Wednesday, January 13, 2021

While Trump earns 2nd impeachment, FRC's Tony Perkins follows him down the rabbit hole of public humiliation

First, I must post this letter of congratulations to Donald Trump.

Dear Donald Trump, 

Congratulations on your second impeachment. While you probably will never receive the Nobel Peace Prize, your dubious honor today ensures that you will serve a special place in American history as the worse president we ever had.  And I would like to especially commend you on the fact that you earned every bit of this dubious "honor" of being the first and only president in the history of this country to be impeached TWICE.

WOW! You must be thrilled.  I should also alert you to be on the lookout for messages of congratulations from Hillary Clinton and probably the family of the late President Richard Nixon.

Now then, while a lot of us greeted the news of Trump's 2nd impeachment with glee and satisfaction, some of his supporters are livid. One is even so livid that in his raging, he practically "owned" himself. Or in layman's terms, said something which made him look like a huge fool.

Who else but Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council? 

Of course he is  upset about the events of today and claims that it is proof of the supposed hypocrisy of Democrats:

While the repressive hand of the Democrats and their Big Tech allies will only fan the flames of resentment and hostility, it may very well leave many of those who voted for Biden on the promise unity and healing questioning their vote. Surely today's spectacle, an exercise in reckless, selfish, retaliation, isn't what they signed up for. Not only does it destroy their trust that Democrats can be the adults in the room, but it exposes them for the hypocrites they are. Men and women like Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) are blaming Trump for starting an "insurrection." They argue that the senators and congressmen operating within their constitutional rights to object to the election results should "resign."  
Where were they in 2000, 2004, and 2016 when Democrats protested the presidential results in battleground states "Thirty-one Democrats voted to overturn the presidential election results in Ohio in 2005," Rachel Bovard tweeted. Ten of them are still in Congress. They serve beside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who herself insisted in 2017, "Our election was hijacked. There is no question. Congress has a duty to protect democracy and follow the facts."

I can tell Perkins where they weren't in 200, 2004, and 2016. They weren't at the Capitol in DC attempting to physically overthrow an election that their candidate lost. They were trying to break in or vandalize offices. They weren't leaving poop all over the place. They certainly weren't beating up and killing security officers. And they especially weren't filming themselves while doing all of these things.
The people who did those things were Trump supporters who were goaded by his words. 

Comparing what Democrats did to protest presidential elections to what Trump supporters did as if the two are similar is an attempt of abject desperation. And desperate is  no doubt what Perkins is right now. He and FRC abandoned any idea of false integrity to follow Trump. In doing so, they gained political power and access. In exchange, they made excuses for his excesses and explained away his lies. But now their time in the sun is pretty much over and the bill is due. 

Apparently Perkins and company are finding out that following a false  god generates a cost they can't afford to pay. 

That's just too bad. Or maybe not.

Personally, I think it's glorious. 


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