Monday, April 13, 2015

'Marco Rubio's Top 10 Anti-Gay Statements' & other Monday midday news briefs

Sen. Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio's Top 10 Anti-Gay Statements - According to reports, Sen. Marco Rubio will soon announce that he is running for president. As if he is any different from Cruz or Santorum. Boy do I feel sorry for lgbt Republicans.  

David Barton Once Again Claims That The Bible Says There Will Never Be An AIDS Vaccine - Because fake historians who pass along lies about America are ALWAYS right. And (surprise, surprise), Barton is distorting research to conjure up THIS lie. 

FRC's sixth day of fasting-for-discrimination: Where to even begin with this one?! - Isn't this lovely? The Family Research Council is in the middle of a 21 day fast against marriage equality. Yeah. FRC spends a majority of its time and energy relying on junk science and cherry-picked studies to beat down the lgbt community. And suddenly it thinks if it fasts for 21 days, all of that shadiness will be forgotten. God don't like ugly, folks.  

Discovery Life's 'New Girls On The Block' Explores Transgender Identity - Fascinating!  

Bill Maher On Anti-Gay Christian Views: 'They Literally Believe This Stuff' - Yes, a lot of them do. And then there are some earning paychecks by exploiting these beliefs.

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