Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Who is NOM trying to protect by refusing to list its donors?

In the case of the National Organization for Marriage's huge loss today in front of the Maine Ethics Commission, I really miss lgbt investigative reporters. While it's awesome that NOM was embarrassed and fined record amount (more than $50,000) for its violation of Maine's election laws, the meat of the story lies in the organization's funders.

From LGBTNation:

 (The Maine Ethics Commission) ruled that the National Organization for Marriage failed to properly register as a ballot question committee and file campaign finance reports in the referendum that struck down same-sex marriage before it was legalized by voters in 2012. The decision could force the group to eventually disclose the names of its donors, which it has long sought to keep secret. But a lawyer for the National Organization for Marriage said it intends to appeal the decision in state court, and members of the Maine Ethics Commission said they expect litigation to continue for at least a year.

 . . . The group, which fought in Maine courts for more than four years to keep the names of its donors concealed, argues that it worked to ensure it was complying with Maine law by not raising any money specifically earmarked to influence the gay marriage question in the state. It says revealing the names will put its contributors at risk for harassment and intimidation and will chill future donations.

I say that's bull and I am extremely intrigued. NOM looks like it will go the ultimate limit to protect its list of donors. And I want to know why. I have a feeling that when we ultimately find out who is funding NOM, all hell is going to break loose.

 I also have to ask am I the only one who is wondering about this?  I'm curious to hear your thoughts and speculations.

'Maine Ethics Commission lowers the BOOM on NOM' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

Like so many around the world, Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters mourns the passing of legendary civil rights activist, poetess, and lgbt ally Maya Angelou. She left so much of a legacy but if there is one reason why I can say I admire Ms. Angelou, it's the fact that she didn't say you should love yourself, she DEMANDED that you love yourself.

Yesterday, I predicted that today would be the National Organization's day of reckoning for breaking Maine election laws. Today, it has happened:

I hope you don't. Let's drag this sucker on just in time for your ridiculous upcoming march.


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MassResistance Claims Gay-Straight Alliances Are 'Emotionally Poisonous And Physically Dangerous' - Criticism from an anti-gay hate group shows that you are doing something right.

NOM waging war on African-American lgbt couples with divide and conquer game

Last night, I wrote how the National Organization for Marriage's astroturfed black pastor group, CAAP, had put out a vile video comparing marriage equality to slavery and segregation.

This morning, I just want to show a video of the lgbt of colors who are hurt when NOM plays its divide and conquer game between the lgbt and African-American communities. It should speak for itself: