Thursday, September 30, 2021

Family Research Council needs to be reminded that it doesn't own values of morality, faith, or family

One of the LGBTQ community's 'favorite' hate groups, the Family Research Council has the above ad floating around on its webpage.  It's the usual "gays are out to wreck society" meme we have come to expect from Tony Perkins and company. With this particular one though, it's not necessarily what's being said which is the entire problem. It's what being implied.

FRC falsely portrays us as outsiders by implying that we are threatening religious liberty (because apparently LGBTQ people cannot be people of faith), children's health (because apparently children cannot be LGBTQ), and parental rights (because its impossible for LGBTQ adults to be parents or raise families in general).

It's an interestingly and unfortunate way for FRC to pass along the lie that the concepts of faith, family, etc aren't open to us. We supposedly can't have those things because we are evil anomalies. Therefore all we ever do is attempt to wreck them for the so-called normal people. The truth is those concepts aren't foreign to us and we embody them everyday in spite of attempts by groups like FRC and people like Perkins to strip us of them.

Just because these folks label us as freaks and outsiders doesn't mean we have to accept it. But it does mean that from time to time we should remind them that they own nothing that they have to be persuaded to extend to us.

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