Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Trump renominates dishonest and homophobic Sam Brownback as religious freedom ambassador

I refuse to believe that the LGBTQ community and the religious community do not intersect. I do not believe in the idea that there should be a gay vs. religion argument. As a black gay man, my faith is very important to me and it was my relationship with God which contributes to my honesty as an out-of-the closet gay man. It's not anyone's place to question what I believe in relation to Biblical Scripture or traditional church faith.

Unfortunately, there are some folks determined to push the false idea that being and LGBTQ means that you oppose religion and vice versa. And leave it to Trump to put a spotlight on one.

From The Advocate:

Sam Brownback, the intensely anti-LGBT Republican who’s been Kansas’s governor and a U.S. senator from the state, has been renominated by Donald Trump as ambassador at large for international religious freedom. 
Trump nominated Brownback for the post last year, but since the Senate failed to take action and Senate Democrats refused to allow the nominations to roll over into the new year, he had to be renominated, The Kansas City Star reports. His is one of numerous renominations announced today, several of which are problematic for LGBT people. 
Brownback has a long anti-LGBT record, and during a confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in October he refused to answer Sen. Tim Kaine’s question on if there were “any circumstance under which religious freedom can justify criminalizing, imprisoning, or executing somebody based on their LGBT status could be deemed acceptable because somebody asserts they are religiously motivated in doing so,” notes the Human Rights Campaign. HRC and several other groups opposed his confirmation. (Editor's note -see above video)

The article goes on to say:

'LGBTQ community need not freak out because SCOTUS allowed Mississippi anti-LGBTQ law to stand' & other Tue midday new briefs

SCOTUS turned back a challenge to Mississippi's anti-LGBTQ 'religious freedom' law. BUT for a good reason and it doesn't negatively affect attempts to overturn it.

Supreme Court allows Mississippi anti-LGBT law to stand - I deliberately held back from posting this because I can't stand needless hand wringing. In actuality, the court refused to hear a case in which a lower court turned down a challenge to this ugly law. The challenge was turned down because the law had not taken effect as of yet, therefore the plaintiffs could not show how it damaged them. Unfortunately, this makes sense. When people attempt to use this law to discriminate will be a perfect time to challenge it, and not before. It WILL be struck down eventually.

Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Early Challenge To Mississippi’s Anti-Queer Law - More details about this situation.

Chechnya's LGBT Muslim Refugees Struggle To Cope In Exile - The LGBTQ community in America have problems, but not as bad as this. Keep these folks in your prayers and if you can do something for them, do it.

2 trans people ask Utah Supreme Court to grant gender changes a judge denied them - Kudos to them for fighting for what should be theirs.

Brian Brown: Gorsuch Confirmation Was Step Toward Overturning ‘Illegitimate’ Marriage Equality Decision - Yeah. Whatever. We don't take lightly attempts to steal away what we earned. You got a fight on your hands, Brown.

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