Monday, July 06, 2020

'Discrimination hinders LGBTQ people's ability to save for retirement' & other Tue midday news briefs

Retirement expert: LGBTQ Americans' ‘savings are simply smaller’ due to discrimination - Yep. So true. 

Antigay Virginia Photographer Sues for Right to Discriminate - Another one of those pre-emptive attacks against our equality. He just put up the website and no one has sued him for anything. And he filed suit the day after the law came into effect. How convenient.

Out softball star Aleshia Ocasio speaks on challenges of being Black and LGBT in softball - Good article.

17 Of The Funniest Gay Tweets From This Week - Lawd, we need more of this on a weekly basis.

Lincoln Project - Donald Trump is the most deadly, job-killing president in American history

Some people have finally noticed that from time to time, I've posted videos from the Republican anti-Trump group the Lincoln Project. My intent is twofold. Number one - these are some awesome ads and they underscore why we need to kick Trump to the curb in November. And most importantly, they get right to the point. I sometimes think that a problem with some of the LGBTQ leadership is that they are afraid to jump out on instinct. We get bogged down with angst, overanalyzation, and concern trolling. There are times to assess a situation via focus groups and the link. But then there are times to go straight for the jugular.  And when it comes to the anti-LGBTQ industry, we sometimes worry too much about how to craft our message rather than sending the message.

The Lincoln Project obviously doesn't. Let's take the hint.