Sunday, January 28, 2024

Released audio reveals desire by legislators to completely ban trans healthcare

I don't know where the LGBTQ community would be without talented journalist (and GLAAD Award nominee) Erin Reed. Reed. Her work (you can and should be support hererevealed a scoop which doesn't seem to be registering as it should with the mainstream media.

Audio from a small Twitter Space featuring legislators from Ohio and Michigan was automatically posted publicly, wherein Republican legislators revealed the "endgame" of anti-trans legislation was to ban trans care "for everyone." The Space, which ejected uninvited guests, included several Michigan senators and representatives, as well as Representative Gary Click from Ohio, who sponsored the state's recent controversial gender-affirming care ban. Throughout the Space, the legislators seem to freely discuss their plans and strategies for targeting transgender care. Towards the end of the Space, the conversation shifts to a plan for the "endgame," where Republican legislators and anti-trans activist Prisha Mosley discuss various plans aimed at "banning this for everyone," referring to gender-affirming care. 

 The Space, hosted by Representative Brad Paquette of Michigan, was a free-form discussion over potential inroads in Michigan, as well as ongoing strategy for anti-trans laws in Ohio. Representative Gary Click was a prominent participant. Others included Michigan Representatives Josh Schriver and Tom Kunse, as well as Senators Lana Theis and Jonathan Lindsey. 

 . . .Never before have elected representatives spelled out the strategy of banning care for transgender adults so clearly. Representative Gary Click has ties to the Heritage Foundation and the Center for Christian Virtue, both of which are well known for playing a role in the development and authorship of anti-trans legislation. These freshly released recordings provide an important look into the endgame of anti-trans legislation: the elimination of transgender people from public life entirely through the banning of care at any age. 

 This shouldn't come as a surprise. Trans activists like Reed have repeatedly said that the false narrative spun against gender-affirming healthcare for trans kids masked a plan to ultimately target healthcare for all trans people. Keep in mind that these folks probably wouldn't stop with just the trans community if their desire came to fruition. My guess is that they have equally nasty desires for the rest of us in the LGBTQ community.