Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Harvey Milk gets ignored while religious right try to unsuccessfully feast on President Obama

Tomorrow (or today - depending on when you read this post), Harvey Milk gets his due.

Personally, I am surprised just about how quiet the religious right and others have been about Milk receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Then I look at the conservative site Town Hall and the religious right phony news site One News Now, and I realize why they are so quiet.

These are just a few stories from today's One News Now:

Town hall meetings = democracy at work

Real 'grassroots' show out in New Hampshire

Obamacare meets Twitter

'Politics of hope' reduced to name-calling

Liberal media bias continues unchecked

And then there is Town Hall:

Dirty Secret No. 1 in Obamacare

Obama's Seven Deadly Political Sins

I Thought 'Dissent Is Patriotic'

Pat Buchanan: Angry White Men

Phyllis Schlafly: Obama Brings Chicago-Style Intimidation

So apparently Harvey Milk and the rest of us are off the menu and President Obama is the main course.

Although according to Daily Kos, there is about to be a shift of entrees that ranks up there with the ending of the Three Little Pigs where the last pig ate the wolf.

Daily Kos is claiming that President Obama is actually benefitting from the town hall madness:

The President's already-solid approval ratings have started to climb. The increase in the President's poll numbers can be traced back to when conservative protesters stepped over the line at town meetings; the public, apparently, doesn't like people who quash civilized discussion by rudely screaming ad nauseam. But the media has a "dramatic" story line that they must stick to at all costs, so they aren't reporting the rise in the President's poll numbers, and are instead citing two-week old polls to keep their story line going.

So I guess this means that thanks to all of the health care madness, lgbts can enjoy a moment in the sun uninterrupted by the religious right (at least I hope so) when Milk gets his long awaited due as an American hero.

But do we have to put up with the following for it.

It's a clip of an interview with a protestor of the New Hampshire town hall meeting with the President; the guy who brought the loaded gun.

Chris Matthew eviserates him but still . . . ugh:

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Education award for religious right spokesperson? and other Tuesday midday news briefs

MCPS Award for Sprigg? - The situation I talked about last week regarding FRC's Peter Sprigg and the education award nomination he received is getting some folks riled up. Good.

This writer hasn't had sex since last night. Look, I've 'changed'! - Another lie courtesy of the ex-gays.

Illinois HIV/AIDS Services Survive Gov. Pat Quinn's Budget Cuts - This is a good thing. Isn't that right, Martha Stewart?

ACLU, School Board Reach Settlement - We win another decision allowing students to form gay/straight alliances in schools.

Protect Marriage Washington's finance report looks sketchy - And the makings of a good day

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Libraries should NEVER stock ex-gay books, not even in the fiction section

Yesterday, I alluded slightly to an article about the ex-gay group PFOX complaining that a library in Wisconsin will not stock books by ex-gay authors.

By the comments on this story, the idea that a library would stock ex-gay books seems laughable.

But don't be so quick to laugh the notion off. PFOX and Regina Griggs is exploiting an angle that could give the lgbt community and libraries a multitude of problems:

PFOX executive director Regina Griggs said: "Apparently, the West Bend Community Memorial Library is not interested in diversity.

"We urge Michael Tyree, the library's director, to be inclusive of the ex-gay community and accept our donation of ex-gay books. According to its own policy, the library has a 'professional responsibility to be inclusive, not exclusive, in developing collections'."

Yet again, Regina Griggs and PFOX tries to cast itself as the innocent victim of intolerance. The lgbt community must be very clear and very focused on just why those claims are bogus

The situation in Wisconsin did not begin with PFOX demanding that libraries carry ex-gay books. It began with them teaming with parents to make libraries eliminate lgbt-oriented books or move them to the adult section.

So this situation is about neither diversity or "tolerance." It's about a bunch of liars trying to undermine the well-being of our lgbt children.

It's about dehumanizing lgbts and reducing our lives to a sex choice or a bad behavior when our lives are neither of these things.

And as a post I wrote yesterday said, it's about trying to manipulate the system to pass along junk science as truth.

Truth should never be sacrificed for the sake of diversity.

Now I don't know any ex-gays personally but I have a question: why is it that the ones I do see are either connected with some religious right group or have some bogus ministry?

Why is it if these folks want to be left alone are they making a point to give the lgbt community so much hell?

I don't believe in the credibility of the ex-gay movement, period. And I have a feeling that if you pull back the curtain, you will see some religious right "grant money" exchanging hands.

So to make a long story short, I don't believe that public libraries should EVER stock ex-gay books, not even for the sake of diversity.

If this is successful, then might I suggest some racist literature about the natural inferiority of African-Americans.

Or how about the Protocol of the Elders of Zion (i.e. the phony document which claimed that there is a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world).

After all, if you opened up library stocks to one group of liars for the sake of "diversity," then why not others?

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