Wednesday, December 14, 2016

' How Ben Carson could harm the lgbt community as head of HUD ' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Ben Carson could cause havoc against the lgbt community as head of HUD.

Ben Carson’s HUD may roll back housing protections for LGBTQ people - Get the facts because this would be extremely disastrous to our transgender brothers and sisters AND our children. 

Loretta Lynch Is Preparing To Hand Over Her Justice Department To Trump - And what will this mean for the lgbt community? We will see . . .  

This Camp Offers LGBTQ Youth An Incredible Way To Celebrate The Holidays - THIS is wonderful and it should garner more attention. 

Exxon faces anti-gay bias lawsuit as Trump taps CEO for State - How convenient.  

Zoning Commission clears path for LGBT seniors home - A lot of the times, the community forgets about the needs of lgbt seniors. That's a huge mistake on our part.

Religious right publication shows the danger of fake news under Christian guise

Sometimes fake news doesn't entail creating lies, but deliberately publishing slanted, sloppy work. With that in mind, the following is a first for this blog. I am posting an article from the One News Now (the online "news site" of the American Family Association to demonstrate what I'm talking about:

Highlights magazine had originally stated that it would not address social issues such as same-gender relationships, but following a backlash from the LGBT community, the magazine has reversed that policy.
Monica Cole, who serves as the director of -- a division of the American Family Association (AFA) – reports that pro-family advocates are extremely disturbed by the decision.

"This is the last place you would expect for children to be indoctrinated and exposed to the homosexual lifestyle," Cole insists.

The conservative activist told Onenewsnow that many of her organization’s members have already contacted Highlights to cancel their subscription, and she believes they have gotten the magazine's attention because Highlights has back-stepped a bit.

"They're saying that the decision is pending until the first of the year,” Cole shared. “I'm sure it's not a coincidence that it's Christmastime and people are buying subscriptions for Christmas gifts.”

Despite news to the contrary, it appears that Highlights might not move forward with a new pro-LGBT policy.

“Then we're also having some supporters saying that some of the feedback they're receiving by phone conversation that they haven't committed to this policy change,” Cole continued.

As Highlights appears to be riding the fence on this issue, Cole stresses that it is vital that more parents make their opinion known.
What's the problem with this article? Plenty. But mostly, it's horribly slanted.  The general tone is saying that "gays are coming for your children." "They are even invading magazines created especially for families and children so they can recruit and indoctrinate"
 Children are being raised in same-sex households all over America, but author of this article doesn't acknowledge the fact.
And I haven't even begun to talk about the claims in the article made by Cole, i.e. that her organization's members complaining to Highlights magazine or that the magazine may not go forward with its "policy". The author has chosen to print them at face value, while not seeking verification.

And the worse thing is that this vision is created under the auspices of a group claiming that it stands for Christianity and "traditional values." It all proves that fake news has a lot to do with slant, as well as the omission of facts.