Monday, June 30, 2014

South Carolina lgbts of color have serious discussion on identity

Even as the unfortunate zaniness of the Hobby Lobby decision grips our community with uncertainty, we still manage to make progress on other fronts. Check out this very excellent segment of the Columbia, SC African-American Sunday morning talk show, Awareness, where three very good friends of mine have a pleasant and thought-provoking discussion on being an lgbt of color:

'SCOTUS sends mixed messages but guts 'ex-gay' industry' & other Monday midday news briefs

In a decision today which has the potential of far reaching negative effects for lgbt equality, the Supreme Court ruled for family-owned stored Hobby Lobby against ACA's birth control mandate:

The Bait-And-Switch Behind Today’s Hobby Lobby Decision

Six Groups Other Than Women On Birth Control Who Have Something To Lose In Hobby Lobby

BUT in another ruling which we are sure to hear negative things about from the religious right once they are done with their Hobby Lobby euphoria, the Supreme Court also put another nail in the "ex-gay" industry:

 Supreme Court Upholds California's Ex-Gay Therapy Ban

In other news:

Bobby Jindal Courts Religious Right With His Eye On 2016 - Oh this OUGHT to be so much fun!

Barber: Gay Marriage Is 'The Brainchild' Of Satan - Oh stop. We all know that cellphones are the true "brainchild" of Satan.

NOM's march participants contradict group's message of 'love'

The truth is a delightfully strange thing. No matter how you try to hide it, it always comes through. Case in point - those who led the recently unsuccessful March for Marriage claimed that it wasn't against gays nor did it espouse any type of hatred.

I guess they forgot to tell the few folks who participated: