Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Right-wing media trying to help Moms for Liberty play damage control after '60 Minutes' debacle

 How much of a disaster was that '60 Minutes' interview for Moms for Liberty? It was so bad that the right-wing media is trying to swoop in to help stem the damage. 

From Media Matters

Too often, Moms for Liberty and its co-founders have received coddling rather than questioning from mainstream media outlets. In many interviews, Moms for Liberty representatives mischaracterized the group’s activities without meaningful pushback from reporters. 
Critical details were omitted, including Moms for Liberty’s routine harassment, extremism, and violent threats directed at librarians, teachers, and school officials. It’s likely that Moms for Liberty was expecting standard media coddling, because the moment 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley began asking even softball clarification questions, co-founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich visibly fumbled. 
 . . . Pelley wasn’t asking hardball questions, but Justice and Descovich were clearly unprepared for even the slightest bit of pushback. Unsurprisingly, right-wing media are already scrambling to vilify 60 Minutes and conduct damage control for Moms for Liberty. 

 Justice appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room the day after the interview aired and accused Pelley of dishonestly editing the segment. Justice then spoke with Fox News Digital, claiming that the interview was “heavily edited” and they were “censored” by CBS News.

 Newsmax host Rob Schmitt said 60 Minutes was “advocating for the LGBTQ agenda in schools” and described the segment as “biased.” BlazeTV’s The Steve Deace Show jumped to defend Moms for Liberty’s use of “groomer.” Megyn Kelly — who previously hosted a Moms for Liberty fundraiser — blasted Pelley for the interview, saying he “failed America’s children'” and calling him “disgusting.”

Full '60 Minutes' segment: