Monday, July 13, 2015

NOM makes awful attempt to distort marriage equality poll

Brian Brown, NOM tries to manipulate data.
Poor National Organization for Marriage. The organization is so delirious over its loss at SCOTUS that it is now attempting to convince supporters that there is now momentum against marriage equality:

 The evidence that the country is not embracing this ruling mounts every day. A nationwide survey of voters conducted by Reuters found that only 51% of Americans support same-sex 'marriage' following the Supreme Court ruling — a considerably smaller percentage than many national polls found prior to the ruling — and nearly two thirds of Republicans oppose the Supreme Court decision. Reuters noted that this will likely ensure that opposition to the Supreme Court ruling will be a pivotal issue in the selection of the Republican presidential nominee. 

The article in question by Reuters did say that a large number of Republicans  do not agree with the recent SCOTUS decision. And it the article also said that 51 percent of Americans in general support marriage equality after the ruling.

But NOM conveniently omitted to mention how many Americans in general do not support marriage equality. That number and what it means for Republican candidates who are publicly opposed to marriage equality reveal a totally different story than the one NOM is attempting to peddle :

When asked in general whether they support allowing same-sex couples to marry, 51 percent of Americans say they do, while 35 percent oppose it. Forty-eight percent of independent voters back gay marriage, making it difficult for a conservative Republican to win general election votes on the issue.  

Seems to me that NOM is still in the hole it was in before the ruling, i.e. more Americans support marriage equality while the anti-gay group finds outself outside the mainstream. And the more the NOM tries to dig out of that hole, the filthier it gets.

I do adore watching pigs rut in their natural habitat.

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The real story behind lgbt equality struggle is being ignored

For over three decades, anti-gay groups created this false image of the gay community.

Last night, I made the discovery that my work was used in a letter to the editor in the Grand Forks Herald:

The Huffington Post's Alvin McEwan characterizes the ACP as "a sham group camouflaging religious right distortion as legitimate research" and cites University of Minnesota professor Greg Remafedi, who claims the group has "distorted his work." And in fact, the list of scientists whose research has been distorted to support the religious right's bigotry against the LGBT community is staggering.
It was pretty cool to be cited and obviously the young lady read my online booklet, How They See Us, because she cited info from page 10 regarding the list of researchers whose work have been distorted by the anti-gay right.

But then the euphoria faded and I got a bit angry. Not at her, mind you, but the situation in general.

On two pages, I listed at least 12 examples over a number of years in which anti-gay groups and personalities have been caught lying about or distorting research.  How in the world did the media, including ours, miss this?

Do journalists dig for information anymore? While we busy ourselves with esoteric terms, while those who claim to be our allies (i.e. Kirsten Powers) write sloppy books hoping to follow the trend of fake pity for anti-gay groups and organizations who finally themselves out of the mainstream, and while those same anti-gay groups and organizations (and their allies at places such as Fox News) spin false stories of anti-Christian persecution at places such as bakeries, the real story seems to be getting ignored.

That real story is the over 30 year history of lies, distortions, and bearing of false witness by anti-gay groups designed to stigmatize the lgbt community.  Until THAT story is told, no matter how many victories we win, the lgbt community will always find ourselves on the defensive, trying to justify not only our existence but our right to have a normal life.