Tuesday, May 05, 2015

'Christian' developer creates video game in which players can violently kill lgbts

Editor's note - I apologize for the video, but it has to been seen:

From GayStarNews:

Online gaming website Steam have removed a controversial video game from availability after complaints were made about it’s violent homophobic and transphobic content by users. ‘Kill The Faggot’ was created and uploaded by Skaldic Games to Steam’s Steam Greenlight section which allows game developers to showcase their games and let the Steam user community decide which ones they want to be made commercially available through Steam. Steam does not actively vet games for offensive content but developers must pay $100 to get their game onto Steam Greenlight as a quality control barrier. The game description for ‘Kill The Faggot’ read ‘Hate gays? Want to unleash your frustration with the “LGBT” community? Well now is your chance.’ ‘Murder gays and transgenders [sic] while avoiding killing straight people. Get points before time runs out.’

And it gets worse. According to Raw Story:

No Sam Rodriguez, marriage equality doesn't work like that

From Right Wing Watch:

During last week’s National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, where Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee made their pitches for the Latino vote, NHCLC head Sam Rodriguez told a TIME reporter that Republicans will not “fight arduously” to overturn a Supreme Court decision striking down bans on same-sex marriage. Of course, on the very same day Rodriguez announced that he and other NHCLC leaders signed a pledge to commit civil disobedience in defiance of any Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage. Rodriguez also told a reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network that such a ruling would usher in a wave of anti-Christian persecution and possibly hate speech laws banning pastors from quoting the Bible. 

 Words don't do this video half-justice. You simply have to see it and hear this wild tangent NHCLC head Sam Rodriguez goes on. And as pathetically funny as he is, Rodriguez's words do serve a purpose. He gives a window into the mindset of so many folks who oppose marriage equality. To them, it's not a matter of Scripture, but a paranoid delusion created by their religious beliefs, entitlement, and egos all stroked by anti-gay groups such as NOM, the Family Research Council, and even Rodriguez's group.

None of this stuff Rodriquez is predicting would take place should SCOTUS rule in favor of marriage equality. But what can you do when someone is stubbornly clinging to their paranoia even when it is proven that they have nothing to fear?

LGBT CODE RED - Mike Huckabee is running for president!

Mke Huckabee
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee Announces Presidential Run - Possibly with the except of Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee is the ABSOLUTE WORST candidate for president when it comes to lgbt equality. 

Six Times Mike Huckabee Used Bad Theology To Support His Policies - Example No. 1 

 Mike Huckabee is either a clueless fool or a brazen liar - Example No. 2 with a little background. In this post, Huckabee talks about the "intolerance" of gays while folks like him have done their utmost to show us courtesy and respect. Too bad the examples of his definition of "courtesy and respect" I included in this post makes him out to be a hypocrite. 

 Mike Huckabee - definitely not 'pro-sodomy' but extremely 'pro-ignorant' - And how can one forget this 2009 interview he conducted with fellow right-winger Ann Coulter in which he assured her that he is not "pro sodomy," whatever that is. Who are we kidding. WE KNOW what he meant.

 The friends of Mike Huckabee - And let's not forget his past friendship with a particularly rabid anti-gay hate group from Massachusetts. 

In short, if Mike Huckabee gets anywhere near the Oval Office even to use its toilet, "we'uns" is in trouble.

NOM - We aren't going anywhere

Like a fungus at the end of your heel which you can't seem to get rid of, NOM is insisting that regardless of what the Supreme Court rules, it's not going away. That and other news courtesy of my buddy Matt Baume and the American Foundation for Equal Rights