Tuesday, August 19, 2014

'Reality tv star compares transgender women to sexual predators' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Michelle Duggar Records Transphobic Robocall Opposing Arkansas Anti-Discrimination Bill - Michelle Duggar is a reality tv star whose claim to fame is that she is "Christian" and has 19 children. In religious right reality, that more than qualifies her to make ugly robocalls comparing transgender women to child predators for daring to want to use public restrooms. And no doubt whining about "persecution" when she gets criticized for it. 

Creationist's Noah's Ark Theme Park Gets $18 Million Tax Break, Won't Hire Gays, Atheists - Excuse me? Oh hell no!

Activist: Ban breastfeeding in public, because it promotes ‘gay pride’ - Oh my Lord Jesus!

Fischer: Gays Are Inherently Disqualified From Serving In Public Office - What?  

 Transgender Student Who Was Reportedly Banned From Her School Receives Good News - Too much insanity. I HAD to end today's news briefs with something positive.

Barbwire proves racism, homophobia go hand-in-hand

I've railed against BarbWire, the publication founded by the Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber, because of it's blatant homophobia in running photos like such:

As well as its publishing of unsubstantiated tripe linking lgbts to pedophilia and claiming that President Obama is attempting top commit genocide on Americans.

Now it looks like there should be a new charge against this supposed "Christian" news source. It's blatantly racist.

The awful situation in Ferguson which began with the shooting of an unarmed black teenager Michael Brown has elicited many passionate responses, from rioting to soul-searching columns and articles about how America treats her African-American male citizens.

To BarbWire, however, it's an opportunity to rail against black men and bear false witness against the deceased young man. This supposed Christian publication posted tripe from various internet sites (unsubstantiated of course) accusing Brown of being a "thug" and claiming that he rushed the police. The site also pushed more stuff like the following:

9 Things To Think About Before You Start Rioting And Looting

To make matters worse, it also published pictures of Brown supposed flashing gang symbols:

All of which goes to prove that perhaps the gay equality movement and the African-American civil rights movement are alike in one aspect.

We seem to have the same enemies.