Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Anti-LGBTQ activist doesn't think the LGBTQ community should celebrate Thanksgiving

Linda Harvey
How coldhearted and homophobic do you have to be to not want the LGBTQ community to even enjoy Thanksgiving? Let's ask perennially obsessed anti-LGBTQ activist, the once labeled 'most homophobic woman in America,'  Linda Harvey. Apparently she thinks our community shouldn't celebrate Thanksgiving:

The internet is replete with homosexual/transgender hostility toward parents, those who lovingly provided a home, allowance, support, and often college tuition, not to mention the child’s genetic heritage — and receive derision and scorn in return from sexually sinful or gender-deviant children. The tears of these parents could fill a cathedral. God knows their pain. 
 Our current culture applauds the person who “comes out” of the closet, no matter what betrayals result from the pursuit of sinful desires. Recently, I was deeply grieved when a young minister we knew as he grew up declared his homosexual preference very publicly. But it was also stunning to watch those who claim identity as believers gush with applause for his “courage.” This is not courage, but rebellion, indulgence, and pride. Those who embrace homosexual sin or gender rebellion are declaring that God never created them — they create themselves.

Can you imagine how much of a drag it would be at Linda Harvey's house at Thanksgiving.

You would probably have a meal of unseasoned, dry-as-the-dust turkey with bland watery cranberry sauce and macaroni and cheese with raisins. For desert, you wouldn't have any because desert is so sweet that it has to be made by Satan.

Then after washing it down with a glass of lukewarm water, you would settle down for a  watching of some awful z-grade right-wing Christian propaganda movie starring Kirk Cameron and Kevin Sorbo  about some child who dreamed of going to Heaven after being coerced into a low-grade abortion by her evil gay friend plotting to convert her boyfriend into homosexuality while his father, the even more evil Democratic Congressman, plots with the forces of socialism to put the little old Christian lady in jail among drooling lesbians because she refuses to sell flowers for the wedding of the very very evil gay couple who is plotting to adopt two children so they can indoctrinate them to be transgender and set them loose in the area public school so they can "force" it to allow transgender students to use showers and bathrooms of their true gender expression so that the girls would be targeted by predators who will in turn sexually assault them, which will lead one girl's father to come out of retirement and embrace his former occupation as an assassin, where he will be brainwashed into attempting to take Trump out at his next campaign rally.

Or something like that.

Needless to say that some of the comments below Harvey's piece aren't exactly positive towards her point of view. I particularly like the following one so much, I think I will end this post with it:

Respect is a two way street, Linda. This homosexual will be bringing a cheesecake to Thanksgiving dinner celebrated together with my wonderfully accepting father, brothers, sister, sister-in-law, nieces and nephews. The fact that you simply can't imagine people having that in their life is a sad commentary on your own state of mind.

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