Friday, May 15, 2015

Family Research Council wants to silence Dan Savage sitcom. Will Kirsten Powers come to his defense? Of course not!

Dan Savage
Here is something for Kirsten Powers to write about. Oh wait. She only cares about "The Silencing" of conservative voices no matter how much vile they spew.

Us lgbts and liberals are on our own.

From a Family Research Council email:

What does an X-rated gay sex columnist have in common with Walt Disney? Nothing. And that's exactly the problem. Most Americans have probably never heard of Dan Savage, but unfortunately, that's all about to change this fall. Despite massive outcry -- thousands of phone calls, emails, and petition signers -- Disney's ABC is taking its LGBT activism to new lows with plans to bring the controversial Christian-basher to life in a sitcom called "The Real O'Neals."

Savage, whose "anti-bullying" videos are a favorite of the President's and Hollywood, has turned out to be the biggest bully of all -- using his platform as an opportunity to ridicule students and curse faith. Lately, though, the militant atheist has taken a break from hurling sexual threats at Republicans (warning: graphic content) to focus on this new fall sitcom, which producers say, "will follow the younger years of Savage's life and the experiences of his family following his decision to come out of the closet."

The trailer is already worse than anyone could imagine. When the show isn't mocking Christians, it's celebrating homosexuality. "…[I]t's a savage, if you will, caricature of a Catholic family and the Faith, where the parents are divorcing, one son has anorexia, the daughter runs a fake charity, and the son pictured in the middle is gay. Oh, and there's a Virgin Mary statue over the toilet."

While the Left is counting the days until the comedy airs, Savage's real-life legacy of bioterrorism and death threats is no joking matter. Our friends at Media Research Center (MRC) have come out swinging at ABC for glorifying a man whose dark attacks on Christians and conservatives are so profane that the network couldn't even air them on TV. Already, a coalition of organizations have sent a letter to ABC, asking the network to reconsider giving Savage another platform to be an apostle of division and hate. On, MRC's grassroots petition to get "The Real O'Neals" off the air has 10,000 signatures -- and counting. #CancelSavage is the cry on Twitter, where Americans are telling ABC to stop its one-sided attack on men and women of faith.

In other words, the Family Research Council and others are attempting to "silence" a show because it was created by Dan Savage. Granted, FRC lodges some accusations against Savage (with links to right-wing sites) but that is besides the point. The rallying cry of many anti-gays on the right  is that lgbts are attempting to silence those who disagree with us. Goodness knows they flood the airwaves and the bookstores with this tripe of a talking point.

And the concern trolls looking to make a buck aid and abet by giving ill-informed opinions or writing sloppy one-sided books on the matter.

How much do you want a bet that these concern trolls (particularly one blond pseudo-liberal)  will be silent over this situation instead of telling FRC to hush up and simply turn the channel. They are too busy collecting the bucks for unfairly labeling lgbts as bullies

For the record, here is a trailer for 'The Real O'Neals.' I find the show hilarious:

'Anti-gay attempt to silence Dan Savage comedy FAILS miserably' & other Friday midday news briefs

Bad news, religious right: ‘Pro-gay bully’ Dan Savage’s new sitcom is pretty hilarious - While a certain back-stabbing manipulator of the lgbt community is trolling the right-wing circuit advertising her sloppy book on how "liberals and gays are trying to silence people," an actual attempt at silencing has failed miserably. I think this show will be a smash. The preview is hilarious:

In other news:  

Unprecedented anti-gay marriage bill dies in Texas House - Well that explains my inexplicable good mood today. 

 What The Nation’s Doctors Say About Transgender Rights And Marriage Equality - This post underlines the problem when pundits begin talking about lgbt issues, particularly transgender issues. I could care less about what some shrewy pundit who has NO BACKGROUND in the issue has to say. Journalists owe it to the public to give us intelligent and informed opinions on these issues, such as what this post has done.  

Here's the latest conservative outlet equating gay rights with slavery; yes, slavery, and yes, literally - And the other side is constantly whining that lgbts don't want to debate the issues. How can you debate someone whose ideas sounds as if they come from a mental asylum? 

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Conservative Host Sandy Rios Thinks Amtrak Engineer's Sexuality Is 'A Factor' In Crash - But . . but. . . but if you challenged her by demonstrating how basically idiotic her claim is, you are "silencing" her!

Anti-gay Missouri state House Speaker resigns after affair revealed

The text messages which led to the downfall of an anti-gay legislator. 

And part two of the incident regarding married and "righteous" Missouri state Speaker of the House (or should I say former) John Diehl has unfolded with the confession, apology, and resignation:

Diehl, 49, announced Thursday that he was resigning both the speakership and his legislative seat, a day after the Kansas City Star’s website reported that he had exchanged sexually charged messages with a college freshman who worked as a legislative intern. Calling the messages “a serious error in judgment,” Diehl, R-Town and Country, said in a statement that he was “willing to face the consequences” and leave public office.

 . . . The intern involved in the texting, Katie Graham, 19, of Joplin, released a statement Thursday evening identifying herself, thanking her supporters and expressing hope that the internship program would survive. “I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me during this difficult time,” Graham said. “Your support means a lot. This is extremely difficult for both families, and I hope everyone can begin the healing process. I strongly support the Missouri Capitol internship program, and hope it remains a positive experience for other students in the future.”

Far be it from me to pick or gloat, but as I said earlier this week when posting on this issue, according to Right Wing Watch:

Earlier this year, Diehl and the president pro-tempore of the state Senate filed an amicus brief in defense of the state’s anti-gay-marriage amendment, leading the Missouri Family Policy Council, the state affiliate of the Family Research Council, to praise the speaker “for demonstrating moral leadership and true integrity in standing up for the sacred institution of marriage and the family values of the people of Missouri.” The state affiliate of the Southern Baptist Convention thanked him for “fighting to defend biblical marriage.”

 . . .  Diehl also co-sponsored a 2012 bill to ban Gay-Straight Alliances in public schools, which read: “Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, no instruction, material, or extracurricular activity sponsored by a public school that discusses sexual orientation other than in scientific instruction concerning human reproduction shall be provided in any public school.” The St. Louis Post-Dispatch at the time called it a “hateful and unconstitutional attack on individual rights” and slammed Diehl for backing “a loathsome bill in a cynical attempt to garner support from the right wing.”