Thursday, October 31, 2019

Franklin Graham whines about Trump's impeachment and gets dragged on Twitter

Most likely, the House will vote to impeach Trump. That's a fact. And Trump's white evangelicals supporters aren't happy about that. A lot of them have been very vocal with their anger:

Faith leaders told President Donald Trump at a private meeting at the White House this week that they saw the Democrats’ impeachment efforts in Congress as an attack on their conservative agenda, several attendees told McClatchy. 
Trump’s meeting on Tuesday with at least 25 faith leaders from around the country was not on his public schedule, however it was acknowledged by a brief White House statement later that day. Johnnie Moore, a member of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom who attended the meeting, said faith-based leaders vented about the impact of impeachment efforts on their legislative priorities and that the sentiment was, “they’re trying to impeach us.” 
“Agree or disagree with the evangelical community, we represent a third of the country in some form. In a democracy, our voice matters, and our voice deserves representation in the public square,” Moore said. 
. . . Robert Jeffress, senior pastor at First Baptist Dallas and a participant in the meeting, has been promoting a Public Religion Research Institute poll that found 94 percent of Republicans and 99 percent of evangelical Republicans oppose impeachment. “Many evangelicals like myself believe that this is more than just a political skirmish,” he told McClatchy. 
“They really believe that to impeach President Trump would be to impeach their own closely held values. And that’s why they take impeachment so personally,” Jeffress said about the faith leaders.

Notice that none of these folks tried to defend Trump against the charges that he threatened to hold back aid from the Ukraine if the government did not investigate Democratic presidential front runner Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

I think it's because they don't care. They are defending Trump because he gives them trinkets, i.e. the power to create policy and shape the nation into their version of a so-called Christian nation. They are so shortsighted. They think that Trump has elevated them, when in reality he has reduced them. He's wrecked their reputations and made the majority of the country see them as the fake, posturing hypocrites that they are.

Trump supporting pastor Franklin Graham got a taste of that on twitter Thursday night. He sent out the following tweet:

And proceeded to get torn to shreds:

Granted Franklin had supporters on his thread, but they were way outnumbered by those who called him out for his hypocrisy. I would suggest that Graham and the rest of the religious right get used to getting called out. No one is going to forget how they showed their proverbial asses during the Trump years.    

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