Wednesday, December 21, 2011

About Rick Santorum's desire to ignore same-sex families

Today on Fox News, presidential candidate Rick Santorum (no friend to the lgbtq community) talked about how he would attempt to appeal to gay voters:

"Well, look, I have nothing against gay people. They have rights of every other citizen. But what they did in Iowa and what some are trying to do -- not all gays -- but some are trying to do is change the laws of this country with respect to what the definition of marriage is," Santorum said. "We have a public policy disagreement. I know there are a lot of gays who are strong on national security and believe in lower taxes and getting this economy moving, and welcome them to join our campaign."

. . . "Well, you know -- you know, we can have a public policy discussion that says that, you know, certain things -- our laws should be certain ways without seeing it as a personal attack. It's not a personal attack. It's what we believe is best for the country," he responded. "And I believe what's best for the country is to give children their birthright, which is the best opportunity for them to have a mother and a father. ... There are a lot of other important relationships, and I don't dismiss other relationships as important. But there's one essential relationship that's necessary to give children their birthright."

Now I could wax philosophically about why the host of the program, Greta Van Susteren, didn't press Santorum on the reality of same-sex families.

But then I can guess why she didn't. After all, it is Fox News and girlfriend likes that big salary.

However, Santorum's omission of the reality of same-sex families is a problem which needs to be mentioned.

Why do folks like Santorum - those who call themselves Christians, evangelicals, or whatever - seem to always refuse to acknowledge the fact that same-sex families exist and that these families are raising children?

Sure they will talk about how the "social science" says that the best place for a child is a home with a mother and a father. And of course when they say that, none of these so-called reputable journalists with their gigantic salaries will question them on whether or not these studies ever compared same-sex households to opposite-parents households - because these studies generally don't.

And none of these big-named journalist will question folks like Santorum on the existence of single-parent households.

They just let them talk and let them set the phony narrative that somehow same-sex households with children simply don't exist when in fact there are millions of them in this country.

Santorum's need to omit these homes says a lot about his Christian character than any speech he can make.

Or lack thereof.

In short, the gay community is not stupid. We know that Santorum has an aversion to us and our families. We know that he doesn't like us and because of that, we just don't like him.

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'NOM's Top Ten Blunders of 2011' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

NOM’s Top Ten Biggest Gaffes Of 2011 - Equality Matters has come up with the National Organization for Marriage's top ten biggest blunders of 2011. I hope you enjoy the list as much as I did:

And in other news: linked to notorious MassResistance - Ugh! One group of crazies linked to another. And Mass Resistance is a hate group by the way.

Newt Gingrich Tells Gay Iowan To Vote For Obama - Works for me!

McInerney sentenced; King’s adopted father conveniently blames the money source
- The entire situation gets me sick. What price homophobia indeed!

Gary Cass’s Top Ten ‘Anti-Christian Acts’ Feature A Lot Of Whining, No Actual Victims - Six items involve the lgbtq community. What! No Tim Tebow?

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Bryan Fischer is so homophobic that I feel sorry for him

Sometimes, you hear things that are just so outrageous that all you can do is simply put them out for people to comment on:

And Fischer claims to have no idea why the group which employs him, the American Family Association, is a hate group.

The man is obviously oblivious AND deaf.

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