Thursday, May 03, 2018

Religious right spokesman - Christianity is the only religion which has First Amendment rights

 A needed reminder as to who the enemies of LGBTQ equality are in this country. Some in the LGBTQ community turn our backs on religion in general due to how we have been treated in the past. That's your right but I submit to you that this isn't a good idea. As the farce called the National Day of Prayer showed us on Thursday and this video of the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer insane ramblings about how only Christians (and by Christians, he means conservative evangelicals) are protected by the First Amendment, it may be a good idea for the American LGBTQ community to not cast a blanket of criticism over religion in general. It's obvious that certain segment of Christianity has shown itself to be a huge problem in this country. Especially when on considers how much power Trump is giving them.

One last thing - Wiccans do not worship the devil nor do they worship witchcraft. Another lie via Fischer.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch

'Trump, evangelical anti-LGBTQ right make National Day of Prayer into a ridiculous sham' & other Thur midday news briefs

Evangelical anti-LGBTQ right celebrate National Day of Prayer with their 'replacement Jesus.'

Tweets and posts serve as reminders that Trump and the evangelical anti-LGBTQ right are making the National Day of Prayer into a ridiculous sham:

To the Family Research Council, anti-Christian persecution is bad but anti-LGBTQ persecution is appropriate - And other than trying to ignore the Stormy Daniels controversy is this. Days before the National Days of Prayer, only The Family Research Council would have the audacity to slam the Obama Administration's efforts to keep the LGBTQ community safe from international persecution a day after it praised Trump for keeping Christians safe from the same thing.

Mandatory LGBT history lessons for schoolchildren approved by the Illinois Senate - This headline makes it sound like coercion but personally I think it's a good idea.

HISTORIC: New Hampshire Approves Transgender Non-Discrimination Bill - Way to go, New Hampshire!