Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Family Research Council exploits shooting for sleazy attack on Obama and SPLC

The Family Research Council pointed a finger to Obama for today's tragedy/

In light of this morning's terrible shooting, a lot of issues need to be up for discussion, from political affiliation, to nasty rhetoric, to gun control (which does not get talked about enough when these incidents take place.) But what doesn't need to happen is for anyone to exploit this morning's events for potshots and payback.

I wish someone would have told this to the Family Research Council:

Early reports are that Congressman Scalise is in critical condition after undergoing surgery earlier today. As his office said, "He is grateful for the brave actions of U.S. Capitol Police, first responders, and colleagues." But it was a sobering reminder of the days in which we live. Every generation has its differences, but America is experiencing time of sustained hostility. The cloud of vitriol that grew under Barack Obama has so poisoned our dialogue that it may have once again driven a man to target innocent people -- this time public servants whose only crime was gearing up for one of the few moments of comradery and bipartisanship left in the city. Late this afternoon, the media confirmed that in addition to his anti-Trump rants, this gunman had liked the Southern Poverty Law Center's page on Facebook, the same organization tied to domestic terrorism in federal court for inspiring the shooting at FRC. This is where the path of intolerance can lead. And in a country spewing inflamed rhetoric from Broadway to the Beltway, it's time for reasonable people to step in and say, "enough."

What's the deal with the semantic attack on Obama, i.e. the ever so slight dog whistle that FRC supporters will pick up on?  Neither Obama nor his presidency had anything to do with today's events, except - if you really want to go there - how his opponents ran  over all levels of decency and decorum to make him look like a sepia Damien Thorne from "The Omen" trilogy.

'KKK fails to upstage Alabama Pride event' & other Wed midday news briefs

The KKK unsuccessfully tried to upstage an Alabama Pride event.

KKK members protest LGBTQ pride march in Florence: Hate 'reared its ugly head'- Some members of Alabama's lgbtq community attend their first pride and who shows up? The Klan. If this were a Mel Brooks movie, hilarity would have ensued. In reality though, nothing happened and the pride was a huge success. In addition, the lgbtq community made a positive out of this negative with a donation site. 

Are You The Husband Or The Wife? - OMG! I used to get asked that question in college regarding sex. If there was a wife, I wouldn't be gay.  

Rep. Maloney introduces data collection bill on anti-LGBT violence - Wonderful!  

AMA approves resolution against anti-trans bathroom bills - Good job, AMA! 

Chadwick Moore: LGBTQ People ‘Don’t Know What The Second Amendment Is” - Lawd, hammercy! One of those 'Queer As Folk' rejects.