Monday, May 16, 2011

NOM - Homosexuals wants to destroy children's innocence through gay marriage

This is sad. The National Organization for Marriage is constantly talking about how marriage is sacred and its "traditional definition" of being between a man and a woman needs to be saved.

If this the case, why is the organization channeling Anita Bryant's "gays want to recruit children" lie through the following nasty flyer. It's being sent out to New Yorkers as that state grapples with the concept of allowing gay marriage.

NOM Mail Piece

For the record, I've already talked about the lies posted in this flyer

The only truthful point is the part about gay history in school curriculum. But that has nothing to do with marriage equality, but with building up the self-esteem of lgbt students.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

BUT there is a lot wrong with this flyer.

Incredible. How is it that NOM's Maggie Gallagher praises the lgbt community in front of Congressional committees because of our parenting skill while her subordinates send out little portents of doom implying that the push for marriage equality is really a ruse for lgbts to "recruit" children?

NOM is definitely speaking with a forked tongue.

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1 comment:

Mykelb said...

Another piece of evidence to support our position when the Prop 8 case goes to the SCOTUS. NOM is worse than Joseph Goebbels when it comes to scapegoatery. Instead of rounding us up and gassing us, they just inflame the lunatic fringe to shoot, burn, and lynch us. Nice going Maggie.