Monday, May 16, 2011

Hate group coming to 'save marriage' in North Carolina

After last weekend's New York rally to "save marriage," the National Organization for Marriage should  drop the false argument of "they call us bigots because we merely want to protect marriage."

No one is buying it any longer.

But just in case the organization will continue this dodge, it may have to become more truthful after May 17.

On NOM's blog is the following event promotion:

From the Family Research Council:
Consequently, we are asking all pastors and church leaders from across the state to bring as many people as possible to Raleigh, NC on May 17, 2011 at 10:30 AM. The Marriage Rally will be held at Halifax Mall located directly behind the Legislative Building.
More info at ReturnAmerica.

Jeremy Hooper already covered the homophobic statements of Pastor Ron Baity, including the one about gays not being normal and gays supposedly promoting perversion in schools.

But what strikes me is the involvement of the Family Research Council.

We are familiar with them, aren't we? That's the group whose member Peter Sprigg expressed the desire for lgbts to be deported out of the United States. He is the same man who wants there to be laws against "homosexual behavior."

Of course Sprigg makes statements like these when he isn't creating distorted studies to denigrate the lgbt community.

Then there is FRC's constant stream of propaganda against the lgbt community. Recently FRC President Tony Perkins compared the lgbt community to terrorists:

This has moved from cultural terrorism to corporate terrorism. That's what this is. Now, back in the 80's and early 90's I worked with the state department in anti-terrorism and we trained about fifty different countries in defending against terrorism, and it's, at its base, what terrorism is, it's a strike against the general populace simply to spread fear and intimidation so that they can disrupt and destabilize the system of government. That's what the homosexuals are doing here to the legal system.

Actions like these was a main reason why the Southern Poverty Law Center named FRC an official anti-gay hate group. Granted, NOM didn't make SPLC's list but it was called out for the tactics of its members.

I have a feeling that if NOM keeps on the same road it has been traveling, SPLC will give it "hate group status'' in no time.

I can't wait to see how Maggie Gallagher will spin that one.

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Lgbts show love while homophobes show hate and other Monday midday news briefs

I would venture to say that last weekend was probably one of the most interesting for the lgbt community.

We had two high profile coming outs:

Welcome Out, Don Lemon - African-American CNN Anchor Don Lemon

Welcome Out, Rick Welts - President of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns.

Not to mention the National Organization for Marriage's odious march to "protect marriage" in New York. Although I think the group did more for our cause than theirs with their rhetoric. Posts by Jeremy Hooper from Goodasyou:

Photos from the rally

Presiding pastor says "Those who practice such things are worthy to death"

Preacher says 'breaking traditional marriage' will bring 'judgement and wrath of God'

Sen. Ruben Diaz' wife, Leslie Diaz, calls gays an 'abomination' and bases all opposition in her faith

NOM's Brian Brown gives skewed, wholly religious speech

About that other group with a huge on-site presence, TFP

NOM-financed flyer supporting the event

And in other news:

Early treatment for HIV 'makes virus 96% less infectious' - a good sign.

Is Liberty Law School Teaching Students to Break The Law? - I want to say something about this. You just KNOW that I do. But I will be silent and allow you to read the link.

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NOM - Homosexuals wants to destroy children's innocence through gay marriage

This is sad. The National Organization for Marriage is constantly talking about how marriage is sacred and its "traditional definition" of being between a man and a woman needs to be saved.

If this the case, why is the organization channeling Anita Bryant's "gays want to recruit children" lie through the following nasty flyer. It's being sent out to New Yorkers as that state grapples with the concept of allowing gay marriage.

NOM Mail Piece

For the record, I've already talked about the lies posted in this flyer

The only truthful point is the part about gay history in school curriculum. But that has nothing to do with marriage equality, but with building up the self-esteem of lgbt students.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

BUT there is a lot wrong with this flyer.

Incredible. How is it that NOM's Maggie Gallagher praises the lgbt community in front of Congressional committees because of our parenting skill while her subordinates send out little portents of doom implying that the push for marriage equality is really a ruse for lgbts to "recruit" children?

NOM is definitely speaking with a forked tongue.

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