Thursday, June 30, 2016

'GOP to have sham 'religious freedom' hearing on one month anniversary of Orlando tragedy' & other Thur midday news briefs

GOP Chair Schedules Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Bill for One Month Anniversary of Orlando Massacre - One would think they would have the good taste and kind sensibility to at least reschedule this farce of a hearing.  It is here where I HATE my progressive leanings because I got some CHOICE profanity I want to publicly say.

Pentagon to lift trans military ban today - Expect the religious right to go into orbit.

  Texas Attorney General Wants Schools To Out Transgender Students To Their Parents - Pick on children. How "Christian" of you.  

How Growing Up With Two Dads Shaped This Diver’s Olympic Dreams - I need a positive story, at least for my own sake.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bryan Fischer doesn't care if you catch him lying about lgbts

Bryan Fischer will openly lie about gays without batting an eye.

When we expose the duplicity of  anti-lgbt hate groups and their spokespeople, we should do more than focus on their prejudiced statements. The times in which they openly distort research is full of rich material.

A good example is a column published today by American Family Association affiliate Bryan Fischer. His piece, Homosexuality Is A Danger to Human Health, is yet another one of those religious right posts which cites legitimate medical information to create the false narrative that "homosexuality is a dangerous lifestyle.

Fischer says the following:

According to a recent and extensive survey, homosexuals have "excess health problems" compared to sexually normal people. They suffer disproportionately from "impaired physical and mental health, heavy alcohol consumption, and heavy cigarette use." 

The National Health Interview Survey, which has been conducted since 1957, included a question about sexual preference for the first time in 2013 and 2014. The results are astounding and alarming for anyone who cares about people who are trapped in a sexually abnormal lifestyle. 

 . . . The survey found that a sexually non-normative lifestyle takes a particular toll on women and bisexuals. Lesbians are 91 percent more likely to report inferior health outcomes compared to heterosexual women, and bisexual women are 100 percent more likely to report chronic health conditions. Those in alternative lifestyles were more likely than the sexually normal to report heavy drinking and smoking.

Now the next information Fischer presents is astounding because of the upfront way he presents it and his audacious attempt to refute it. (I put it in bold to emphasize the point):

The politically-compromised researchers were quick to blame social bias and rejection for these devastating numbers but this is utterly implausible. Homosexuality is now the most-favored sexual preference on the planet, celebrated by lawmakers, Hollywood celebrities, and presidential candidates.

If there are any folks experiencing bigotry and social rejection, it would be Christian students, bakers, florists, photographers, or wedding planners. Yet they seem remarkably well-adjusted considering the constant abuse they take from every quarter.

Further evidence that these alarming health results in the “gay” population can’t be chalked up to bias and prejudice comes from the fact that similar surveys in Scandinavian countries consistently show similar results, despite the plain fact that sexually adventurous lifestyles have been celebrated there for decades.

What Fischer did here is simply dishonest and blatantly so. He cites a portion of research to create a phony narrative that the lgbt orientation itself generates negative health behaviors. But then he openly and unapologetically dismisses the other portion of the same research because it refutes his narrative.

Why even use the research at all if he has a problem with a portion of it? 

Because Fischer isn't interested in facts or truth. He is only interested in the manipulation of facts into yet another ugly narrative he creates about the lgbt community. And he doesn't seem to that people see him openly and publicly lying.

Editor's note - I attempted to point out Fischer's errors in the comments section of his piece, but apparently I seem to have a reputation because I am blocked.

Hat tip to Joe Jervis for his tweet pointing Fischer's story out to me.

'#HeterosexualPrideDay trends on twitter due to lgbt takeover' & other Wed midday news briefs

#HeterosexualPrideDay Is Trending on Twitter. Here's the Guy Who Started It, and Here Are Some of the Best Responses. - Yes, some chyle started the #HeterosexualPrideDay hashtag and now it is trending. This is probably due to the fact that lgbts have taken it over and dropping science with our own tweets. 

Evangelical Leader Backpedals On Story Of Trump’s Recent Conversion - Oh James Dobson, you are hilarious. I kinda wished Dobson didn't walk it back because it would have been to throw it in his face the next time Trump says something "interestingly nauseating."  

Gordon Klingenschmitt, Colorado's Most Famous Anti-Gay, Demon-Hunting Legislator, Loses His Bid For Higher Office - Another anti-lgbt legislator bites the dust!

Why LGBT Catholics Are Skeptical Of Pope Francis’ Apology To Gays - Amen to THAT! 

 2 Transgender Women Make History With Congressional Primary Wins - THIS is awesome!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

SC 'bathroom bill' sponsoring legislator loses seat in runoff

Lee Bright, the SC legislator who sponsored a failed anti-transgender 'bathroom bill,' lost his re-election bid.

Lee Bright a South Carolina state senator who earlier this year sponsored a  failed anti-transgender bathroom bill, officially lost his bid for re-election on Tuesday.

According to the Charleston Post and Courier:

Voters launched a backlash against incumbents in runoff elections as a string of veteran lawmakers were tossed out of office Tuesday, including Spartanburg County Republican Sen. Lee Bright, who made gender bathrooms and defense of gun rights a cornerstone of his last months in office.

 . . .  Bright, also known for his failed bills to track refugees resettling in South Carolina and to limit which bathrooms transgender individuals can use, lost to former state Rep. Scott Talley, a favorite of both Gov. Nikki Haley and the S.C. Chamber of Commerce.

Earlier this year, Bright ignited a firestorm across the state by sponsoring an anti-transgender bill not unlike the controversial HB2 in North Carolina. The  bill, which would have forced transgender men and women to use bathrooms and restrooms in accordance to the gender on their birth certificates, never got out of committee.  Several public figures, including SC Governor Nikki Haley and Richland County Sherrif Leon Lott,  voiced opposition to it.

Ironically, the bill galvanized SC's lgbt community and their allies while backfiring against Bright, leading him to take negative hits from both parties.

And it may have been that opposition which led to his defeat by painting picture of Bright as a legislator so busy with grabbing attention that he was neglecting less controversial, but just as important, issues .

According to Greenville Online:

The Conservation Voters of South Carolina said it knocked on 21,100 doors, made 7,500 phone calls, dropped 120,000 pieces of mail and spent more than $90,000 trying to unseat state Sen. Lee Bright, who scored the lowest of any senator on its legislative scorecard. Bright was also subjected to a seemingly endless barrage of attack ads on Greenville’s two conservative talk radio stations – courtesy of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, whose objections to Bright included his votes against tort reform, road-funding plans and aid to flood-stricken farmers.

Pat Robertson can't decide a reason why God will 'punish' America

According to Right Wing Watch,  Pat Roberson just claimed that God will punish America because of the SCOTUS decision striking down Texas's very restrictive abortion law:

By the way, don't be fooled by Robertson's hysterical language about SCOTUS decision. Texas had a bad law in place and it deserved to be overturned.

 But for the purpose of this blog, Robertson's portents of holy doom is confusing simply because early last year, he claimed that God will punish America for marriage equality. This doomsday prediction included an interesting and very inaccurate rendition of the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah:

If I may nitpick a bit on this clip, Robertson was inaccurate in his retelling of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. The men of Sodom never harmed Lot's daughters.

But that little fact is neither here nor there more than the question of have you ever wondered whether Pat Robertson is simply full of it?

'Wrong AGAIN, anti-gay right - Five anti-marriage equality predictions which haven't come true' & other Tue midday news briefs

NOM's march failed big time. See link below

Five Right-Wing Predictions About Marriage Equality That Still Haven't Come True - One thing our community MUST use to our advantage is the anti-gay right's tendency to make inaccurate predictions about portents of doom regarding incoming pro-lgbt laws. They are always wrong. And we HARDLY EVER remind people about that.  In this case, being "petty" and rubbing it in is the correct tactic.

AL Supreme Court justice will face judicial panel over anti-LGBT order - Roy Moore should have never been anywhere NEAR any judicial body.  

The 2016 Anti-LGBT March For Marriage Was A Complete Flop - A HIGHLY enjoyable article. The complete story of WHY NOM's 2016 March for Marriage was a complete flop. Just look at this article as a DVD of your favorite blockbuster movie chock full of unseen extras. 

 Watch The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Demand “An Apology From Gays” - No comment because I don't want anyone's hair to turn white or nose to bleed due to the words I may use to describe Donohue.  

The Hardest Part About Being a Gay Parent - A fascinating piece for those of us lgbts who are parents (and desire to be parents).

Photo of NOM's "March for Marriage" taken from Zack Ford of Think Progress.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Family Research Council, The Christian Post team up for failed attack on married gay couples

In its zeal to stigmatize married same-sex couples, the Family Research Council sometimes slips up, displaying its duplicitous nature.

Take this tweet for example:

The tweet links to a  Christian Post article which claims that same sex couples have no expectations of fidelity in their marriages. In fact, the first paragraph says the following:

Catholic University of America professor Paul Sullins said Friday that there is "no expectation" of sexual faithfulness in many gay marriages, noting that studies have shown only a small minority of gay marriages are truly monogamous.

According to the article, Sullins was participating in a Family Research Council panel discussion along with Institute on Religion &  Democracy President Mark Tooley and the director of FRC's Center for Religious Liberty Travis Weber about the effects of marriage equality one year after the Obergefell decision made it the law of the land.

As if it's any surprise, all three were negative about the effects of the Obergefell decision. Sullins, in particular, got my attention because of his claims with regards to the monogamy of same-sex couples.

Sullins then weighed in saying that in today's society, with the rise of gay marriage and no-fault divorce, many people believe marriage is to be a set of "personal understandings" rather than something that should be "regulated by agreements."

"That is particularly appropriate to Obergefell because we know from long studies that only a small minority of gay male marriages are monogamous," Sullins said. "The infidelity is a component of the large majority of same-sex male relationships, a little bit smaller minority among lesbian relationships."

But the problem with Sullins' claim lies in the studies cited. While the article does not contribute the citation of the studies below to Sullins, it doesn't take a genius to realize that there is a major deception going on:
According to the Daily Beast, at least two studies were conducted in the last 15 years that, among other things, analyzed the faithfulness in gay relationships.

According to the studies from San Francisco State University and Alliant International University, about half of gay relationships are open relationships where partners are allowed to engage in sexual activities with someone else other than their partner.

It is believed the rate of gay relationships that are non-monogamous is higher than both heterosexual and lesbian relationship; however, lack of research makes it unclear as to how much higher that rate is.
In 2000, Esther Rothblum, a professor at San Diego State University, conducted research that found that only 15 percent of straight husbands had sex outside of their relationship.

It's fascinating to watch the sleight of hand here. The Christian Post article's title implies married gay couples don't expect monogamy in their relationships, but the two studies used to back this up seems to have contained very few or no married same-sex couples.  I looked up both links to verify this fact.

(Editor's note -  I  had to consult the original Daily Beast article because I initially thought The Christian Post article mistakenly posted the same link to both study citations.  However, after rereading the information provided by The Christian Post article, I discovered a larger error. The two studies in question are actually the same study. 

The Daily Beast article said the following - "Over the past decade and a half, studies from San Francisco State University and Alliant International University have found that around half of gay relationships are open."  While "The San Francisco University" phrase links a Gawker article, a link from that article shows that it is also  talking about the Alliant International University study.

However The Christian Post, as clearly seen in the excerpt above, made it seem that the Daily Beast was citing two different studies even though the links it posted led to the same study. )

Then The Christian Post article compares that study to one of heterosexual couples who are in fact clearly married.

In other words, the Family Research Council and The Christian Post sloppily teamed up to push an idea that same-sex couples are not monogamous.  And it leads me to wonder that if the study the article cited didn't come from Sullins, just what studies did he cite.

Or did Sullins cite any specific studies at all?

'Pope - Church should ask forgiveness of lgbt community' & other Mon. midday news briefs

The Awkward Love Story of Trump and American Evangelicals - Again, DO NOT take the relationship between Donald Trump and the religious right lightly on any regard. 

Pope says Church should ask forgiveness from gays for past treatment - Yes it does. Past AND present treatment. But I won't wait on the apology. Some will say that they are merely following Scripture with regards to their treatment of lgbts, but watch how they overlook the Scriptures which speak of not bearing false witness.  

Tennessee Judge Ignores Supreme Court, Rules Parental Rights Apply Only To ‘Husbands’ - And we have a new problem . . . 

 The First Openly Gay Charlotte City Councilwoman Opens Up About HB2 - The argument over lgbt equality in the South.  

A Year After Marriage Equality, It's Time For Media To Stop Giving Anti-LGBT Liars A Pass - It bears repeating that we only play into the game of the Family Research Council, the American Family Association, and the rest of the anti-lgbt right if we allow them and the media to give them the title of "evangelicals" in spite of all of their distortions, lying, and general behavior which belie the religious reliefs they claim to uphold. Too many of us want to declare a war on religion itself rather than the forces who exploit religion. In 1978, Anita Bryant exploited the fear that gay men recruit children. Over 30 years later in 2016, organizations on her side of the spectrum merely altered that lie to demonize transgender women. And we stood there having to play catch up to another hurricane of lies yet again.  Where were the people speaking out on the lie of lgbts and children BEFORE the religious right pulled that card? Simplify the war, folks. It's never been about religion, but those who corrupt and exploit religious beliefs.  All of our rhetorical missiles should be aimed at them.

Ban on transgender troops to be lifted this week

As it happens, the following will take place this week. From the USA Today:

The Pentagon plans to announce the repeal of its ban on transgender service members July 1, a controversial decision that would end nearly a year of internal wrangling among the services on how to allow those troops to serve openly, according to Defense officials.

Top personnel officials plan to meet as early as Monday to finalize details of the plan, and Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work could sign off on it by Wednesday, according to a Defense official familiar with the timetable but who spoke on condition of anonymity because officials were not authorized to speak publicly about it. Final approval would come from Defense Secretary Ash Carter, and the announcement will be on the eve of the Fourth of July weekend.

The plan would direct each branch of the armed services over a one-year period to implement new policies affecting recruiting, housing and uniforms for transgender troops, one official said.

Personally I feel that with transgender men and women already fighting for our freedoms, it is about time. However, I sincerely hope that those of us who support this will be ready to fight the possible backlash coming from the religious right and their supporters.

After battling the havoc they have been attempting to wreak with their "bathroom bills," one can only imagine the spin they are going to push on this situation. We know it will be coming, so let's not act unprepared when they start talking about "social experiments" and spinning anecdotal horror stories.

Friday, June 24, 2016

'How 'evangelicals' hide behind their faith to harm lgbt health' & other Fri. midday news briefs

What Happens When Gay People Are Told That Homosexuality Is A Sin? - From this wonderful post: "Conservative Christians have long argued that their condemnations of homosexuality are couched in love, complete with the catchy slogan, “love the sinner, hate the sin.” But that message — that homosexuality is a sin — is harmful in and of itself." 

106 Things You Can Do To Bring About The Queer Revolution - Interesting list and I agree with much of the items on it. However, allow me to add two more things - 1. "Know the difference between "Acting Up" and "catching up" - don't wait until the last minute to start raising hell and getting engaged. If you know that a homophobic law or action is coming and you do nothing to educate about it or prevent it, then your actions afterwards isn't "acting up." You are "catching up." 2. The second thing needs explaining. As much as this list is beneficial, the tone does come across as schoolmarmish and elitist. Some of the phrases and words are very esoteric and thus are not recognized by lgbts who aren't into the "academic" or "intellectual queer moment." It reminds me of a PBS tv show I used to watch about nutrition called Soup 2 Nuts. It was a good show but it came across as too damn preachy. There was no levity and that made it a huge turn off from the message it was sending about bettering oneself. So the other thing I would add is "Don't be angry at yourself if you don't follow the entire list. It and you are a work in progress."

 James Dobson: Obama's Transgender Rights Guidelines Are An Effort To Sow Chaos And Impose Tyranny - You notice how these paper evangelicals are so eager and easy to sow division and fear? Doesn't strike me as very Godly or Christian. 

 Obama Designates First LGBT National Monument At Site Of Stonewall Riots - Sweet!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The homophobia of Trump's 'Evangelical Advisory Board'

This wonderful graphic of Donald Trump's "Evangelical Advisory Board" (i.e. Trumps' Legion of Homophobia) should put an end to his ridiculous claim that he is a "friend of the lgbt community:"

Graphic provided by Media Matters.

'Anti-marriage equality group NOM shifting to transphobia' & other Thur. midday news briefs

NOM pushing subtle attacks on the transgender community

Four Days Left - Will you be at the March for Marriage this Saturday? - It's very, VERY rare that I link to an anti-lgbt site for my news briefs, but this one is important. The National Organization for Marriage is holding yet another "March for Marriage" this Saturday. Now some folks may yawn it away, seeing that we have won the fight over marriage equality. However, pay attention to this announcement. NOM is slyly shifting from opposing marriage equality to opposing the rights of transgender men and women. Charlatans have to go where the money is, no doubt.  

Bryan Fischer: Democratic Gun Control Efforts Are 'Exactly How Satan Works' - While the Democrats in the House of Representatives are holding a protest to get a vote on our gun laws, some so-called religious (i.e. religious right) leaders have been silent. Others, like Bryan Fischer is tying this effort to a Satanic plot. Apparently in his version of the Bible, Jesus never said "Peace. Be Still," but "a piece of steel." 

Meet Donald Trump’s New Evangelical Advisory Board - I've posted about this before, but Think Progress provides us with a complete list of the zany.

 In Orlando Killer’s Hometown, Religious And LGBT People Choose To Build Bridges - The power of human beings lies in our ability to pull happiness and positive outcomes out of tragedy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tony Perkins issues petty statement about cancellation of his appearance on 'This Week'

FRC's Perkins
Anti-lgbt hate group leader Tony Perkins (head of the Family Research Council) published a statement today about the cancellation of his appearance on Sunday's ABC news program  This Week with George Stephanopoulos

Last week, the group Faithful America  circulated a petition asking that This Week cancel Perkins's appearance on the grounds that his organization is an SPLC designated hate group because it deliberately passes along lies about the lgbt community, such as the claim that gay men routinely molest children.

Perkins's statement addressing his cancellation struck me as petty but I am going to post it in full along with some "clarifications:"

The far-Left must be desperate for moral victories, because now they're making them up! This past weekend, a liberal group launched a petition to ABC News encouraging them to cancel my appearance.

(Editor's note - Perkins will not mention Faithful America by name throughout his statement as a deliberate way to dehumanize the group in the same manner he dehumanizes lgbts.)

 Of course, this is nothing new for me or FRC. Among the many things I've observed firsthand about the intolerant Left is: if they can't shout you down, they'll try to shut you down by silencing you. The reason is quite obvious. The facts, truth, reason, and common sense are against them so they don't want a reasonable conversation, they don't even want a debate!

(Editor's note - It is ironic that Perkins claims "the left" is trying to shut him down. Apparently he forgot how his group joined several other religious right organizations last year in an unsuccessful attempt to shut down the ABC sitcom "The Real O'Neals," claiming that it was anti-Christian and the creator of the show, noted lgbt activist Dan Savage, was an "anti-Christian bigot." 

Also,while Perkins claims that "the left" doesn't want to debate, he also seems to forget that in 2014, he allegedly REFUSED to debate blogger and lgbt activist Jeremy Hooper on Fox News. Because of this refusal, Megyn Kelly conducted a bizarre interview with Hooper and then Perkins without the two confronting each other.

Lastly in the matters of truth, Perkins was caught distorting information on at least two occasions. In 2010, Chris Matthews of Hardball had to issue a clarification regarding a false medical group Perkins cited to make the phony connection his group pushed regarding gay men and pedophilia. And in 2013, Luke Russert pushed back against Perkins when he cited a phony study on gay parenting.)

 So, in typical George Soros fashion, they tried – unsuccessfully -- to pressure ABC News to cancel my appearance, and then claimed victory when ABC did so for completely unrelated reasons. After leading FRC for a decade and a half (as well as working on the other side of the interview desk, which I've done as a reporter and now as a daily radio show host), one thing is certain when it comes to the press: schedules change all the time. The media has to adapt to breaking stories of the day and different guests' availability. When ABC canceled my appearance Monday, it had nothing to do with this petition that an insignificant number signed. If that were the case, we could overwhelm their petition with one of our own. This liberal group previously claimed they banned me from another TV network. But that was false because I've continued to make appearances on the network. Just since Sunday, I've appeared on Fox News Business, twice on MSNBC, and twice on Fox News.

(Editor's note - Faithful America's exact statement:  "Other media outlets have increasingly stopped offering a platform for Perkins' vitriol after hearing from thousands of us who are outraged by his claim to speak for everyday Christians."  Don't worry. I will address Perkins's comments about Faithful America's petition.)

Over the last few days, ABC News has heard from those who want to censor Christian viewpoints. Now it's time for ABC News to hear from you and viewers across the political spectrum who value a civil discussion. Please contact ABC News by sending them an email and let them know where you stand.

(Editor's note -  Faithful America does not want to censor "Christian" viewpoints. That is unless you feel that  "Christian" viewpoints entail making false statements about groups of people while hiding behind your "faith."

Lastly, I have a simple question. Perkins minimizes the effect of Faithful America's petition by claiming that FRC could have created one with more signatures possibly defending Perkins . If this is the case, why does he feel the need to tell folks to contact ABC on his behalf? Faithful America's petition was a way to send a message to ABC and it seems that perhaps it was a success on some level because Perkins is obviously trying to get his supporters to send a message, just in a different manner.) 

Now doesn't that clear things up rather nicely?

'Religious right group unveiled guide on how to pray about Trump' & other Wed. midday news briefs

We need to pray for protection FROM Trump, not pray for him to be president.

Apparently the religious right group organizing yesterday's meeting with Trump had a guide on how to pray  about Trump for attendees. It's ONLY three pages.  I for one am speechless. 

You can see it by clicking here.

Hat tip to Brian Tashman of Right Wing Watch

Tony Perkins Agrees '100 Percent' That Donald Trump Would Be Better For The LGBT Community Than Hillary Clinton - "When I heard that, I screamed like a white woman in church!"

 Mat Staver: Gay Marriage Is A 'Lie From The Pit Of Hell' - Geez! Staver doesn't even TRY to be original.

 The People Hurt By North Carolina’s ‘Bathroom Law’ Who Aren’t LGBT - Shame that hardly anyone talks about this unfortunate truth.

 A GOP Congressman Is Planning An LGBT Nondiscrimination Bill — With Exceptions - NO THANK YOU! And it just sticks in my craw how the opposition was able to slyly move away from "exemptions for religious institutions" to "exemptions for people of faith." It makes a HUGE and ugly difference.

Hate group leader Tony Perkins doesn't believe faith should be used as a weapon (unless it's by him)

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council

Anti-lgbt hate group leader Tony Perkins had an interview yesterday  with MSNBC's Peter Alexander about Donald Trump's meeting with the religious and and anti-lgbt right.

You can feel free to watch the entire interview via Media Matters. Once was enough for me, thank you very much. Granted, some folks have pointed out that since Perkins and his group (the Family Research Council) masquerades as a faith-based group while pushing anti-lgbt lies, he shouldn't be given a platform by mainstream media.

I don't exactly agree and for two reasons. I think that mainstream media should have people like Perkins on but should do a better job in giving their viewers accurate information on what he is all about as well as asking critical questions on his statements and his group's tactics; both of which belie the fact that Perkins is a religious leader and his group is faith-based.

The second reason is more to the point. Perkins opens his mouth like a fish eager for bait and gets hooked. That is to say, he generally says something which gives the lgbt community an opportunity to prove him a liar.

Such as this statement when Alexander questioned him on Trump attacking the religion of his opponents:

ALEXANDER: Donald Trump there saying we don't know anything about Hillary in terms of religion. In fact, we do. She's been public about her Methodist faith. She's spoken about it, she's written about it. She attended church. She actually had a close relationship to Billy Graham. So is Hillary Clinton's faith the real source of concern?

TONY PERKINS: First off, I don't think faith should be used as a weapon. I think faith is a building block, it’s a bridge. . .

If Perkins doesn't think faith should be used as a weapon, then why does he and his group constantly use it as a way to stomp down the lgbt community?

Like the time he said gays are "pawns of the enemy," i.e. Satan:

Or the time he questioned pro-lgbt Christians by using terms like "fascism" and "heresy."

And let's not forget the time when he said "homosexuality leads to eternal damnation."

Also, how could we forget when he compared upholding non-discrimination laws to the Holocaust by making references to boxcars and "re-education camps."

Lastly,  the Family Research Council in general is an organization pushing a  huge con game in which its leaders such as Perkins and spokespeople hide behind claims of "sincerely held religious beliefs" while at the same time pushing lies and junk science to smear the lgbt community.

So this claim by Perkins that he doesn't think faith should be used as a weapon is yet another lie he perpetrates.

He meant to say he doesn't think faith should be used as a weapon unless it's by him.

Hat tip to GLAAD CAP

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Now is the time for the lgbt community to step up efforts against Trump

If, by chance, Donald Trump is elected as president and things begin to go downhill for the lgbt community, please do not expect a sympathetic voice from me.

Expect me to throw this post in the face of the entire lgbt community. Why? Because today is the day the lgbt community needs to start taking this election extra seriously. No matter how many mistakes Trump makes or how far down he is in the polls, he is still running for president, which means until the election is over, he has a chance of winning.

And if he does, it's not going to be pretty for the lgbt community. The following item from Right Wing Watch says plainly why:

Today, Donald Trump’s campaign announced the formation of his Evangelical Executive Advisory Board, which includes right-wing figures ranging from ex-Rep. Michele Bachmann to Focus on the Family founder James Dobson. After retiring from Congress on the heels of a campaign scandal, Bachmann has not let up in her radical preaching. According to Bachmann, the September 11 attacks represented God’s judgment on America; President Obama and gay rights advocates are bringing about the End Times; homosexuality is “personal enslavement” and “part of Satan”; gay people want to change laws “so that adults will be able to freely prey on little children sexually”; and Obamacare death panels will literally kill people any day now

. . . .Dobson, who once said that he could not support Trump, has a long history with the anti-LGBT Right, warning that gay marriage will lead to a second civil war and pastors going to prison, as well as ushering in the destruction of religious freedom, God’s judgment on America and the transformation of the U.S. into Nazi Germany. He even linked same-sex marriage to the Sandy Hook shooting. Other board members include Richard Land, who claims gay people are satanic and once lost a radio show after making racist, plagiarized statements, and Harry Jackson, a Maryland pastor who preaches about gay people trying to recruit children and prays against the demons behind same-sex marriage . . .

 . . . The group also include Southern Baptist pastor Ronnie Floyd, who has written about how “Satan has taken his tool of homosexuality, a gross and evil sin, and done a con job on the American culture.” Also on the list is Robert Jeffress, who “believes that gays and lesbians are ‘perverse’ people who are either pedophiles or likely to abuse children in the future; has compared homosexuality to bestiality and called it ‘a miserable lifestyle’; accused gay people of using ‘brainwashing techniques’ to have homosexuality ‘crammed down our throats’; said that gay people ‘are engaged in the most detestable, unclean, abominable acts you can imagine’; predicted that the gay rights movement ‘will pave the way for that future world dictator, the Antichrist’; and labeled homosexuality a ‘filthy practice’ that will lead to the ‘implosion of our country.’” 

In spite of what Trump has said in the past about being a friend to the lgbt community, he is building a "Legion of Homophobia" (I will not refer to this group as religious leaders. They are a "legion," as in the name of the devils Jesus cast out of a person in the Bible) which will follow him to the White House and help create policy.

And I will give you one guess whether or not that policy will be lgbt-friendly.

In the lgbt community, the practice is usually we get beaten down, maligned, and scandalized until we can't take anymore and start "acting up." It is then we start becoming engaged and determined to make changes - after the blows have been struck against us. That simply won't do in this case because our engagement generally takes place AFTER we have been done dirty. In this particular case, we have a chance to stop the "dirty deeds" before they take place.

Yes, Trump is a comical fool and yes he is making mistake after mistake. But with this "legion" he has just created, Trump cannot be taken lightly. Now is the time for us to inject some serious opposition towards him. The surest way for him to win is for folks not to take that possibility seriously.

What is the lgbt community prepared to do now instead of later? Will we stop the flow of anti-lgbt backlash before it starts or will we be forced to play catch up yet again?

We know where Trump stands and we are familiar with the players of his latest game. Let's not wait to engage him and them in the arena of public opinion and debate until after the fact.

'Donald Trump meeting with the anti-lgbt right for seven hours' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Donald Trump is meeting with the anti-lgbt right even as I speak.

Inside Donald Trump’s Private Meeting With Evangelicals - Donald Trump is in the middle of a seven hour meeting with various religious right and anti-lgbt hate group leaders. That's not a meeting. That sounds like a reprogramming. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Whatever happens, the lgbt community need to keep our eyes open. It's gonna be hell for us regardless of the outcome. 

TODAY: Donald Trump Meets With 400 Top Anti-LGBT Christian Conservatives - More details about this "situation."  

Save Your Sympathy. You Are The Problem. - Probably one of the best piece about conservative hypocrisy regarding the Orlando tragedy. The writer gets specific.  

The Bathroom Sign Debate Has Ended And The Answer Is Prince - I'm speechless, but a good point has been made.  

Tennessee’s Anti-LGBT Counseling Law Just Lost It $5 Million In Revenue - Too bad. So sad. NOT!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Anti-lgbt hate group leader asks for prayers before meeting with Trump

Wildmon wants prayers before Trump meeting

This week, GOP presidential candidate Donald (the gays love me) Trump is set to meet with members of the religious right. From this meeting, Trump is hoping to gain their support and these groups are hoping to gain a candidate whom they think will help them with their endeavors (putting the kibosh on lgbt equality being the number one goal).

It's going to be interesting, no doubt, Tim Wildmon,  head of the anti-lgbt hate group American Family Association, already sent out an email call for prayer:

I have accepted an invitation to meet tomorrow (Tuesday) with presidential candidate Donald Trump in New York. Along with other pro-family, Christian leaders, we have a great opportunity to communicate our values to Mr. Trump to make sure our voices and positions are heard. I would appreciate your prayers, asking God to give me the opportunity to share our Christian position on life, marriage, religious liberty and national security with Mr. Trump. This is not an endorsement of the candidate, but a sincere effort to let him know that America can only be great again if government returns to the Biblical values held by our nation's founders. Thank you in advance for praying for me and for the influence of American Family Association.

I've  heard that devils could use Scripture for their own nefarious purposes, but this is the first time I've ever heard of them asking folks to pray.  If they are staking hopes on Trump, perhaps they really need it.

It doesn't mean I, or anyone else with good sense, should give it to them, though
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'Some people 'uncomfortable' about Orlando tributes' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Tributes To Orlando Trouble People Uncomfortable With Homosexuality - Apparently to some people, being openly gay and unashamed is an offensively political act. Whatever. 

LGBT people of color refuse to be erased after Orlando: 'We have to elbow in' - It's been like that always with everything regarding the lgbt community. Orlando simply makes more of a point about it. 

 This Gay Man Isn’t Having Sex For A Year So He Can Donate Blood - Sadly fascinating but downright admirable in the face of a bad policy. 

 Bryan Fischer: 'Homosexuals Were At The Core Of Forming The Nazi Party' - The reason why part of me mourns the fact that Tony Perkins did not appear on 'This Week.' If he did and played the victim card, he could have been asked about this trash regarding the anti-lgbt rhetoric of folks on his side.  

Gay Congressman Slams GOP Colleague Who Suggested Gays ‘Worthy of Death’ - THANK YOU!

How the media should interview a hate group leader such as Tony Perkins

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins's near interview on ABC's 'This Week' generated much deserved controversy on the soft glove treatment the media generally gives him and other anti-lgbt hate group leaders.

Before the cancellation - which we still have no details about - Media Matters provided sound advice on how the media should handle folks like Perkins:

In the past, mainstream media outlets have regularly failed to identify FRC as an anti-LGBT hate group, instead allowing it to pass as a serious policy organization. Outlets have treated Perkins as a credible and legitimate conservative commentator, regularly inviting him to speak on behalf of Christians without identifying him as a hate monger.  But last April, Bob Schieffer, former host of CBS’ Face The Nation, set the gold standard when it comes to interviewing members of groups such as FRC  by accurately identifying Perkins as the president of “an anti-gay hate group.”
Media owe audiences pertinent information about the guests they bring on to offer commentary. In the wake of the Orlando massacre at a gay nightclub, it is vital hosts disclose Perkins’ extreme anti-LGBT record to provide audiences with the necessary context to adequately assess his commentary.

It's not that members of the media should refuse to interview Perkins. It's just that they shouldn't allow him to misrepresent himself or his organization. Perkins is not a faith leader. He is the leader of a group which cynically exploits religion and fears via lies and demonization to undermine the rights of the lgbt community. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

'GOP's pitch to hurt Dems - play lgbts & Muslims against one another' & other Fri. midday news briefs

GOP Makes 'Appalling' Pitch To LGBTs: Dems Are Choosing Muslims Over You - More unbelievable is the fact that they think it would actually work. "Hey gay people, sure we have passed legislation stripping you of rights and dignity, labeled you as pedophiles, diseased perverts, and basically disrespected you and your families. But hey, it's not like we tried to kill you like those Muslims that the Democrats support would. Granted, we may have supported other countries, Muslim and otherwise who do it. But it's not like WE do it." 

Why Conservatives Won’t Identify The Orlando Shooting Victims As LGBT - Meanwhile . . .  

Rainbow signs appearing in West Hollywood advise to 'shoot back' - Nothing more than mess feeding into people's feeling of helplessness.

 20-Plus Years Of Anti-Gay Hate From The NRA - Just a reminder.

 Pulse and the Long History of Violence Against Queer Latinos - Sad but necessary article.

 Here’s The Beautiful Story Of How These Dads Created Their Family Over 3 Decades - Let's end today's news briefs on a positive note.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

'Anti-gay group distorts picture of Obama crying to create Islamophobic smear' & other Thur. midday news briefs

You see this jpeg of a twitter post:

It is a lie and an especially vicious lie. That picture of President Obama crying was taken from earlier this year when he spoke about the 2012  attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The organization behind this smear is Accuracy in Media. Its leader, and the author of the nasty piece referenced in the twitter post, is one Cliff Kincaid. Kincaid, as you can guess, isn't exactly the lgbt community's best friend.

This is why it is important to bring attention to the workings of anti-lgbt groups and activists. This smear also proves why the lgbt community must not allow the Orlando tragedy to turn us against the Muslim community.

There is always a third party waiting to exploit grief and tragedy.

Hat tip to Rude Pundit.

Perkins: Obama Fosters Environment For Terrorism In America - Tony Perkins of the anti-lgbt Family Research Council points to Obama instead of his group's anti-lgbt lies. One finger forward, three fingers back to you, Tony.

 Florida’s Attorney General Declared War On Anderson Cooper. It’s Not Going Well. - Anderson Cooper practically OWNED Florida's hypocritical attorney general on her anti-lgbt bigotry. She got angry, responded, and he owned her again.

  David Brock Explains How NY Times Editorial Correctly Highlights Trump Pandering To LGBT Community, While Undermining Their Rights - PREACH! We aren't falling for Trump's lies.

 ‘Ask The Gays’ Is The Best Twitter Meme Donald Trump Never Wanted - WE are not to be trifled with.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Franklin Graham proves he is part of the problem which led to Orlando tragedy

After all that's been said about the Orlando tragedy, the following by Franklin Graham on his Facebook page is just sad:

Isn't it just like Graham to get the entire situation wrong. For the record,  Trump gave an absolutely vile speech which was filled with inaccuracies and panned for its nonsensical demagoguery across all corners.

I'm really not surprised about Graham. Last year, he was defending Russia's anti-gay laws.

According to The Advocate, Graham reportedly said the following:

“I very much appreciate that President Putin is protecting Russian young people against homosexual propaganda,” Graham told Russian newspaper Moskoviskij Komsomolets, according to a translation by Right Wing Watch. “If only to give them the opportunity to grow up and make a decision for themselves. Again, homosexuals cannot have children, they can take other people’s children.”

Earlier this year, he said gay Christians were "the enemy."

And those are just two of the many nasty statements he made demonizing the lgbt community.

Graham has deluded himself and his supporters into thinking that he is a man of God. In truth, he is nothing more than a vulture whose false piety unfortunately blinds  many people when he swoops down to feed.

His statements of condemnation and irrationality provide no comfort or truth. They only fill his already grotesquely bloated ego on the pain and sadness of the  lgbt community.

'GOP bull@%! reigns even after Orlando' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Congressman Denies Shooting Targeted Gay People Then Blocks Nondiscrimination Amendment - Oh yeah. I got your "moment of silence." Might I give it to you and suggest what you can do with it.

Gay GOProud Founder Chris Barron Launches Loathsome ‘LGBT for Trump’ Campaign - Or why legitimate lgbt activists (and a field marshal like myself)can't get any decent press in the lgbt media. Because folks like this fool sucks up all of the air in the room.  

NY Times Editorial Board Excoriates Republicans’ Anti-Gay Crusades In Wake Of Orlando Shooting - Sock it to them!  

MSNBC's Chris Hayes And Dan Savage Shred Trump's Attempts To Pit The LGBT Community Against Muslims - The lgbt community may be in mourning but we are not stupid or delusional.  

Orlando Shooting Vigil In London Turns Into Epic Vogue Battle - Let's just be truthful. WE RULE:

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Anti-lgbt hate groups Family Research Council, AFA upset at blowback from Orlando tragedy

The Family Research Council  and its president, Tony Perkins, is "ever so pissed" for what it claims is unfair blaming of groups and individuals like itself - folks who hold anti-gay animus - for the Orlando tragedy:

 . . .the Left's Christian blame game goes on. It's the religious right, columnists rant, who created this "toxic climate" with their Kim Davises and H.B. 2s. Citing North Carolina and Mississippi, liberals insist, "The Christian right has introduced 200 anti-LGBT bills in the last six months, and people are [pointing the finger at] Islam for this. No." First of all, people are blaming radical Islam because the shooter did. Secondly, it's a little ridiculous to suggest that disagreements over special rights for people who identify as LGBT are responsible, since even the gunman's ex-wife alleges he was gay. While the investigation is ongoing, the 29-year-old Islamist was reportedly a regular at gay clubs, tried to get romantically involved with a male coworker, and had profiles on several gay dating apps. It's time for liberals to stop tiptoeing around the obvious and embrace what the facts already do: which is that a hateful ideology -- not guns, Christians, or anti-Muslim sentiment -- is to blame.

For once I agree with you, Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council, if only partly. A hateful ideology does have a share of  the blame for what happened in Orlando. Yours:


One more thing, guys. If you feel that people are unfairly blaming you, perhaps it's best not to give reasons to justify the blaming. Mentioning Kim Davis and the 200 anti-lgbt bills doesn't exactly help your argument.

UPDATE - Now the American Family Association, via its fake news service One News Now, is also complaining about being unfairly blamed for Orlando:

'Texas Lt Gov. gives weak defense of anti-lgbt tweet' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick Defends His Tweet - In this long-winded, weak ass explanation, I think Patrick said God directed him to send that awful tweet. I've heard more plausible explanations from men caught by their spouses butt naked and in the bed with farm animals. 

From the Radical Religious Right, An Outpouring of Sympathy That Rings Hollow - Regarding that awful Orlando shooter, it is now being speculated that he himself was gay and his actions were the result of self-hating homophobia. If that is the case, we really need a conversation on anti-lgbt propaganda in America. And not a weak gay vs. Christian narrative which is constantly pushed in our faces. We are not talking religions, but lies and distortions designed to make people fear lgbts and make lgbts hate themselves. 

 Pat Robertson: Gays & Islamists Are Allies So 'Let Them Kill Themselves' - Crap like this for example.  

The Other Group Mourning The Orlando Massacre: LGBT Muslims - We cannot forget this.  

These Are Some Of The Heroes Of The Orlando Shooting - Or this.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Family Research Council wants to ignore culpability in Orlando tragedy

The phrase which best describes the Family Research Council's comments on that awful attack in Orlando is "nauseating chutzpah."

In today's Washington Update, FRC makes sure to blame "radical Islam" for the attack:

It's happened again: American blood spilled on American soil by a radical Islamic gunman in what is the deadliest terrorist attack since 9/11.
The victims, shot down at an Orlando nightclub, were apparently targeted because of their sexual identity. Regardless of our country's profound differences on policies, lifestyles, religious beliefs, or anything else, we must make clear that no American -- not one -- should fear being attacked by a terrorist for any reason. Unfortunately, the attacks on U.S. soil have only grown in this administration's refusal to call them what they are -- Islamic terrorism. The gunman, a homegrown extremist who reportedly pledged his allegiance to ISIS before his bloody rampage, left little doubt about his motivation -- a motivation the president still refuses to confront. Almost eight years into his now fatal agenda of political correctness, President Obama couldn't even bring himself to say the words "radical Islam" in the speech following the attack. It was a stunning omission, one that left viewers' mouths ajar. Donald Trump, who is both revered and reviled for his tough talk on Muslims, argued the president should resign in disgrace. "People cannot... believe that President Obama is acting the way he acts and can't even mention the words 'radical Islamic terrorism.' There's something going on. It's inconceivable. There's something going on."

According to President Obama, there is no evidence that this awful man (whose name I refuse to address) was directed by a larger terrorist network. If anything, it looks like he was a "lone wolf" who was influenced by material over the internet.

But that's not the point of this post. The point is that days before the tragedy, FRC's Washington Update was  attacking Target for its trans-inclusive policy:

Target's slogan is "Expect more." And when it comes to safety, customers do. That's why Americans are so upset with the company's outrageous April policy that threw open the changing room and bathroom doors to anyone of either sex. Almost immediately, angry calls started streaming in to stores, eventually ballooning into a nationwide protest of more than 1.3 million people. If other CEOs were considering similar changes, they saw the heat Target was taking and backed off. Now, almost two months into their transgender free-for-all, the outcry shows no signs of dying down. At yesterday's Target shareholders meeting in Costa Mesa, protestors filled the streets outside with signs to boycott the store. "We're not afraid of transgender people," one of the demonstrators explained. "I've got nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, and I'm worried that perverts will pretend to be women so they can get into women's restrooms." 

Of course there has been no proof that Target's trans-inclusive policy has opened the door to men attacking little girls in the ladies room, but FRC won't talk about that. Nor will it mention the simple fact that the bathroom predator talking point is an ugly myth designed to denigrate the transgender community, no matter the explanation folks try to trot out while pushing it.

Fall out from Orlando - sadness, ignorance, but in the end, love always rules

Orlando’s LGBT community comes together to grieve - We are all grieving with you, my friends and family. 

What We Know About The Orlando Shooting Victims - Never forget. I won't.  

Defeating ISIS Would Not Prevent Violence Against LGBT People - In THIS country, there is awful rhetoric against my lgbt brothers and sisters. We can't let it pass. No one can.  

Anti-LGBT Pastor Steven Anderson Applauds Orlando Massacre: 'There's Fifty Less Pedophiles In The World' - Like this. And this is an overt example. There are so many covert examples, i.e. "morality" groups working steadily to deny lgbts our equality and rights. Relying on fear tactics of "recruitment" and "bathroom predators" to gain their ends. Lies in the name of God are still lies. 

Finally, last night at the Tony Awards, Lin Manuel Miranda read a powerful sonnet he wrote for Orlando while accepting his award for Best Score for Hamilton: 

Orlando, My GOD, Orlando

Whenever the lgbt community would have a legislative setback or lose a marriage equality referendum, I would always play the tough guy. "Mourn now if you must, but get off your ass and prepare for round two," I'd say.

I can't say something like that now. Ever since yesterday, I've been moving slow. My spirit has been in disarray.  I've been walking around in a slight mental haze, unable to say or do anything to put myself on the road to mental recovery surrounding the events in Orlando.

There will be a myriad of rationalizations and issues raised regarding the night evil decided to take form of a madman and blanket The Pulse in the putrid cloak of death and insanity.

I've railed for almost 10 years against anti-lgbt propaganda, exposed the lies of false morality groups, and complained about how enough attention wasn't be paid to how this rhetoric dehumanizes our community, and especially our children.

One could argue one of the reasons why the shooting in Orlando happened was because of this rhetoric.

To me, that's like constantly warning people that the monsters are coming. And now that they are here, I can't be a bad ass. I can't wag my finger and say "see I told you so."

I can only mourn at their arrival.

The lgbt community will overcome this madness. We won't let it destroy us. We've lived through the rhetoric and violence propagated by countless people throughout history who sought to either cage and annihilate us. We've have lived and continue to live through the crisis of an awful disease and the deliberate ignorance of bureaucrats who watched that disease ravage our community.

We will get through this insanity, this attack on our safe spaces and the places where we gather away from the ignorance of some in the world.

But damn, it doesn't mean it gets easier .

Friday, June 10, 2016

Houston anti-lgbt group launch vile national ad campaign against Target, transgender community

It is always my hope that readers will feel that my posts are significant enough to share amongst their friends and the community at large. From time to time, I even will implore readers to  share certain posts which I feel are vitally important to the mission of this blog.

This is one of those times.

Yesterday, I published a post with the video below about how Anita Bryant was the first to demonstrate the power of anti-lgbt propaganda and stereotypes in legislative fights over lgbt equality:

That fact and the video in question is highly important because of the following video.

According to The New Civil Rights Movement:

A Houston-based anti-LGBT hate group has launched a national ad campaign against retailer Target featuring a remake of the disgusting TV spot that effectively deceived voters into repealing the city's Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) last November.
Steve Hotze and Jared Woodfill, both key players in the anti-HERO "Campaign for Houston," say they plan to spend $2 million on their "Campaign for USA," which calls for people to boycott Target over its policy, announced in April, allowing trans people to use restrooms and dressing rooms according to their gender identity in its stores.

Here's the new ad, which ignores that existing laws already outlaw predatory behavior:

This ad, like the ads above with Anita Bryant, are filthy lies which exploits two things - people's personal beliefs and/or ignorance about the lgbt community and the fear of every parent that their children will be put into danger.

They are  "headless monsters, i.e. negative beliefs which have been refuted continuously but remain powerful because their defenders continue to prop them up by claiming that they are true.

"Headless monsters"  pushed against the gay community are no different than those pushed against African-Americans by white supremacists groups or accusations lodged against the Jewish community by anti-Semitic groups. They are all preconceived notions rooted in fear and lies. The only difference being that anti-gay propaganda is sometimes mistaken as “personal deeply held religious beliefs” and expressions of the Christian faith.  And they are highly successful tools in turning people against lgbt equality and will continue to be successful until our community confronts them aggressively and BEFORE we are put into a situation where we are put on the defensive and having to play catch up.

It's a shame that we hae the same lies in 2016 that we've had to battle in 1978.  Perhaps it's time that we not only go after the lies but publicly call out the motivations of the so-called moral people pushing these lies.

Let's start putting THEM on the defensive for a welcomed change.

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How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America - a 16 page, graphics-intensive look at how religious right and anti-lgbt groups use lies, junk science, and cherry-picked science to demonize the lgbt community.

Using religious liberty as a weapon for homophobia

Peter Montgomery,  a senior fellow at  People for the American Way, recently came out with a column dissecting how the anti-lgbt right uses the argument of religious liberty as a weapon against our community.

It should be required reading.

Here is an excerpt:

For the second year in a row, more than 100 pieces of anti-LGBT legislation were introduced in state legislatures during the first few months of the year, many of them promoted as measures to protect religious liberty. How did something as fundamentally American as religious freedom become a culture war weapon against LGBT people and their families?

The religious right has a long history of equating criticism with persecution, and portraying political losses and legal defeats as attacks on faith and freedom. Its followers have been told for years that feminists, liberals, and gays are out to silence people of faith, and even to criminalize Christianity.

There’s a sinister logic to the strategy: It is easier to convince fair-minded people to support discrimination against their gay neighbors if you first convince them that the gay rights movement is out to destroy their churches and families.

Read more of The Weaponization of Religious Liberty