Thursday, October 23, 2014

MSNBC host calls out anti-gay right, Sen Ted Cruz for false fear mongering in Houston

The problem with a lot of televised journalism today is that there is no discernment, too much usage of the false equivalency concept, and the inability to get past visuals and dig into the heart of a story.

With that in mind, I must commend MSNBC's Alex Wagner for calling out anti-gay hysteria over the situation regarding the Houston ordinance and especially giving hell to Senator Ted Cruz over his exploitation and grandstanding of the situation. It's nice to know that there still some true journalists out there on television:

Hat tip to Media Matters who provides more background on the pseudo controversy:

Another Fox News Lie About The Subpoenas Of Houston's Anti-Gay Pastors

No, The City Of Houston Isn't Bullying Anti-Gay Pastors - This Is Basic Lawyering

Lgbts should embrace, study negative parts of gay history

A serious pet peeve I have with my lgbt community is how we don't embrace our history as much as we should. Let's be honest, and this is going to get some of you upset at me. but sometimes when we talk about Stonewall or Harvey Milk, it's because it's the trendy thing to do in our community.

But I'm talking all aspects of lgbt history, particularly the negative parts. A lot of times, we take in such things, I wish we wouldn't laugh in an attempt to take it lightly. As an African-American, I don't take any parts of my history of oppression lightly. I don't make fun of scenes of Strom Thurmond spouting racist dialogue or George Wallace standing in the door way of the University of Alabama in a sad effort to stop desegregation.

So why do the lgbt community make fun of old clips of Anita Bryant or Jerry Falwell or the clip I am about to show below. Why is there such an effort on our part to make light of the negative parts of our history, i.e. the ugly words, the distortions of science, the efforts to make us seem predatory. Why can't we take these images and videos in an effort to educate ourselves as to what we are facing today because in actuality, the things said and done against us are no different than they were back then:

'Anti-gay pastors make empty threats about going to jail' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Anti-Gay Pastors Say They Are 'Ready To Go To Jail' In Defiance Of Nondiscrimination Act - Oh please. The only place those drama queens are going is to the NEXT event where they will say the same thing. And so on and so on. 

5 Years After Passage Of Hate Crimes Law, Religious Right's Dire Predictions Still Haven't Come True - I reiterate  the point that we REALLY need to keep track of all of the anti-gay group predictions which never come true.  

Steve King Doesn’t Expect To Find Gay People When He Gets To Heaven - Honey, you think any self-respecting lgbt wants to be stuck with crazy Rep. Steve King for all eternity? Now where that place may be, only God can decide. 

 Reagan Aide Wants The South To Secede And Form Anti-Gay 'Reagan' Nation - Puleaze! The South is my home and this queen is going NOWHERE. 

 3 States Refuse Gay Unions Despite Court Rulings - Yes South Carolina happens to be one, but marriage equality WILL happen here. As long as it takes.

Anti-gay activist mixes and mingles HIV, Ebola, & bathhouses

For the longest time, 'Porno' Pete LaBarbera has complained that mainstream news programs haven't invited him to talk about the supposed "gay agenda." After viewing just a little of this online show hosted by equally anti-gay Cliff Kincaid, one understands the reasons why no legitimate news program will invite LaBarbera.

This isn't just an appearance. It's bizarre free-form tangent of homophobic venom, which mixes HIV, Ebola, and bathouses; amongst other things.

The interview is rather long but viewing even a small portion is enough. Trust me.