Friday, December 09, 2016

'Anti-lgbt hate group targeting CT state official because of legitimate investigation' & other Fri. midday news briefs

AFA attacking CT official for legitimate investigation.

Editor's note - if you haven't already, check out this morning's post  What we know (and should know) about the Family Research Council before or after going through the following news briefs.

Gay Connecticut Official Investigating American Family Association Now Target of Conservative Hate Campaign - Figures. A man is only doing his job and the American Family Association is screaming "persecution" because legitimate questions are being asked about their "charity."  

This trans rabbi is fighting bigotry in America - My kudos to a BOLD activist!

Stop erasing the humanity of trans people in life and death - It's bad enough when members of the transgender community are taken from us due to tragedy. The sadness is compounded by the disrespect given to them after they pass. 

 Arkansas’ Top Court Says Married Lesbian Moms Still Not Equal On Birth Certificates - So much damn work to do . . . 

Austin Ruse’s Anti-LGBT UN Crusade May Get Big Boost From Trump - Just in case you aren't aware, yes there is a group fighting against lgbt equality at the United Nations. And the head, Austin Ruse, is an odious man who cannot stand me. It's really a badge of honor.

What we know (and should know) about the Family Research Council

This blog has always focused on refuting the anti-lgbt propaganda spewed by the Family Research Council. With the Trump Administration coming next year, the efforts to refute the lies take on a new urgency because FRC would be one of the main religious right entities (unfortunately there are others) best positioned to cause problems for the lgbt community.

With that in mind, here is an old video from my friend Matt Baume refuting one of their infomercials as well a collection of blog posts (in no particular order) outlining the unscrupulous tactics FRC uses to undermine lgbt equality while hiding behind religion:

Family Research Council defends itself with distorted studies . . . again

Family Research Council pulling the 'gay = promiscuous pedophiles' card to defend DOMA 

 Peter Sprigg proves the Family Research Council to be a hate group (again)

 Seven ways the Family Research Council have lied about ENDA

 The Family Research Council's deceptive use of social science to defend DOMA

Family Research Council's anti-lgbt stance built on distortions
Family Research Council's 'detailed response' to SPLC's charges leave much to be desired

 Family Research Council caught falsely accusing Congresswoman of religious bigotry