Thursday, October 31, 2019

Congresswoman with extensive record of homophobia now helping 'ex-gay' group lobby on Capitol Hill

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (seen here accepting an award from the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins in 2018) helped an 'ex-gay' group lobby Congress by securing space for their forum.

Thursday on Capitol Hill, there was a group of people who called themselves "ex-gays" lobbying against pro-LGBTQ legislation.

A group of people from across the country who formerly identified as gay and transgender have descended upon Washington this week to share their stories and lobby against two proposed LGBTQ-rights bills. The group is made up of 15 members of Church United and Changed, two California-based organizations that seek to provide community for, and protect the rights of, “formers” — individuals who formerly identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The bills the group is lobbying against are H.R. 5, better known as the Equality Act, and H.R. 3570, or the Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act. Both have been supported by the country’s major LGBTQ advocacy organizations, though neither is expected to become law anytime soon.

 Their existence and plans were mostly ignored or laughed at by the LGBTQ community. We've seen "ex-gay" groups and personalities come and go. No  matter how they repackage themselves as something new, they always pander the same old homophobia and ridiculous talking points.

But according to the Huffington Post, this group was able to hold a forum in the Cannon House Office Building, next to the office of Democratic Rep.  Ted Lieu, who is the sponsor of a bill outlawing "ex-gay" therapy.

How were they able to do this? Thanks to another Congressional leader who has a long history of opposing the LGBTQ community and our equality - Rep. Vicky Hartzler.

Because Changed held the forum in a taxpayer-funded congressional space, the event required a member of Congress to sponsor the discussion. And although the group both refused to disclose who that representative was and also denied that they knew their identity, a Capitol official familiar with scheduling told HuffPost that Hartzler was the member who signed off on the event. 
A staffer for Hartzler initially denied she was the sponsor. “This was a Family Research Council event,” said Danny Jativa, Hartzler’s communications director. 
Family Research Council does appear to have been involved in the event, as handouts supplied included FRC literature, including an “issue analysis” titled “Are Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) Effective? Are They Harmful? What the Evidence Shows.” 
After HuffPost pressed Hartzler’s office again over email, however, noting that a member of Congress would have had to sign off on the event, Jativa admitted that Hartzler had secured the meeting space for the group. 
“The only involvement Rep. Hartzler’s office had with the event was putting in an order to request a meeting space. Our office, nor the member, participated in the event. We did not recruit nor advertise the event in any way, shape, or form,” Jativa said.

The Huffington Post points out that Rep. Hartzler is a long time opponent of the LGBTQ community.

Franklin Graham whines about Trump's impeachment and gets dragged on Twitter

Most likely, the House will vote to impeach Trump. That's a fact. And Trump's white evangelicals supporters aren't happy about that. A lot of them have been very vocal with their anger:

Faith leaders told President Donald Trump at a private meeting at the White House this week that they saw the Democrats’ impeachment efforts in Congress as an attack on their conservative agenda, several attendees told McClatchy. 
Trump’s meeting on Tuesday with at least 25 faith leaders from around the country was not on his public schedule, however it was acknowledged by a brief White House statement later that day. Johnnie Moore, a member of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom who attended the meeting, said faith-based leaders vented about the impact of impeachment efforts on their legislative priorities and that the sentiment was, “they’re trying to impeach us.” 
“Agree or disagree with the evangelical community, we represent a third of the country in some form. In a democracy, our voice matters, and our voice deserves representation in the public square,” Moore said. 
. . . Robert Jeffress, senior pastor at First Baptist Dallas and a participant in the meeting, has been promoting a Public Religion Research Institute poll that found 94 percent of Republicans and 99 percent of evangelical Republicans oppose impeachment. “Many evangelicals like myself believe that this is more than just a political skirmish,” he told McClatchy. 
“They really believe that to impeach President Trump would be to impeach their own closely held values. And that’s why they take impeachment so personally,” Jeffress said about the faith leaders.

Notice that none of these folks tried to defend Trump against the charges that he threatened to hold back aid from the Ukraine if the government did not investigate Democratic presidential front runner Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

I think it's because they don't care. They are defending Trump because he gives them trinkets, i.e. the power to create policy and shape the nation into their version of a so-called Christian nation. They are so shortsighted. They think that Trump has elevated them, when in reality he has reduced them. He's wrecked their reputations and made the majority of the country see them as the fake, posturing hypocrites that they are.

Trump supporting pastor Franklin Graham got a taste of that on twitter Thursday night. He sent out the following tweet:

And proceeded to get torn to shreds:

'Legislation planned to negatively target trans children' & other Thur midday news briefs

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

'A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2' is the gayest horror movie you will ever see

Since Thursday is Halloween, let's do a frivolous and historic post for tonight.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 is considered by many to be a very subversively gay horror movie. Of course when I watched it, I was surprised and pleasantly pleased by the amount of male nudity is showed. Now, as our community has moved out of the closet and into the warm glow of sunshine, it turns out that the undercurrent of homosexuality in this movie was in fact intentional.

Or let my friend, Matt Baume tell you more:

Or if you don't want to hear all of that talking, check out these scenes from A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 and judge for yourself. (Viole ce and Nudity alert)

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Evangelical conservatives are determined to go down in disgrace with Trump. Let them do it.

As the walls of impeachment are slowly but steadily closing in on Trump, one group of his supporters remain blissfully and probably deliberately unaware of what's happening and how Trump's behavior contributed to the state he's in.

  Here is a larger view of the photo on the left:

This "event" took place on the same day that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman provided key evidence in the impeachment inquiry of Trump. The evidence has to do with Vindman listening in on a telephone call in which Trump allegedly was attempting to pressure Ukraine's president into investigating former VP and Democratic front runner Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

Apparently in between being prayed for, Trump took time out to viciously attack Vindman, an attack which seems to have been in coordination of right-wing Trump supporters. They have been implying that Vindman, a Purple Heart recipient, was lying to take Trump down. Needless to say, the attack backfired as many, including GOP Senators and Congressional leaders, came to Vindman's defense.

Of course I wouldn't ask any of these pastors in the photo about all of that because they would probably formulate an excuse for Trump's behavior.

Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council, would most likely say that Trump should be given a "mulligan" because he supposedly stands up for Christianity. That was the excuse Perkins gave when confronted about Trump's past adultery with porn star Stormy Daniels.

'Ex-gays going to DC to lobby against LGBTQ equality' & other Tue midday news briefs

Ex-gays are going to D.C. to lobby against LGBTQ laws - Old lying trash in a new package. We need to find out who is funding this mess.

Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach calls for TriHealth boycott after nurse's anti-LGBTQ post - Some folks are defending her "free speech." I think it's garbage. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook: There's 'much more' to do to help LGBTQ youth - Thank you, Mr. Cook.

 Homophobia and cyberbullying: Strategies the Cuban government uses against LGBTI+ journalists - The struggle is real, y'all.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Religious right, conservative lies causes investigation in custody case of trans child

Exploiting a controversy to demonize the LGBTQ community is a tactic of conservatives and the religious right which doesn't get talked about much. Via an extensive network of "news sources" and tweets  they can twist a situation and use it to create a moral panic. And usually by the time the truth catches up to the story they spin, it really doesn't matter.

An example of this is the recent Texas custody case involving a seven-year-old transgender child.

From Media Matters:

Texas government officials are parroting right-wing media misinformation about trans youth, including during an appearance on Fox News, as the state is attempting to launch a “child abuse” investigation into a custody battle over a transgender child whose parents disagree about affirming her gender identity. Anti-trans figures have consistently portrayed the affirmation of trans youth as “child abuse.” 
Right-wing media outlets have dubiously framed the custody battle as a debate over medical intervention -- despite the fact that the child would not be undergoing any such procedures in the near future. They have also pushed misinformation about medical interventions that are widely supported by medical professionals, inaccurately calling them “chemical castration” -- a false claim which has also been repeated by the Texas attorney general office. 
The custody battle is between Anne Georgulas and Jeffrey Younger, two divorced Texas parents of a trans child who goes by Luna and uses female pronouns. Three mental health professionals have diagnosed Luna with gender dysphoria, and Georgulas has accepted her as trans. However, Younger has rejected Luna’s gender identity, insisting she is not trans and referring to her by her former name (commonly referred to as a deadname). According to court documents, Younger “has engaged in increasingly aggressive behavior, including physical force, toward” Georgulas and “emotionally abusive behavior toward the child.” He has also launched an online campaign, fundraiser, and petition all using the name Luna formerly used. 
On October 24, a judge ruled that the parents would share joint custody of Luna despite a jury ruling that Georgulas should have sole custody earlier this week. The judge’s decision came after major outcry from right-wing media figures and Texas elected officials, including Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 

''Any day you can be taken': Gays live under harsh environment in Chechnya' & other Mon midday news briefs

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Anti-LGBTQ images belong in a museum

Besides the junk and cherry-picked science, images play a huge part in the anti-LGBTQ industry's tactic of demonizing our community. By images, I mean photos, graphics, and cartoons created to convey the lie that the LGBTQ community are harmful to society. We tend to overlook how these images  underscore the basic hate and homophobia thrown at us. Many a time, we fall for the anti-LGBTQ industry's false narrative of queer vs. religious beliefs. In doing so, we argue on their terms and give them the home field advantage.

Over the years, the anti-LGBTQ industry has successfully  morphed from "protecting children" to "protecting the public health" to "protecting marriage," to the newest lie - "protecting religious liberty." But no matter how sly their talking points were, the images used as a part of their angle always told the real story. They always exposed the real hatred.

We make a mistake when we laugh at these images and express a desire that they be ignored. They shouldn't be ignored because, like it or not, they are a huge part of our history.  In fact, I think they belong in a museum so that no one forgets the truth they convey.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Conservatives, religious right go to the outer limits of audacity in exploiting case of transgender child

Leave it to the religious right and conservatives to twist this picture into an instrument of transphobia.
There is a custody case in Texas involving a seven-year-old transgender child in which conservatives  and the anti-LGBTQ industry are freely exploiting and lying about.

First check out these headlines. I refuse to link to them:

When a Court Forces Your Boy to Become a Girl

 Court Orders Father To Let Mom Put Their Son Through Gender Reassignment

Thousands Demand Texas Leaders Prevent Gender ‘Transition’ Of 7-Yr-Old Boy

WALSH: Court Rules That A Mom Can ‘Transition’ Son Into Girl Against His Dad’s Wishes. This Is Evil, Insane Child Abuse.  

Texas Jury: Father Cannot Stop Chemical Castration, Gender Change Of Seven-Year-Old Son

Here is the real story:

It involved a custody battle between Jeffrey Younger and Anne Georgulas over their children, one who is seven-years-old and has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria.  The father created a blog about the situation and ran to various conservative media groups and personalities claiming that the mother is forcing the child to transition. As you can see by the headlines above, various members of the conservative media, including the Family Research Council and The National Review, have run with the story, making sure to add (via by outright lying or sly inference) their own details.

The chief detail is accentuated by the last headline -Texas Jury: Father Cannot Stop Chemical Castration, Gender Change Of Seven-Year-Old Son. The lie that the little girl will be "castrated" or "mutilated" is the image various conservatives and religious right groups are pushing.

And of course,  it is wrong. According to

Since the start of the trial last week, a number of conservative media outlets have cried foul about the situation, claiming that Georgulas, a pediatrician with a private practice in a Dallas suburb, was going to have Luna “mutilated” or “chemically castrated.” The case even made its way to at least three Texas Republicans, including Sen. Ted Cruz, who called the child “a pawn in a left-wing political agenda.”

. . .But as Younger turned the parents’ fight into one over irreversible medical procedures, experts on health care for transgender children told The Washington Post that Georgulas’s approach to the child would not involve any kind of surgery or hormones for years. “Many people wrongly assume that prepubescent transgender or gender-diverse children will receive medical interventions,” Katherine Kuvalanka, a social work professor at Miami University in Ohio, said in an email to The Washington Post. “The only interventions for young children is affirmation and acceptance for who they are.”

However, because of the inferences and distortions, Georgulas has been receiving many threats. In addition, TX Governor Greg Abbott, the state's attorney general Ken Paxton,  TX Congressman Chip Roy, and TX Sen Ted Cruz  have either demanded investigations or have made charged comments about  "chemical castrations."

This is case  underscores how this country is lacking when it comes to caring for our transgender Americans. Issues involving the transgender issues are very complex. And especially when transgender children are the center. Yet there is so much misinformation out there and it is the fault of our media.

I've always been disturbed about the deliberate inability of some in our  media to have a discussion about the trans community which features trans people and medical experts.  Instead, we are forced to hear nonsense via inaccurately anointed experts from "morality" or "values" groups whose expertise have more to do with how smoothly they can make a talking point sound factual. These people and the entities which employ them are not interested in truth. They work to manipulate our fears, our false ideas of "common sense," and especially our religious beliefs.

The fact of the matter is that transgender men, women, and children exist. They are not diseased nor are they mentally ill. They are normal people.  Our media needs to do better when it comes to talking about their lives and issues. We all need to do better. And the one thing we should draw the line at is being emotionally manipulated by shysters with the ability to polish off lies told about gay men "molesting or recruiting children" and carve them to fit a transphobic narrative.

At the very least, can these folks mind their own damn business and let this particular private family issue play out.  Very few, if any at all, give a damn about this family. All they care about are the gasps, shocks, and hits generated by their hysterical story telling. And especially about the fundraising and media attention that also come with these things. To them, pouring on the pathos and appealing yet again to the lie that the LGBTQ community are hurting children is more important to their goal of obtaining attention, power, and money.

Editor's note - A few days ago, a jury ruled that the little girl's mother, Georgulas, would get sole custody of her. On Thursday, federal judge Kim Cooks ruled that both parents would have joint custody of the girl and her brother and that both parents also have joint decision making with regards to all medical care involving both children.

The good news - Judge Crooks placed a gag order on the father so no more interviews with an accommodating, but lying conservative media.

The bad news - The accommodating, but lying conservative media seem to be the only ones covering this case. This means they get to continue to twist the story.

But the Washington Post published a wonderful and concise article about the situation. It deserves a reading

'Comcast executive suing for anti-gay discrimination' & other Thur midday news briefs

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Religious right thinks the LGBTQ community are 'recruiting' children via cereal

We knew it would happen.

The news that the Kellogg company is partnering with GLAAD to combat bullying via a specially made cereal has reached the religious right and of course they are angry about it. I will spare you the article from the "news" site One News Now.

But I will showcase the comical poll the article featured:

As you can see, the poll is a bunch of comical, self-righteous nonsense. I particularly find them thinking  that the LGBTQ community is "vocal" and "prosperous" very amusing. I really get a kick out of the idea that the religious right considers itself as Kellogg's base, as if liberals, progressives, and members of the LGBTQ community don''t buy the company's products.

Which choice do you think is in the lead? It's easy to guess:

Was there any doubt? It always comes back to the "gays are recruiting/indoctrinating children" lie. Too bad there wasn't a question about gay sex. 

'Religious right determined to support Trump in spite of impeachment troubles' & other Wed midday news briefs

If the religious right wants to support Trump in spite of his recent impeachment troubles, then let them. If he goes down the rabbit hole, they will fall with him.

Nothing Will Persuade White Evangelicals to Support Impeachment - And I am not surprised. If he goes down, let them go down with him.

A new poll finds strong support for the Supreme Court ending LGBTQ discrimination - To me, that means a win or a lose with both help the LGBTQ community in the long run. But I still want a win.

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the White Night Riot. “He got away with murder!” - An ugly and sad bit of history which accentuated the rage of a community who frankly had enough  disrespect thrown at us  when one of our prominent heroes - Harvey Milk - was murdered and the killer got away with a light sentence.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Why do homophobic men love talking about gay sex featuring - Dave Daubenmire

It always amazes me when folks swearing that they despise the LGBTQ community consume themselves with talking about and having imaginations about how supposedly gay men have sex. Our friend 'Porno Pete' LaBarbera is a charter member of this club. Then there is former Liberty Counsel employee Matt Barber. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee seems to also be a member.

And last, but certainly not least, is religious right activist, anti-LGBTQ activist, anti-Hillary Clinton activist, and all-around oddball "Coach" Dave "do vaccines make people gay"  Daubenmire.

Daubenmire (who apparently is also anti-Semitic) doesn't have as high of a profile as the other three I already mentioned and that is a shame. When he starts talking about gay sex, in this case raging at presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, he really gets cooking.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Religious right group One Million Moms angry over addition of gay couple in 'Star Wars' animated series

Anti-LGBTQ group One Millions Moms (whose name is an obscenely comical exaggeration) is attacking us again. As usual, the group, which claims to protect "traditional values" and the "innocence of children," are angry because no one wants to play its game of  "dirty homosexuals need to stop acting unashamed:" Like always, it's easy to chalk this nonsense up to homophobia, but when we do without calling attention to the nuance, we miss a chance to call out the dishonesty of 1MM and groups like it.

From One News Now:

A parents' watchdog group finds it "completely unnecessary" that Disney has chosen to proudly inject the issue of homosexuality into an animated series for children. 
As reported by, a Disney spokesperson has confirmed that two characters in the animated series Star Wars Resistance – shop operators Orka and Flix  – are "gay." That report quotes executive producer Justin Ridge saying: "I think it's safe to say they're an item. They're absolutely a gay couple and we're proud of that." 
Monica Cole, director of OneMillionMoms, says she isn't surprised by the disclosure. "And even though OneMillionMoms is not shocked by this news, we're all extremely disappointed that now they are openly including a gay couple – which we find completely unnecessary," she shares. 
Cole contends that Disney is more concerned about pushing a liberal agenda rather than just focusing on providing family-friendly content. 
"We already know, with the inclusion of the gay couple, [that] makes this show far from family-friendly," she tells OneNewsNow. "Disney should just stick to entertaining children – since this is one if the few children's networks on television – and completely avoid these mature and controversial topics such as homosexuality." 
The director for 1MM says it's crucial that parents are warned about the content in this popular franchise spinoff. "We wanted everyone to be aware that the Disney media empire is sacrificing children's innocence by doing this," she adds. 

This ridiculous article is fascinating, not about what it talks about, but what it omits. Cole doesn't say what's wrong with Disney including a gay couple in the Star Wars animated series. Nor does she explain how this sort of thing harms the innocence of children or pushes a "liberal agenda."  That's a deliberate tactic, just like her omission of the existence of same-sex families and their children.

It all adds up to reducing the  LGBTQ community to a stereotype about illicit sex and dangers to children.

One Million Moms doesn't have a good track record with their attacks on television programs and motion pictures but the group definitely has its uses. The constant omission of our families and repetition of the false claim about how we are a danger to the innocence of children sets a narrative which constantly serves to put us on the defensive.

That's also a deliberate tactic.

Editor's note - One News Now and One Million Moms are connected with hate group the American Family Association. It must be nice to have a false news outlet to push one's false pro-family group.

'Queer and conservative students clashing at religious Texas university' & other Mon midday news briefs

Queer and conservative students are clashing at a religious Texas university - And guess which "speakers" are at the center of this mess.

After Being Beaten and Raped, Lesbian Asylum Seeker Faces Deportation - This is awful. The word needs to go out about this.

'Gay DNA' App Is Unreliable and Dangerous, Scientists Say - It also sounds rather stupid to me, if you don't mind my saying so.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Trump supporters mix 'Dawn of the Dead' with 'Mr. Smith Goes To Washington' on Capitol Hill

Last week, a large number of Trump supporters went to DC in order to screech, I mean protest, about the impeachment inquiry. Apparently they bought Trump's lie that the entire thing is a unlawful coup (which it isn't) instead of  lawful attempt to investigate Trump's unethical and possibly illegal acts involving getting the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son.

Some of them didn't make it because of a comical mishap involving bills not being paid to the charter bus company which was to bring them to DC. Of course, they blamed the financial faux pas on the "deep state."

Those who did make it to DC and subsequently Capitol Hill took it upon themselves to stalk the offices and halls of Congress in a cross between "Dawn of the Dead," and "Mr Smith Goes to Washington" while chanting"God Bless President Trump" or "stop the coup." They also shouted unintelligible nonsense at pages and Congressional workers; pages and workers who obviously deserve raises AND prayers after the experience.

The video above speaks for itself and it's a doozy.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Randy Rainbow rubs salt into Rudy Giuliani's self-inflicted wounds with the help of ABBA

 Hands down, the only good thing to come out of the Trump era is the very talented Randy Rainbow. He's kept many of us laughing, instead of being discouraged or depressed, while pointing out the many fallacies of the Trump Administration. This time, he is going after Rudy Giuliani, Trump's lawyer. Giuliani has been the subject of much attention with regards to his actions in Trump's Ukraine scandal. With the help of an ABBA song, Randy Rainbow skewers him. Randy, please do Mick Mulvaney next.

'Matthew Shepard's parents slam AG Barr for supporting anti-trans discrimination' & other Thur midday news briefs

2 Trump officials said the US should be run as a Christian theocracy - And of course that would mean awful news for the LGBTQ community. 

The Heritage Foundation co-hosted a half day anti-LGBTQ event. Here are the worst comments from panelists. - Kudos to Media Matters for doing this. I don't think I could have gone to that conference without turning it out.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Family Research Council paints trans children as dangerous by ignoring their existence

Trans children need to be protected from school bullying and especially groups which will falsely call them predators.
Like so many other schools in America, a controversy involving transgender students and bathroom access has taken place in Jasper, GA. And like with so many of these controversies, the Family Research Council lurks about to falsely imply that trans children are a danger to other children.

Jasper, Georgia isn't a big town. At last count, it had about 3,800 residents. So it was a big deal when 900 of those people squeezed into the Pickens County High auditorium determined to stop Jasper from becoming the next stop in the march for transgender bathrooms. 
For the small community, the time for polite conversation was over. The residents packed into the special school board meeting were angry. They'd already made accommodations for the two students who identified as another gender, setting up single-person restrooms for anyone who wanted them. The trouble is, these kids weren't satisfied with that compromise. 
In a fiery meeting that pit Superintendent Carlton Wilson against most of the town, moms and dads like Nathan Barfield were furious that his two children are being made uncomfortable because a handful of students want access to any bathroom. "Most people won't say anything because they fear retaliation," he fumed. "[But] accommodations have already been made for transgender students. This is nothing but a political stunt to gain attention!" A raucous applause broke out, punctuated by a series of "Amens!" "Once you give into this, you'll open the floodgates," warned another mom.

FRC's rendition of the board meeting comes from an Atlantic Journal Constitution article. And the group had no problem lying about the facts:

In Jasper, the parents were fortunate. They won. Superintendent Wilson saw the outpouring of opposition and reconsidered. But despite all the Trump administration has done to put these decisions back in communities' hands, there will always be a small army of activists who try to slip this indoctrination into your district.

That's not what happened. According to the AJC article:

 The school board set the special meeting to hear residents’ concerns about a recent decision to let a transgender student use the restroom for the gender that student identifies with. Prior to the meeting, Superintendent Carlton Wilson said he had gotten death threats since announcing that decision. Wilson had cited as part of his reason an 11th Circuit Court ruling that hasn't gone into effect yet. He admitted he was misinformed and announced that he has put the decision on hold until he and the board can discuss the issue further.

But lying about the board's decision is not the worse thing FRC did when distorting this incident. FRC attempts to paint the incident as parents joining forces to protect their children against a danger.  To push that narrative, FRC omitted other voices included in the AJC article - those of LGBTQ youth:

Kino Ciel Stanfield came to the microphone and nervously admitted he was part of the very small population of transgender Americans. A 2017 Pickens High graduate, he said he began his transition shortly after graduation.

“To transition isn’t something taken lightly,” he said. “I spoke to doctors and specialists and we came to the conclusion that this was best for me.”Stanfield said even though there wasn’t a policy in place while he was in school, he used the single-stall bathroom in the nurse’s office and similar facilities because it was easier. He said he was more concerned about everyone else’s comfort than his own.

. . . Jordan Stewart, a 2017 Pickens High graduate, said he came out as gay his junior year and faced bullying of a different kind.“What you don’t understand is that a trans man is a man and a trans woman is a woman,” he said. “They just want to be able to go to the bathroom and do their business like everyone else. Too many LGBTQ youth avoid using the bathroom at all at school, to the detriment of their health. “

Several times in the past, the Family Research Council openly pushed the false narrative that transgender children are predators and a danger to other children. This time, that goal is accomplished by simply ignoring their existence, i.e. refusing to acknowledge their humanity and  their side of the issue. It's something to remember the next time FRC goes through its tired whine about being "bullied" by the LGBTQ community.

'Evangelical hate group leader Tony Perkins brags about access to Trump Administration' & other Wed midday news briefs

Family Research Council head Tony Perkins happy with power held in Trump Administration.

Evangelical leader Tony Perkins: The religious right is now ‘in the White House’ - So you are. And we are simply waiting for it to blow up in your face. Pride does go before a fall, Tony.

Ugandan President Says “Kill the Gays” Bill Isn’t Returning - Of course we don't believe him.

Uganda says it’s not reintroducing the ‘Kill the Gays’ bill, confusing everyone - More confusion.

Wide gaps in legal protection of LGBTQ workers, analysis finds - Surprise! Surprise! Not.

LGBTQ issues are set to bubble up in the U.S. election campaign - Yep.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

This Trump Impeachment Ad is fire!

Unlike Mueller's investigation of Russian interference, this newest scandal involving Donald Trump and his Administration is less convoluted, more straight forward and definitely more damaging. To put it succinctly, there seems to be a lot of proof that Trump was holding up aid to the Ukraine in order to get officials there to dig up dirt on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. And it was being done under the guise of "seeking out corruption."

The Ukraine scandal has Trump and Republicans running scared.

It's a situation which thus far has broken Trump's wall of defiance, gotten Republican scared, and the national polls leaning towards impeachment and removal. This ad put out today sums it all up.  It is from a group of celebrities and public figures who call themselves  The Trump Impeachment Task Force. And it is fire with already over one million views

Feel free to spread it. Particularly the LGBTQ community. With the anti-LGBTQ industry and religious firmly in Trump's pocket, his impeachment and removal would aid us greatly in proving how hypocritical both groups are.

'LGBTQ people have a lot at stake in Trump's impeachment' & other Tue midday news briefs

Monday, October 14, 2019

Video: In 2016, folks were conned into believing that Donald Trump would be an LGBTQ ally

I'm posting the above video of the 2016 Republican National Convention because I don't want anyone to forget that when Donald Trump was running for president, he played up a game to fool the LGBTQ community into thinking he was for us. The media bought and peddled it to the public. Some of us even bought up.  A lot more of us in the LGBTQ community didn't buy it. I certainly didn't.

It turns it we were right. Three years later, based upon the many ways his Administration has tried to undermine LGBTQ rights and safety, from kicking transgender men and women out of the military to arguing in front of SCOTUS that businesses have a right discriminate against us and fire us for our sexual orientation or gender expression, to joining up with anti-LGBTQ hate groups and organizations, we can safely say that when Trump promised to protect us  he was full of shit.

Don't forget this video, LGBTQ brothers and sisters. And don't get discouraged. Get mad and above all, get registered to vote. According to a recent study, 21 percent of us aren't ready to vote. That will never do. Because, in spite of all of his troubles, if Trump makes it to the 2020 election, being registered to vote reserves a chance for us to let him know that we don't appreciate how he tried to use us. A vote against Trump is a figurative kick in the ass for his lie that he would stand up for us and for his actions against us.

And there is room enough for everyone to get a kick

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Conservative evangelicals willing to give Trump a 'mulligan' for causing genocide

FRC president Tony Perkins (left) and other conservative evangelicals seems to be willing to give Donald Trump another pass or 'mulligan' for his bad behavior. This 'mulligan' is for his betrayal of the Kurdish people and genocidal chaos he has caused in the Middle East after withdrawing US. troops. (the other person in the picture is Andrew Brunson.)

The Family Research Council held its yearly vilefest, the Values Voter Summit last weekend. It was as it always is - full of whining about being persecuted simply because women make their own health choices or the LGBTQ community has gained more rights.  The tone was a bit more boastful this year. FRC and conservative evangelicals are reaping some benefits with Trump in the White House, even if they have to ignore certain things, such as Trump's lies, his incompetence, his corruption, and particularly his betrayal of the Kurdish people in the Middle East.

 . . . President Donald Trump ordered all U.S. troops withdrawn from the northern border area amid the rapidly deepening chaos. 
The shift could lead to clashes between Turkey and Syria and raises the specter of a resurgent Islamic State group as the U.S. relinquishes any remaining influence in northern Syria to President Bashar Assad and his chief backer, Russia. 
Adding to the turmoil Sunday, hundreds of Islamic State families and supporters escaped from a holding camp in Syria amid the fighting between Turkish forces and the Kurds.
The fast-deteriorating situation was set in motion last week, when Trump ordered U.S. troops in northern Syria to step aside, clearing the way for an attack by Turkey, which regards the Kurds as terrorists. Since 2014, the Kurds have fought alongside the U.S. in defeating the Islamic State in Syria, and Trump’s move was decried at home and abroad as a betrayal of an ally.

When Trump initially did this, many conservative evangelicals groups, including FRC, spoke out against his action. Some in the media speculated that he could lose their support.

On Saturday, as Trump spoke at FRC's event and made platitudes of  how the United States "worships God instead of government" "America will never be a socialist country,"  and spun stories about "indoctrination of children" (that's about us LGBTQ folks) and spouted whatever other phrases designed to send religious conservatives into egotistical orgasmic frenzies, what he did in with regards to the Middle East seemed to have been forgiven. Or conveniently forgotten.

The sad irony is that when he was speaking to conservative evangelicals on Saturday night and while they were shouting "four more years" or anointing him as a "pro-life defender of Christianity," the Turkish army was benefiting from Trump's withdrawal of troops there by massacring Syrian civilians and Kurdish people. According to Mediaite:

A new report out of Syria has described the horrific impact of Turkey’s military operation in the northern countryside, which continues to endanger Syrian civilians and U.S.-allied Kurdish forces. Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst outlined a grim situation on Sunday when he reported that “there’s evidence today of war crimes being committed, civilians being targeted, and ISIS prisoners escaping.” Yingst said he couldn’t show these events, calling them “too graphic,” but he noted that these developments took place as Donald Trump’s administration withdrew American forces “meant to deter” Turkey from their incursion into the region.

And then there is this account from The Telegraph:

Kurdish officials said rebel fighters intercepted a car carrying Hevrin Khalaf, a Kurdish political leader with Future Syria Party, and murdered her along with her driver and an aide. “She was taken out of her car during a Turkish-backed attack and executed by Turkish-backed mercenary factions,” the Syrian Democratic Council said in a statement.

 . . . The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based war monitor, said the rebels had killed at least eight other civilians as they advanced towards the strategic M4 motorway with the support of Turkish airpower. Another video appears to show several Arabic-speaking fighters shooting an unarmed man on the side of a road. “God is great,” cries one man in the video, before urging a comrade to film him shooting the corpse with a sniper rifle.

And speaking of escapees of the ISIS terrorist group, according to Axios:

Syrian Kurdish officials on Sunday said clashes near Ain Issa, a key Kurdish-held town in northern Syria, allowed 950 Islamic State, or ISIS, supporters to escape from a camp for displaced people near a U.S.-led coalition base, AP reports. 
Why it matters: One of the fears stemming from President Trump's withdrawal of U.S. forces from northern Syria was that a Turkish assault would force Kurdish forces to desert the prison camps where about 12,000 ISIS fighters and their families are being held. 
Details: The Kurdish-led administration in northern Syria said in a statement that the supporters escaped after they attacked camp guards and stormed the gates, per AP, which said it was not immediately possible to confirm the number of escapees. 
What they're saying: A U.S. military official told AP that northeastern Syria was “deteriorating rapidly” and that U.S. troops on the ground are at risk of being “isolated” and of clashing with Turkey-backed Syrian forces.

 All of this is Trump's doing - the actions of an incompetent moron who has less business in the White House than a deceased, rotting jackass does at Harvard. But hey, I'm sure none of this is important to conservative evangelicals or groups like the Family Research Council. As long as they have more access to the Trump Administration than anyone else and thus more power to make or initiate policy, what's a few dead brown people in a region they've probably never been to or probably couldn't point to on a map.

And I'm sure that if they become the subject of any criticism, they have a game plan:

Have a fawning interview with Fox and Friends, Jeanine Pirro, Shannon Bream or Sean Hannity; publish something in The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller or The Federalist; let Tucker Carlson do misleading monologue; or create a false panic about progressives on Twitter and this latest awful action by Trump is excused away. Then we all can talk about more important such as keeping gay couples from getting cakes and flowers for their upcoming weddings.

Last year, FRC president Tony Perkins said Donald Trump should be given a pass by conservative evangelicals on his negative past behavior, such as his affair with porn star Stormy Daniels, because he is giving them what they want in regards to policy.  Perkins called this pass a "mulligan."

On Saturday, we learned that the Family Research Council and conservative evangelicals in general are willing to give Trump a mulligan for causing genocide.

I guess they don't consider preventing genocide as a value they should be concerned about.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Rick Perry subpoenaed over Trump Ukraine scandal. Perfect time to bring up his hypocritical attack on the LGBTQ community

Energy Secretary Rick Perry is the latest person caught up in Donald Trump's Ukraine scandal:

From Politico:

House Democrats issued a subpoena on Thursday to Energy Secretary Rick Perry as part of their impeachment inquiry. 
The subpoena demands a series of documents related to Perry's knowledge of President Donald Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, during which Trump pushed his counterpart to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. 
Three House committees investigating the episode note that Perry reportedly encouraged Trump to make the phone call. They also want information about whether Perry sought to press the Ukrainian government to make changes to the advisory board of its state-owned oil and gas company, Naftogaz. 
POLITICO previously reported that Perry asked the company to expand its board to include Americans, though he said he offered suggestions only at the request of the Ukrainian government. Zelensky denied Perry asked him to dismiss the head of the state-run gas company in comments to the Kyiv Post on Thursday. POLITICO has reported Perry intends to depart the administration within months, though he denied the report earlier this week.

Far be it from me to be petty . . . oh who am I kidding? This is a perfect time to be petty when it comes to Perry being yet another person caught up in Trump's circle of corruption. Especially when one remembers that 2012 presidential ad he ran - and was laughed at for - proclaiming how much of a shame it is that gays can serve openly in the military, but children can't celebrate Christmas or pray in schools and how he would protect America from Obama's and liberals' alleged war on religion.

Answer the subpoena, Ricky. Jesus would want you to.

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Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Ellen DeGeneres/George Bush controversy is a misguided waste of time for the LGBTQ community

While the LGBTQ community raises hell at Ellen DeGeneres (top picture) for her friendship with George Bush, the Alliance Defending Freedom (bottom picture) continues to elude proper outrage as it undermines our equality.

This controversy with some folks - particularly in the LGBTQ community - getting angry at Ellen DeGeneres because she chilled with former president George Bush at a ball game is some straight-up exhausting bullshit.

I get the anger about Bush with regards to the lie about weapons of mass destruction and how he exploited homophobia to get re-elected in 2004. I agree that he has a lot to answer for.

But this ain't it. In the first place, no one is angry at him. All of the words seem to be directed at DeGeneres for daring to act friendly towards him. And in the second place, it's a waste of time. Seriously. This is situation has become nothing more than a pissing match of comments with almost everyone wanting to add their two cents. It's nothing more than verbal masturbation in which the climax goes to whoever has the more loquacious explanation of how DeGeneres is too "privileged" or how society is getting less friendlier.

Lastly, if you pardon me for saying so,  the entire so-called controversy is nothing more than low-hanging fruit. An easy way for folks to publicly declare how outraged they are.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, the LGBTQ community found ourselves at the Supreme Court to yet AGAIN battle a group determined to undermine our equality with an over $50 million budget and an arsenal of attorneys to match. I'm talking about the Alliance Defending Freedom. The Southern Poverty Law Center may call them a hate group, but too many mainstream groups and officials call them "daddy," "buddy," "comrade," etc. etc. And ADF has been using that influence to undermine the LGBTQ community over the years. But you wouldn't know that.

There's not enough folks getting "publicly outraged"

There was little outrage when ADF was writing anti-transgender legislation for state legislatures across the nation to pass. ADF was behind the bathroom bills we've had to fight on a nationwide and state-by-state level.

There was little outrage  over the fact that ADF has been responsible for almost every recent anti-gay ruling and court case from the Masterpiece cake shop to letting religiously based adoption agencies steal gay tax dollars in Michigan to allowing businesses in Arizona to discriminate against gay couples.

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Workplace Discrimination Is a Major Mental Health Issue for LGBTQ People - Why this issue is so important and if we don't win at SCOTUS, it WILL be the new issue and we will win.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Five phases of LGBTQ influence in music videos

Editor's note - after today at the Supreme Court, I am exhausted and I guess that you are, too. Therefore I created this post out of basic silliness. No matter what happened at SCOTUS today, it puts us a step closer to where we need to be. Our equality is not impossible. It's inevitable.

When it comes to the LGBTQ community and music videos, I've noticed at least fives phases of influence throughout the years. I know there are more, but tell me what you think.

We are used as comedy fall guys (at 3:20)

Blamed for ruining careers for overdoing it (like this video did to rock star Billy Squier.)

Helped singers like the late George Michael remain in the closet.

Of course there's when our lives are used (or exploited) to portray "naughtiness" or "daring."

And lastly, showing strength and power in the face of loneliness and isolation (I rather like that one)

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