Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Anti-lgbt hate groups Family Research Council, AFA upset at blowback from Orlando tragedy

The Family Research Council  and its president, Tony Perkins, is "ever so pissed" for what it claims is unfair blaming of groups and individuals like itself - folks who hold anti-gay animus - for the Orlando tragedy:

 . . .the Left's Christian blame game goes on. It's the religious right, columnists rant, who created this "toxic climate" with their Kim Davises and H.B. 2s. Citing North Carolina and Mississippi, liberals insist, "The Christian right has introduced 200 anti-LGBT bills in the last six months, and people are [pointing the finger at] Islam for this. No." First of all, people are blaming radical Islam because the shooter did. Secondly, it's a little ridiculous to suggest that disagreements over special rights for people who identify as LGBT are responsible, since even the gunman's ex-wife alleges he was gay. While the investigation is ongoing, the 29-year-old Islamist was reportedly a regular at gay clubs, tried to get romantically involved with a male coworker, and had profiles on several gay dating apps. It's time for liberals to stop tiptoeing around the obvious and embrace what the facts already do: which is that a hateful ideology -- not guns, Christians, or anti-Muslim sentiment -- is to blame.

For once I agree with you, Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council, if only partly. A hateful ideology does have a share of  the blame for what happened in Orlando. Yours:


One more thing, guys. If you feel that people are unfairly blaming you, perhaps it's best not to give reasons to justify the blaming. Mentioning Kim Davis and the 200 anti-lgbt bills doesn't exactly help your argument.

UPDATE - Now the American Family Association, via its fake news service One News Now, is also complaining about being unfairly blamed for Orlando:

John Stemberger, who heads the Florida Family Policy Council, tells OneNewsNow that he witnessed a homosexual activist claim on CNN that the hatred stemming from radical Islam is the same that "fundamentalist Christians" have for the homosexual community. Stemberger, who works just three blocks from the Pulse nightclub, points out that the man who walked into the nightclub and gunned down its patrons was a Muslim, not a Christian. Opposing homosexual marriage is not "hate," Stemberger says, and it's not condoning violence or ignoring violence to voice opposition to it.

How ironic is it that One News Now chooses to talk to Stemberger, seeing that he has a long history of demonizing the lgbt community. According to GLAAD, Stemberger:

 Once compared laws barring gays from marriage rights to laws against suicide: "And so, we have laws against suicide. Well why is that? Well because I’m connected to, a woman in a marriage, I’m connected to a family with children, I’m connected to a business, a community, an economic system. If I blow my brains out, somebody’s got to come and pay for that and clean it up. There’s a cost -- to things -- and we don’t just live in an isolated situation."

Is an aggressive opponent of allowing gays to adopt: "Two moms, or two dads, are an objectively inferior choice when compared to the option of a married mom and dad. Even single parents have the potential, and often desire to marry a person of the opposite sex, but “gay families” are inherently fatherless or motherless. Finally, Florida’s Attorney General presented research in court briefs showing that homosexuals as a population have disproportionally higher rates of social, mental and physical pathologies. " Says that foster parenting by same-sex couples should also be barrred: "Based upon the best interest standard the law probably ought to also prohibit gay foster care, but it does not."

And let's not leave One News Now's parent organization, the American Family Association out of the mix. For years, they have conflated being gay with pedophilia, but probably its most vile offense in recent years has been to affiliate itself with one Bryan Fischer.

This guy:

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Connie said...

The cognitive dissonance is strong within the AFA in general and Tony Perkins specifically. How else to explain his spewing a constant wall of hate, of vilification of a specific population, all based on his Holy Book? I'm sure Tony also eschews bacon, mixed fabrics, and shaving... oh wait.

It was explained to me by a Dominionist that those old laws were fulfilled by Jesus, therefore bacon and shrimp were on the okey doke to eat list. And yet, the Hate The Gays rhetoric was justified using the old laws because "The Bible".


As I said - cognitive dissonance.

Tony is just fussy because his chickens are coming home to roost.

I heard the news Sunday morning and I thought of you Black Tsunami. I must confess the latest attack in Orlando led me very close to violence. It was the words of my friends and neighbors that brought me back from the dark side of smiting because it feels so good. As hard as it is, my focus has returned to using words and logic to combat the hatred. It is my sincere hope that doing something so radical (peaceful resistance) works since the old ways just leave us all blind and toothless. Sending good thoughts your way.