Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Family Research Council determined to defend its 'golden goose' Donald Trump

Tony Perkins (right) and his group, the Family Research Council is determined to defend Donald Trump (left) no matter how many scandals he creates.

I guess anti-LGBTQ hate group the Family Research Council answered my question.

Earlier, I wondered if the group was going to give Trump another "mulligan" for this latest controversy involving him asking the Ukraine government for dirt against Joe Biden.

No, FRC isn't going to give Trump a "mulligan." Instead, the group decided to create an alternate reality which not only attacks the Democrats for their impeachment inquiry (resulting from this scandal), but also makes light of Wednesday's latest devastating blow to Trump - the release of a "partial transcript" between him and Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky  in which Trump does ask for dirt on Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, involving refuted and debunked charges:

This morning, the White House called Pelosi's bluff -- releasing the transcript of Trump's supposedly incriminating phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Pelosi, of course, insisted it was a smoking gun -- a "betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections." The president must not have thought so, moving quickly to declassify the information so the public could read it. During their talk, Trump brought up the rumor that Joe Biden may have intervened in the prosecution of his son, Hunter, in Ukraine. He asked Zelensky to "look into" it. If that's a crime, Marc Thiessen argued in the Washington Post, then where's the outcry over Senate Democrats, who asked Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on Donald Trump in 2018? 
The problem for Democrats isn't that this lacks allegation lacks teeth -- or facts -- it's that their obsession to destroy Trump is driving the entire party. Liberals are willing to do or say anything if it'll stop the president from accomplishing his agenda. When they finally do appeal to voters in 2020, it won't be on a record of House progress -- it will be on platform of blind hatred. And, after the embarrassment of the Robert Mueller probe -- a two-year, $32 million dollar witch hunt -- Pelosi will be making that pitch on even shakier ground. Americans were ready for liberals to move on then. Imagine how they feel now. Well, thanks to the latest polls, we don't have to imagine. U.S. voters have been quite clear how fed up they are with the Democrats' vendetta. In July, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey showed just 21 percent of Americans supported impeachment hearings against Trump. Since then, Breitbart points out, not much has changed. In poll after poll, the message from voters is the same: Enough already. If you want to remove Donald Trump from office, do it the old-fashioned way: win an election.

Even while gleaning right-wing sources (defender of torture and Trump defender Marc Thiessen and white nationalist enabling Breitbart), and attempting to undercut the Mueller Report (which did not exonerate Trump), FRC can't stop itself from lying.

From Dan Abrams at Mediate to legal analyst George Napolitano at Fox News, to several GOP senators, FRC's claim of the latest charge against Trump "lacking teeth" is simply wrong. All of these sources and others have vocally declared the entire controversy, particularly Wednesday's "partial transcript" release to be very detrimental to Trump.

In other words, the allegations have fangs. Big, sharp ones. All biting figurative chunks out of Trump's entitled ass.

What's more, I find it highly amusing how FRC is talking about popular opinion when this isn't a case of popular opinion. It's about the integrity of our country and not allowing our leaders to damage that integrity or smear their office by illegal and unethical acts.

This scandal involving Trump is about our ethics and morality - two concepts FRC never mind citing when its president, Tony Perkins, or spokespeople like Travis Weber or Peter Sprigg spin their latest lies and horror stories against the LGBTQ community.

Obviously, FRC thinks morality and ethics should be cited when treating LGBTQs like second class citizens and then ignored when it comes to getting rid of a disturbingly incompetent and dangerous leader.

Just as I pointed out with regards to Franklin Graham earlier this week, FRC doesn't care about the damage Trump does to America. It only cares about the access his Administration gives it and other right-wing evangelicals. The group should remember, just like Graham should, that Trump's game will collapse.

And no one who supported him should expect to come out of this smelling like a rose.

Picture courtesy of Media Matters.

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