what was good for her campaign), but still nice to hear.  

Here’s What Happened In Indiana As Soon As The Media Stopped Paying Attention - What happened in Indiana after the "religious liberty" law backlash abated demonstrates why the lgbt community has to be eternally vigilant. Watch, but never trust those who don't want to give you the equality you deserve.  

South Carolina argues to Supreme Court that it can discriminate against gays AND women - Oh lawd, South Carolina!!

How Christians Turned Against Gay Conversion Therapy - This is a really good article on the war against the fraudulent practice of "gay conversion therapy." 

And one more thing. Pardon the shameless self-advertising. Please download and retweet: 

Louisiana's anti-gay 'religious freedom' bill already starting trouble in state legislature

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's plan of making the passage of an anti-gay religious liberty bill a priority is running into some opposition from state legislators.

Speaker pro tempore of the state House of Representatives Walter "Walt" J. Leger III wrote an absolutely blistering column in Monday's Times Picayne. In the column, Leger stood firmly against passing such a bill:

 Moral and religious people do not discriminate. While overly broad and intentionally ambiguous, this so-called religious freedom bill provides protections for individuals who cite their personal religious beliefs to discriminate against people. It is bigotry enshrouded in religion. This is not what the proponents would have you believe, though. They claim the bill is meant to "safeguard religious freedom" and protect individuals from "adverse treatment by the state" in retaliation for actions stemming out of their personal beliefs. Federal and state laws already exist to protect religious liberty.
 . . .  Moral and religious principles aside, the proposed law threatens our nation's core tenets of freedom and equality. We should not and cannot cite religious freedom to allow businesses to deny service to people based on their skin color, religion or gender. So why would we allow discrimination based on sexual orientation? Would we have stores place "Heterosexuals Only" signs in their windows where "Whites Only" signs once hung?

Preventing a business from discriminating does not hinder the freedom of the business owner to hold his sincere religious beliefs in his heart and in his home. A business operating in the public sphere, relying on public infrastructure, is not at liberty to pick and choose who it will allow to be its customers. Either it is open for business or not.

Needless to say, Leger's words has some religious right groups seething. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council had this to say in an email:

Leger must have gone to President Obama's School of Religious Liberty, where the slogan is: believe what you want, but don't act on it outside the home. Like most liberals, he thinks that surrendering your beliefs is the price of doing business. On one point Leger is correct: "We must ensure that Louisiana lives up to the ideals of a life lived free of government-sanctioned discrimination." I agree. But the only way of ensuring that is by passing HB 707 and treating everyone's views with the respect the Left's already enjoy.

Of course Perkins' comments failed to speak about Leger's very good point regarding infrastructure. However, regardless of his comments,  Perkins would be highly inaccurate to lay opposition to the bill solely at Legers' feet. According to CBS News, other legislators aren't exactly happy with the bill either. Either they are hesitant to talk about the bill or think it's a waste of time in light of the fact that Louisiana has a $1.6 billion shortfall it must deal with. The bill wasn't even yet sent to committee. This keeps it from receiving a public hearing or any vote. According to CBS News, out of the hundreds of bills introduced, it was the only bill not sent to committee.

What happens next is anyone's guess. However, if you ask me, I would say that the same hell which met Indiana Gov. Mike Pence when he signed that state's "religious freedom" bill is waiting for Jindal.

And if Jindal continues to stroll eagerly into this hell, he deserves whatever negative backlash he is sure to receive.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rand Paul's idea to settle marriage equality debate dehumanizes same-sex couples

 In an interview with CNN's Dana Bash, Rand Paul suggests an idea to settle the marriage equality debate. If you ask me, it's as bad as Romney's "self-deportation" idea. Seriously. Paul's idea of giving same-sex couples contracts dehumanizes our relationships,as we are entering a business partnership rather than a marriage.

Good luck with seeking that presidential nomination, Paul. You're gonna need it AND prayer.

'Jindal makes anti-gay RFRA bill a huge priority' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Bobby Jindal
Jindal makes religious freedom bill a legislative priority - So LA Governor Bobby Jindal is making the passage of the state's anti-gay "religious freedom" bill a priority. No doubt, a serious bid to get some serious credibility for himself as THE presidential candidate the religious right is looking for. Frankly, a part of me hopes he succeeds. His success ensures that he will NEVER get anywhere near the White House. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby! Pandering shouldn't be so obvious. It demonstrates a serious lack of finesse.  

How Republican Presidential Hopefuls Are Justifying Anti-Gay Discrimination - Speaking of which, if the lgbt community ignores this upcoming 2016 election and we get one of these bozos, I'm coming after everyone with grandma's switch. 

Robin Roberts Celebrates Life On ‘AARP Magazine’ - Robn Roberts makes the cover of AARP magazine and gets interviewed! Sweet! And of course she discusses her life in the interview, including life with her partner of 10 years, licensed massage therapist Amber Laign.

 Same-Sex Attracted Men, 'Ex-Gay' Group Urge Supreme Court To Rule Against Marriage Equality - What I don't get is this - if these guys are happy with their lives, why won't they afford same-sex couples the same luxury? Here you see the fallacy with ex-gay groups and folks like these guys. They claim that the lgbt community won't let them lives as they please, but behind their false victimhood status, they are undermining OUR lives. They won't let US be comfortable with OUR lives.  

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's Approval Ratings Crash, Burn After 'Religious Freedom' Law Firestorm - And it couldn't have happened to a more appropriate guy (other than Bobby Jindal that is)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Texas legislator refuses to meet the gay constituent to discuss anti-gay bill

TX state rep. Molly White
One Texas state legislator seems to think that her "religious freedom" allows her to be rude to voters. Not only is she proposing anti-gay legislation, but she has also refused to meet with a gay constituent in order to discuss it.

According to Raw Story:

 State Rep. Molly White (R-Belton) has proposed legislation that would allow businesses to refuse to serve customers on religious grounds. The first-year Republican lawmaker has also proposed legislation seeking to make the state’s ban on same-sex marriage immune from court rulings.

  . . .  But White’s staff has said trying to discuss the issues with her “would be a waste of time." The Temple Daily Telegram reported last week that White’s staff had initially greeted Frank Carlson of Equality Texas, before turning him away upon learning who he represented.

Her staff told Carlson, who works on behalf of the largest LGBT rights organization in Texas, to “drop off your literature and leave.” White’s staff informed Carlson that the lawmaker “is against anything LGBT.”

“I conveyed that the representative has stances on some issues and that she isn’t likely to change her mind on them,” White’s chief of staff Hannah Bell told the Temple Daily Telegram. “We try to be a transparent office and I told them that they needed to meet with individuals that shared their viewpoint.

'Marco Rubio's Top 10 Anti-Gay Statements' & other Monday midday news briefs

Sen. Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio's Top 10 Anti-Gay Statements - According to reports, Sen. Marco Rubio will soon announce that he is running for president. As if he is any different from Cruz or Santorum. Boy do I feel sorry for lgbt Republicans.  

David Barton Once Again Claims That The Bible Says There Will Never Be An AIDS Vaccine - Because fake historians who pass along lies about America are ALWAYS right. And (surprise, surprise), Barton is distorting research to conjure up THIS lie. 

FRC's sixth day of fasting-for-discrimination: Where to even begin with this one?! - Isn't this lovely? The Family Research Council is in the middle of a 21 day fast against marriage equality. Yeah. FRC spends a majority of its time and energy relying on junk science and cherry-picked studies to beat down the lgbt community. And suddenly it thinks if it fasts for 21 days, all of that shadiness will be forgotten. God don't like ugly, folks.  

Discovery Life's 'New Girls On The Block' Explores Transgender Identity - Fascinating!  

Bill Maher On Anti-Gay Christian Views: 'They Literally Believe This Stuff' - Yes, a lot of them do. And then there are some earning paychecks by exploiting these beliefs.

Anti-gay activist gives outrageous testimony in front of Texas legislators

From the Texas Freedom Network comes the words from an anti-gay activist which gives an indication why folks like him are losing the fight against marriage equality.  But as they are losing, their language is getting less guarded and more offensive:

Where to begin with Steven Hotze? The Houstonian and head of Conservative Republicans of Texas last made headlines a few weeks ago when he brought Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore to the Texas Capitol for a rally in defense of this state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Hotze was back in Austin on Wednesday to appear before the Texas House Committee on State Affairs to speak in support of House Bill 4105 by state Rep. Cecil Bell, R-Magnolia. HB 4105 would prohibit state or local funds from being used to issue a same-sex marriage license or acknowledge a same-sex marriage in any other way — regardless of whether the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down the ban on those unions in Texas.

During his testimony, Hotze, one of the most vicious anti-gay activists in all of Texas, got into a lengthy exchange with state Rep. Sylvester Turner, D-Houston. Just in the four-minute clip you can hear above, Hotze:

  • Portrays the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples as morally equivalent to the Nazi’s mass murder of Jews
  • Argues that Texans should actively subvert any U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage
  • And, for the extremist cherry on top, equates gay people to alcoholics, murderers, adulterers, perverts, pornographers, rapists and embezzlers. In that order.

Friday, April 10, 2015

'Gays are waging a 'jihad?' Who knew?' & other Friday midday news briefs

Ted Cruz: Gay Community Waging 'Jihad' Against Religious Freedom - We are? I failed to get that memo. Well that's ONE anti-gay Republican candidate for president . . . 

Santorum Says He'll Be A Strong Leader Because He Backed Gay Sex Bans - And when Santorum declares that he is running (cause you know he will), that will be TWO anti-gay Republican candidates for president.

 What The Religious Right Envisions As An Endgame After Losing The Fight Against LGBT Equality - And they will be two of the many reasons why the lgbt community and our allies can't start celebrating any victory. Regardless of how SCOTUS rules on marriage equality, the fight for total LGBT equality will be far from over.

 In SCOTUS brief, Idaho's GOP gov. claims marriage equality brings 'long-term harms to same-sex couples, their children, and society' - Speaking of which, here is another faulty SCOTUS brief just chock full of discredited junk by the folks who don't want marriage equality to become legal. 

 The absolute and abject humiliation of anti-gay activist Paul Cameron - a lesson for all anti-gay activists - Repeating this morning's post. Hopefully this will be the ultimate fate of many an anti-lgbt activist (or am I being too mean for wishing this?)  

Florida House Overwhelmingly Passes Religious ‘License To Discriminate’ Adoption Bill - And these folks aren't being the least bit shy as to why they passed this awful thing. Hopefully it will fail in the Senate.  

Obama applauds LGBT advocate during Jamaica speech - Go, President Obama!!

The absolute and abject humiliation of anti-gay activist Paul Cameron - a lesson for all anti-gay activists

In the 1980s, 90s, and even in the early years of this century, anti-gay activist Paul Cameron was the go-to guy for all sorts of anti-gay "research."

During that time, he was quoted in countless magazines, newspapers, and appeared on quite a few national programs such as Geraldo and Donahue. Even though organizations such as the Family Research Council and the American Family Association, probably knew that he had been discredited and exposed (by organizations such as the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association) for his faulty research techniques and wild generalizations about the lgbt community, they still cited his research  or distorted other research in order to justify his negative theories about the lgbt community.

But these days, things are different.Cameron's long record of shoddy work and lies against the lgbt community have made him somewhat of a pariah and a laughing stock.

While "true believers" such as Bryan Fischer, Peter LaBarbera, or Gordon Klingenschmitt have no problem with interviewing him or citing him by name, the more sophisticated anti-gay groups, such as the National Organization for Marriage, avoid him like the proverbial plague that he is.

Not that Cameron minds in any way, shape, or form. He still goes on whatever show will have him while pushing the same nauseatingly homophobic generalizations which made him popular over 30 years ago.

And based upon the above clip above, I mean any show. It is from January of this year on a radio  talk show called The Doghouse with host JV and Elvis.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

'Mike Huckabee support group teaming up with anti-gay hate group for SCOTUS brief' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Mike Huckabee has questions to answer about a 'support group.'
In SCOTUS brief, Mike Huckabee support group insists homosexuality is 'significant public health risk' - The Family Research Institute is an SPLC-designated anti-gay hate group. This is mostly because its founder and head, Paul Cameron has been kicked out of or censured by several medical groups over the years, including the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association, for the blatantly hideous methodologies he uses to smear the lgbt community.  Among other things, Cameron claims that:
  • Lesbians are more likely to die in car wrecks,
  • Gay men molest children at a high rate and are more likely to be serial killers,
  • Gay men stuff gerbils up their rectums,
  • Gays and lesbians in the military are more likely to rape their heterosexual counterparts.
So why is a Mike Huckabee "support group" teaming up with this group to submit a brief  to SCOTUS against marriage equality?  It's definitely yet another thing to put on the list to ask Huckabee should he start again with the "intolerant, radical gay" lie. Or better yet, if he should run for president.

In other news:

Catholic students stage walkout to protest school’s refusal to hire gay teacher - I do LOVE the next generation.

White House supports bans on ‘ex-gay’ conversion therapy - This was announced last night. Isn't it awesome? 

Why Don’t We Have a National Ban on ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Yet? - Just in case you wondered . . . 

Sorry, GOP: Most Americans Support Gay People Over Businesses That Use Religion To Discriminate - And of course some people are trying to spin that poll another way.

 LGBT, Trans Organizations Call On News Networks To Improve Transgender Coverage - YES they should!

James Dobson, other anti-gay activists scared out of their skins about 50-state marriage equality

James Dobson
From People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch comes proof that the anti-gay right is panicking over the possibility of the Supreme Court ruling for marriage equality later this year.

James Dobson, the founder of the Religious Right behemoth Focus on the Family, warned in a recent conference call with fellow anti-gay activists (Editor's note - according to Right Wing Watch, this call included Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, Rick Scarborough of Vision America and Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality) that a Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality could lead to a full-blown civil war. After Janet Porter, the creator of a new “documentary” about how the gay rights movement will outlaw Christianity, discussed her “restraining order” campaign to convince Congress to strip the Supreme Court of its authority to rule on marriage cases, Dobson said that his fellow activists “need to be realistic about what we’re up against here.”

It gets even better as Dobson goes through a one-man rambling, hand-wringing spiel, divulging all sorts of good information about the supposed fear of Congress to tackle the marriage equality issue and who is opposed to the idea of calling for a "constitutional convention" should marriage equality become legal via SCOTUS.

Basically what we are seeing here is a man who helped to orchestrate the 2004 backlash against marriage equality (a backlash which got Bush re-elected) bearing witness to the possible collapse of all of his efforts. It's sort of like that Greek play, Oedipus the King, in which the main character Oedipus realizes that the actions he took to prevent a situation actually caused the situation to take place

One wonders if Dobson has any shred of introspection to realize that his massive efforts to stamp out marriage equality in 2004 actually helped the issue to become more prominent and worth fighting for by the lgbt community.

I doubt it. Most anti-gay activists are totally incapable of introspection, They are so busy pointing out the faults of others or engaging in fear mongering that they don't have time to examine their own faults or fears.