Thursday, October 28, 2021

NC Lt Gov Mark Robinson believes that being LGBTQ is just about sex. And he wants to force LGBTQ people to live in accordance to that belief.

NC Lt Gov Mark Robinson 

North Carolina Lt Governor Mark Robinson seems to be having the time of his life riding the controversy he started a while back by railing against LGBTQ people and LGBTQ-themed books in schools. He has been steadily playing the victim by claiming that the so-called evil and intolerant gay community has been slurring him because he only wants to protect the children from homosexuality.

According to Right Wing Watch, on Tuesday, Robinson held  conference call with equally homophobic nut E.W. Jackson. During this call, he hinted on running for governor (God help NC if he does.) He also made the following statement, which LGBTQ people have heard from folks like him so many times, we can recite it from memory:

“One of the reasons why they’re attacking me is because of my religious beliefs,” Robinson griped. “I am a firm believer, and I’m not shy about saying this: homosexuality and transgenderism are sin. According to the tenets of my Christian faith, that is sinful behavior, and it is sinful for people to wrap themselves up in it and identify themselves by it, and it is immoral for people to promote it to other people.” 

 “In this country, you have the right to be able to be a homosexual and transgender person, there’s no doubt about that, and I’ll stand up for your rights to be able to do that,” he continued. “But as far as you going into schools and promoting it to young people and trying to push your feelings or your lifestyle on someone else, that is an absolute no go.” “Just because I disagree with your lifestyle doesn’t mean that I hate you or that I want to take away your constitutional rights,” Robinson said.


Robinson repeats the same nonsense that we've to deal with from his sort on so many occasions and it proves that when you break it down, LGBTQ people aren't the aggressors here. We aren't the ones attempting to force people to condone or accept any standard of behavior. 

People like Robinson are.

His controversy has nothing to do with keeping children from harm or his religion.  It's about a man with a limited view of a group of people attempting to force said group of people to live in accordance to his limited view. Robinson has a right to his personal beliefs. He has a right to believe that homosexuality is a sin and that the LGBTQ identity is all about sex.

But what he doesn't have is the right to force LGBTQ people to conduct ourselves in accordance to his standards. To him, our identity has nothing to do with who we are, but his perverted idea of what we supposedly do in the bedroom. And that's not our problem. He has no right to reduce the complexity and diversity of LGBTQ lives to simply sexual encounters. He has no right to render our families invisible. He has no right to render LGBTQ kids in schools invisible either. 

And he definitely has no right to mandate how we should behave. We shouldn't have to edit, censor, or transfer any part of our lives simply to suit the stupidity of a man who thinks that God has given him dominion to transfer his sick ideas about LGBTQ people onto LGBTQ people. I would suggest that Robinson get over himself.  Stop using his religious beliefs as an excuse to stigmatize people or expect them to behave as if he gets to dictate who they are.

LGBTQ people do not have lifestyles. We have lives. Robinson needs to get one.

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