Tuesday, September 01, 2020

M.Signorile: GOP convention speech proved that Trump does not care about LGBTQ people

Don't let him fool you. Donald Trump doesn't care about LGBTQ even when exploiting us for reelection.

When openly gay Trump pick Richard Grenell spoke at last week's Republican National Convention, some folks took it as a sign that Trump was attempting to get LGBTQ support for his faltering campaign. Maybe or maybe not. However, radio show host and long-time gay activist Michelangelo Signorile wrote a piece which disputes any idea that Trump actually care about LGBTQ people.

And Grenell's speech proves it. Not by the speech itself, but by what wasn't said in the speech Grenell didn't say a word about LGBTQ rights.

 An excerpt from Signorile:

. . . if Grenell was set to speak on Trump’s supposed LGBTQ rights achievements, he or someone else decided against it at the last minute. Unlike Black and female speakers who were used to try to soften Trump’s image regarding women and people of color by speaking about Trump supposedly championing their issues, Grenell mostly promoted conspiracy theories about unwarranted surveillance against Trump by President Obama. He also peddled the boilerplate nativist and racist ideas of Trumpism, lauding Trump’s “America First” policies and expressing that he was proud of “being called a nationalist.” 
 But oddly, nowhere in the speech by the man who preposterously championed Trump in the Log Cabin video as the “most pro-gay president in history,” did he state he was gay, let alone say anything about Trump and LGBTQ rights on the stage. This was a far cry from Trump’s 2016 convention, when Peter Thiel, the gay billionaire and Paypal founder, who was used by the RNC to convey an inclusive message, was very clear

The entire piece deserves a reading. And while you're at it, subscribe to the Signorile Report

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