Wednesday, May 10, 2023

'MA high school newspaper exposes school officials undermining LGBTQ student health and safety' & other Wed afternoon news briefs

Editor's note - There are so many things going on, some many important stories people need to know about, I decided to post an afternoon news brief instead of a traditional blog post.

‘It’s life or death’: failure to protect trans kids at ARMS a systemic problem - You know this country has serious media issues when a school newspaper does better work than the national press when it comes to exposing transphobic school officials and the havoc they cause: 

 Over the last two years, Amherst Regional Middle School students, parents, and staff members voiced concerns to district leadership about adjustment counselor Hector Santos and current eighth-grade guidance counselor Delinda Dykes, noting that the two routinely misgendered and deadnamed transgender students and staff, invoked anti-LGBTQ prayer at school, allowed religion to overflow into conversations with students and staff, and failed to provide support to students who were facing gender-based bullying or intimidation at school. Santos also posted religiously worded anti-LGBTQ material on a public Facebook page. 

 This year, when Santos’s daughter Tania Cabrera was brought on to serve as the seventh-grade guidance counselor, staff and students told The Graphic she also misgendered trans kids, told staff that a trans student had reverted to using their legal name when they had not, did not report on an anti-LGBTQ harassment incident that was reported to her, and told a trans male student who went to her for support that she sympathized with his parents, who had “lost their daughter.” 

Library Official Resigns After Publication of Her Secretly Recorded Inflammatory Comments - One less bigot poisoning our kids is fine with me. 

Anti-LGBTQ Christian Nationalist Andrew Wommack Vowed To ‘Take Over Woodland Park.’ Then He Did - Like we saw in 2016. When you get too comfortable and lose sight of the wolves, they get you. 

‘Trump was great at this’: How conservatives transformed a Colorado school district - A longer explanation about what happened in the above article with the solace that their actions is turning the entire community against them, including hardcore conservatives.

'Exposed as a hypocrite, Bryan Slaton's downfall complicates GOP 'groomer' smear' & other Wed midday news briefs

Former TX lawmaker Bryan Slaton

Exposed as a hypocrite, Bryan Slaton’s Texas House downfall could complicate GOP fight against 'groomers'​ - You mean it complicates their war of disinformation on LGBTQ people. My heart bleeds for them AND him. 

Transgender youth sue over Montana gender-affirming care ban - Lawsuits in several states, including Montana, have been initiated against these awful bans. Keep your eyes on them. 

School board renews contract of teacher who allegedly used anti-LGBTQ+ slurs in class - This right here is some bullsh!t. They apparently aren't listening to the students.