Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mike Pence's claim about his anti-gay law contradicted by picture of him with lobbyists

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will have you to believe that the recent 'religious liberty' bill he signed into law isn't anti-gay. He claims that beliefs of the alleged anti-gay animus of this law is some sort of campaign of mis-education.

Don't believe Pence.  He is lying. And the proof comes from the signing ceremony of the bill.

While the signing of the bill was private, this particular picture was released on Pence's twitter account. It shows the governor with  priests, nuns, orthodox Jewish leaders, and lawmakers:

HOWEVER, this picture below shows the governor with a different group of folks, i.e. lobbyists who pushed for this bill. Thanks to GLAAD and Twitter user @SeaMonkey237, we know who these folks are. Their names and what they have to do with anti-gay activism are clearly described (click on pictures if you need to enlarge them.):

Just in case you need the links concerning the folks in the second picture and their  history of vicious anti-gay activism:

Based upon this picture we now know why Gov. Pence wasn't forthcoming about his "religious liberty/freedom" law on 'This Week.'

If he had said no when asked does the bill allow for anti-lgbt discrimination, he would have been clearly lying.

And that picture of him with those anti-gay lobbyists is the smoking gun.

Failure Alert! Indiana Gov. Mike Pence fails to clarify anti-gay law on 'This Week'

In reviewing the interview of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on Sunday's edition of 'This Week,' two adages come to mind:

"It's not always about what's said, but what's not said" and "give your enemy enough rope and he will hang himself."

No doubt, Pence thought he was going to cast the image of righteous defiance in supporting that awful anti-gay "religious freedom" law his state passed and he signed last week. His interview was part of his effort to somehow reclaim the narrative which was lost the moment he signed the bill. However, he failed on a monumental scale and this was chiefly because of his not answering interviewer George Stephanopoulos's direct question of whether the law allows anti-gay discrimination. And Stephanopoulos asked the question more than once.

Needless to say, Pence did nothing to quell the controversy started by this law and I think he significantly hurt his image . Don't be surprised is his interview only adds to the the constantly growing backlash: