Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Congratulations D.C.!

Stuff like this always gives me hope for the future. We are going to win this fight:

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GOP attacking DADT study BEFORE it even comes out and other Wednesday midday news briefs

GOP: military's study of DADT will be biased - This is what's called "gaming the referee." The GOP is obviously running scared.

NOM's grassroots are showing - National Organization for Marriage's true colors are showing.

Reuters: Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill Hinders Investments - And they deserve it.

American Political Science Association Moves Conference From Uganda - More backlash against Uganda is a good thing.

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Free Republic - The only people who take Paul Cameron's DADT ramblings seriously

This is hilarious and yes I am posting it for a laugh.

As we all know, discredited researcher Paul Cameron has been sticking his nasty tentacles in the argument over the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and claiming that if the law is repealed, gays will be encouraged to rape their fellow service members.

Now he has come out with a new piece entitled Gays in Military = Sex in the Barracks and if you have an question just what this piece is about, his opening paragraph removes all doubt:

If homosexuals are allowed to serve in the military, they will be recruiting in the showers, having sex in the barracks, and straights will undergo sensitivity training. Before long, the U.S. may be defended by the sex-obsessed and those who can tolerate kowtowing to them.

These are the truths that no one will speak.

Forget about ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (DADT). The issue is NOT about whether those engaging in homosexual sex are, or are not, asked about their ‘sexual preferences.’ The real issue is whether the federal law against sodomy in the armed forces will be abolished either by statute or practice. If the law is abolished, not only will there be open homosexual sex in the barracks, but regulations against hostility to it will be enforced with vigor.

Of course, almost no one else is saying these things. So how can FRI be sure they are true?

It is the ‘nature’ of most homosexuals to ‘do their thing’ — and the more public the better. This characteristic has been noted throughout history. Sex, to the homosexually addicted, is close to the be-all and end-all of life. Why else have 300,000 male homosexuals died of AIDS, even though the mechanism — penile-anal sex — has been known since 1983? Why else do so many homosexuals engage in public sex? Why are there ‘gay pride’ parades?

How else to explain Adam Lambert? Instead of becoming just another rich ‘star,’ on November 22, he performed at the American Music Awards, broadcast on ABC. During his number, he proceeded to grind one of his dancer’s faces into his pelvis, grab the crotch of another, and passionately kiss his male keyboardist1. That “performance is something I’m extremely proud of and I wouldn’t change a thing. I am glad it facilitated a conversation about what kind of double standards there are out there.”

Only in the screwed up mind of Paul Cameron can there be a connection between the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell and American Idol's Adam Lambert.

But that's not the funny part of this piece by a longshot. The apex of hilarity is that the folks at Free Republic actually take this junk as fact. In between demanding President Obama's birth certificate and thinking that Sarah Palin is the second coming of Joan of Arc, the Freepers are actually anointing Cameron as the bastion of sense against Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

I guess there is accounting for taste . . . or lack thereof:

Check out some of the comments:

If you are a heterosexual, you are in danger.

If a homo lays hands on a hetero, under the new proposed rules, the homo will have the upper hand. I predict murders over this. All of it is unnecessary. Just another way for Obama to humiliate and create dissent in the military.

It will change because then they will demand that the military march in gay pride parades and recruit at gay pride events. It is already happening. Also it will lead to people who dare express any affront to homosexual bad behavior being placed at risk. Say you are in the barracks and sexually harassing language or touching occurs that is considered “all in fun to homosexuals” those that dare report it would find themselves to the disadvantage. People say nothing would change. It already is and for the worse.

This is precisely what I've been saying for months. Homosexuals somehow seem to find each other, and they cluster around each other. I'm sure, as time goes on, there will be command areas that become more gay friendly than others. In these areas, it will be like a gay bath house, a virtual Sodom & Gomorrah.

““When I joined the military it was illegal to be homosexual, then it became optional. I’m getting out before it becomes mandatory!””

When I was in the military, some guys decided to get out, claiming to be homo’s.

While their paperwork was being processed they moved to series of special barracks. We had various names for those but that isn’t the point.

The worst scutt duty was be put on night watch for those barracks to keep an orgy from breaking out.

There would also be affirmative action in promotions for homos.
“We need a gay squad leader in that platoon, Captain. See to it.”
“Yes, sir Colonel”.

Actually the promoters of the homo-nazi agenda want the military weakened, it’s a two-fer for them. Promoting homosexuality, *and* weaken the military. I do not see this as inevitable. I foresee turmoil that will cause a shift in the direction we (as a country) are on.

The “gay lifestyle” is about sex - as much as possible, on demand, and usually anonymous. It is NOT about acheiving equality, marriage, or anything else. That is the fake vaneer that is put on it.

You all will forgive me for not posting the pictures included with some of these comments. But even I have to draw the line.

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