Tuesday, September 29, 2020

'What a sh!tshow' - Biden telling Trump to 'shut up' probably the most viral moment of an ugly debate

Well the first debate is over and I personally think anyone who watched the entire thing should have a stamp made commemorating our sacrifice.

Y'all know I feel in general but I think I can be backed up when I make the following statement - Donald Trump showed his ass . . . and not in a good way. People are going to condemn this debate and raise hell at the moderator Chris Wallace. But in my view, the entire thing stemmed from Trump being rude, obnoxious, and extremely boisterous.

His behavior controlled the tone and I don't think it helped him. Unfortunately I also think the need for some folks to play the "both sides" game will lead them to also criticize Biden for the sake of some stupid idea of parity.

 Here are just a few news briefs 

As Trump continues to interrupt during the debate, Biden says, 'Will you shut up, man?' - As evidenced in the video above, this will probably be the most viral moment of the debate. Biden saying to Trump what millions of Americans have no doubt wanted to say since he took office.

What a Sh*t Show: Highs and (Mostly) Lows from the First Presidential Debate of 2020

‘No! The Answer to the Question is No!’: Chris Wallace Demands Trump Be Quiet as He Berates Biden About Hunter - This part was especially ugly as Trump attempted to bait Biden on the alleged wrong doing on his son, Hunter. Biden didn't the bait and Trump ended up arguing with Wallace.

Team Trump spinning wild conspiracy theories against Biden before debate

 Tonight will be the first of three debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Of course I'm rooting for Biden, but if you ask me, I think Team Trump is oozing desperation. Trump has been consistently down in the polls.  He is running out of time to rebound and it's showing.  All day his team has pushing wild conspiracy theories against Biden, including this one about him wearing an earpiece during the debate. Thanks to several hits by right-wing sources, this claim has gone viral in several places on Facebook.

It's going to be a wild debate and an even wilder campaign as Trump tries to catch up in the polls. Too bad he can't run on his record in office, huh?

'Straight man sues after fertility clinic uses his sperm to help same-sex couples have children' & other Tue midday news briefs


Straight man sues after fertility clinic uses his sperm to help same-sex couples have children - For crying out loud!  What would be the grounds for the lawsuit?

10 years after Tyler Clementi's death, his mom continues to combat bullying - I remember this. It was such a sad situation. Kudos to his mother for creating something positive out of tragedy.

Trump says he supports queer people; now he’s trying to strip their rights internationally - Typical Trump lies. 

California governor signs four LGBTQ rights laws - Meanwhile, California continues to get it right.