Sunday, August 05, 2018

Two booklets expose & explain the conservative evangelical war on LGBTQ America

The image of depravity some religious right groups want to force on gay America when they attempt to snatch away our right to do anything else but be oversexed caricatures from their imaginations.

In light of the power given to the anti-LGBTQ evangelical right by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump, it is absolutely crucial that our community understand just what we are fighting against. It goes beyond the so-called idea of religious liberty because that concept is merely the latest in a continuum of false narratives.

Today, groups like the Family Research Council and the Alliance Defending Freedom claim that their work is about "protecting the rights of Christians." A while back, they claimed that they were "protecting marriage." Before then, it was accusing gays of wanting "special rights" and claiming that homosexuality is a "health hazard." And lurking behind all of these claims is the expressed or alluded to belief  that gays are constantly attempting to "recruit children."

Helping foster this awful lie is homophobia expertly exploited by religious beliefs, the reluctance of the media to dig deeper, and the inability of the LGBTQ community to go on the offensive (whether it be an relying too much on the belief of "moving the movable middle" or getting distracted with collegiate and esoteric terms). We have to get more people to see the constant war waged on the LGBTQ community with the ultimate goal being the undermining of our rights and safety and the erasure of our families and right to self-determination.

With that in mind, I am reposting  two online booklets which I feel breaks it all down in a necessarily simple way.

In 2013, I published a free online booklet which took a short, visual look at how organizations such as the Family Rearch Council and the National Organization for Marriage demonize the LGBTQ community via junk science, cherry-picked science, and outright lies.

(Editor's note - If you are having a problem reading and/or downloading the booklet, here is a copy from adobe acrobat.)