Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Another anti-gay, oversexed, heterosexual hypocrite done caught, y'all

The above "sexually charged text messages" are from Missouri Speaker of the House John Diehl to a college intern. Diehl is married with three children. Naturally, the intern he traded messages with is NOT his wife.

It's certainly a juicy scandal, made more apropo to the lgbt community because according to Right Wing Watch:

Earlier this year, Diehl and the president pro-tempore of the state Senate filed an amicus brief in defense of the state’s anti-gay-marriage amendment, leading the Missouri Family Policy Council, the state affiliate of the Family Research Council, to praise the speaker “for demonstrating moral leadership and true integrity in standing up for the sacred institution of marriage and the family values of the people of Missouri.” The state affiliate of the Southern Baptist Convention thanked him for “fighting to defend biblical marriage.”

 . . .  Diehl also co-sponsored a 2012 bill to ban Gay-Straight Alliances in public schools, which read: “Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, no instruction, material, or extracurricular activity sponsored by a public school that discusses sexual orientation other than in scientific instruction concerning human reproduction shall be provided in any public school.” The St. Louis Post-Dispatch at the time called it a “hateful and unconstitutional attack on individual rights” and slammed Diehl for backing “a loathsome bill in a cynical attempt to garner support from the right wing.”

As with the case of SC Rep. Mark Sanford, LA Senator David Vitter, etc., etc., perhaps some folks need to stop accusing gays of attempting to ruin marriage and instead focus on those who claim to be defending it.

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