Thursday, December 30, 2021

'Transphobic author trying to get two teachers fired for supporting LGBTQ students' & other Thur midday news briefs

Discredited, transphobic author Abigail Shrier goes the extra mile to make life hell for LGBTQ kids.

Anti-trans author is petitioning to have two teachers fired for supporting LGBTQ students. - That vulgar Abigail Shrier is going too far with this mess. If she succeeds, it would send an ugly message to teachers supporting LGBTQ students. To say nothing of the attempt to strip our kids of the allies they would need in schools. 

 Who is Abigail Shrier? - My mother raised me right so I won't publicly give my opinion of who/what I think she is, but these past postings should give you the info you need: 

 In other news: 

LGBTQ youth in the South report poor mental health, study says - Probably because of people like Miss Thang above giving them all sorts of hell. 

21 most popular LGBTQ news stories of 2021 - As we do with every year, LGBTQ folks rocked 2021.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Repost: Once Upon A Time When Homophobia Was Less Subtle

Editor's note - In light of all of the nonsense going on with school districts attempting to censor books dealing with sexuality and gender, it's important to realize what it's all about. Those behind these actions may claim they are attempting to protect the children, but that's what they always say .It's their eternal mantra. 

The post below was published last year, but it is still relevant. Nursed in the mind of every liar attempting to render LGBTQ people invisible because of  'the children'  are hysterically bad notions about LGBTQ lives. Even if they don't publicly admit it. Also, while these images may seem comical, it's important to remember the present day damage done by those who believe them to be fact.

 . . . I thought I would take a jaunt through the history of homophobic images via a publication I have used on many occasions.

Homosexuality: Legitimate, Alternate Deathstyle was created and published in the mid 1980s by a man named Dick Hafer. As you can see below, it spotlit all of the anti-LGBTQ stereotypes of the day and presented them as facts. And as you can also see by the second image, several noted public figures at the time (including a Congressman who died this year), endorsed it as fact. There really is no need to refute this booklet because it basically refutes itself.  But it's important for that things like it be remembered for two reason:

1. It is a wonderful, albeit nauseatingly foul, historical resource on homophobia in the United States.

2. If you took a look at the images, you would see that the religious right/anti-LGBTQ industry are saying pretty much the same things about our community as this book, but with more subtlety and less shock.  It's not that hard to go from "homosexuality is a dangerous lifestyle" to "Christians need religious liberty to protect their rights from the homosexual agenda."

(Click on the images to make them larger)

Finally,  my favorite image from this book:

Editor's note - I own a copy of  Deathstyle  but you can here and here to see excerpts from it.

'Gay-Straight Alliance wins equal rights after judge's injunction' & other Wed midday news briefs

Gay-Straight Alliance Wins Equal Rights After Judge’s Injunction - Excellent way to sail into the new year. 

Two California teachers were secretly recorded speaking about LGBTQ student outreach. Now they’re fighting for their jobs - But with the good in one area comes the bad in another. The struggle continues.

As a Bucks County school district removes LGBTQ books from libraries, families and faculty fear for civil rights - A wonderful story which shows how LGBTQ children are endangered by this hysteria. A trans child was kicked out of his home because of this nonsense. 

Mom heartbroken by daughter’s suicide blames transphobic Republicans & health insurers - The jerks who helped to cause this don't care. But WE care. 

The most notable LGBTQ films and TV shows of 2021 - What do y'all think? I'm still waiting for a gay version of 'Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold.'

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

My most treasured LGBTQ moment of 2021 - Learning that the first drag queen was a gay black man named William Dorsey Swann

As 2021 comes to an end and 2022 is coming around the corner, it is with a great deal of sadness that I have to even mention the jerks and jackasses who attempted to make life harder for LGBTQ people. BUT jerks and jackasses are a side dish of life and we all have to deal with them. They can try to make your life more difficult and at times can succeed even for just a moment. But then you learn to deal with them and win.

And the one way of dealing jerks and jackasses who plague LGBTQ people is remembering who we are and why we fight. Remember that you should fight for those coming up after you. And you should honor those who came before you. And speaking of the latter, one of my most treasured moments came this year when I found out about William Dorsey Swann. As the video above notes, Swann gay black man who was a former slave and the self-described drag queen. And that's only the beginning of his story. He became the first American on record who pursued legal action for LGBTQ rights. He was unsuccessful, but paved the way for Stonewall and our entire movement in general.

For a gay black man like myself, this discovery is gold. After so many years of being rendered invisible in the African-American civil rights movement and pushed into the background of the LGBTQ equality movement, the discovery of how much LGBTQ people of color were actually there and in the foreground of both movements (particularly visible in portion of Black history where we generally aren't mentioned) means the world to me. 

Editor's note - Unfortunately, no pictures or film footage of Swann exists. The footage in the video are of the vaudeville duo of Gregory and Brown.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters

 Barring anything interesting happening, this will be the last post of this blog before Christmas. I will probably resume posting the day after Christmas or December 27th. But regardless, I wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc. etc. Have a good time. Love each other and especially yourselves.

'Utah billionaire leaves Mormon church, donates $600,000 to LGBTQ group' & other Wed midday news briefs

Utah billionaire leaves Mormon church, donates $600,000 to LGBTQ group - I think I posted this before but I don't think the original post contained this detail up front. Said detail needs to be at the front of the story. Hot damn!

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

What if Jesus came back & saw what was being done in His name?

This may become an annual post for this blog.

I already posted this in 2019 and 2020. But this year, with some Americans exploiting the Christian faith as a weapon to discriminate, seize government power, and (yes) undermine the fight against a pandemic,  this Saturday Night Live cartoon short is especially important. As well as the lesson it tries to give.

SNL Peanuts tv funhouse from john on Vimeo.

'LGBTQ missing persons Facebook page highlights unsolved cases' & other Tue midday news briefs

LGBTQ missing persons Facebook page highlights unsolved cases - Sad but necessary action.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Group which demonizes transgender children wants to talk to you about the 'Christ Child'

In a show of brazen hypocrisy,  the Family Research Council sent out the following tweet on Monday:

FRC is all full of holiness about the "Christ Child." I guess that means we are supposed to forget the time the group smeared transgender children by falsely implying that they are predators

To say nothing of  the numerous times the group falsely implied that the LGBTQ community was trying to 'recruit' children and supposedly teach them about gay sex.

Sorry, FRC.  You don't get a pass here. 

'Teacher accused of being a 'predator' simply for starting Gay-Straight Alliance' & other Mon midday news briefs

Enraged parents accuse teacher of being a “predator” after she starts Gay-Straight Alliance - It does without saying that the teacher is innocent and these parents are simply craven. 

Author of 'Gender Queer,' one of most-banned books in U.S., addresses controversy - THIS should have happened a long time ago and it's not the author's fault. It's the fault of our lazy media. 

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Parody: Finding Masculine Halloween Costumes for Your Effeminate Son

A good friend of mine sent me this video. It was created in 2009 by the news satire organization, The Onion but it still holds up today. I should tell you though that I had to watch it twice before realizing it was a parody. It walks a very thin line and could bring back awful memories to some readers. But I think that it does make a good point in its own way with regards to the masculine and feminine roles we attempt to drill into our children.

Don't be so insistent to force your child to take a role to ease your frame of mind. 

Friday, December 17, 2021

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Family Research Council teams up with Russian disinformation to lie about pro-trans policies in high schools

Russian leader Vladimir Putin (top) and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins (bottom) are both claim that they are protecting children with their attacks on LGBTQ people.

This week, a trans woman in California, Christynne Wood, won a settlement from a fitness center which discriminated against her.

Anti-LGBTQ hate group the Family Research Council exploited the incident for its latest attack on transgender Americans.   In its whine, FRC offers up the usual nonsense about "men in locker rooms," making sure to demonize transgender women and girls as "naked men" who may be present when wives and daughters enter locker rooms. More of the same lies and appeals to fears

Then the group said the following in an attempt to tie President Biden into the situation:

And yet, this is the "progress" Joe Biden wants to bring to every locker room in America. And while grown-ups can fight these issues at places like Crunch, what's really terrible is when schools impose this on students -- and no one is allowed to complain! At its best, it's unfair to girls. At its worst, it's dangerous. Two teenagers in Loudoun County will have scars for the rest of the life because a policy like this one gave a boy in a skirt access to rape and assault two girls. But that hasn't stopped the Left from pushing schools to throw children's privacy to the wind and cast their lot with radical transgender policies like this one. If that makes you or your daughter uncomfortable, this president's response is a lot like Christynne's: "too bad."

FRC is speaking of an incident earlier this year when a young boy entered a girl's restroom in a Loudon County school district and sexually assaulted a 15-year-old -girl. Like so many of its fellow right-wingers, FRC skips past the complexity of the incident (a sexual assault did take place, but there were other factors involved  which are better understood via these links.) and simply blames district policy. 

But there is one problem here. According to Media Matters, the policy FRC is blaming wasn't even in place at the time of the incidents:

 . . . the policy was passed by the school board on August 11 -- months after May 28, when the assault was reported to have taken place, making it impossible for the suspect to have used the protections “as an advantage to get into the bathrooms.” The myth that trans-inclusive bathrooms allow predators to attack women has been repeatedly debunked; additionally, assaults and harassment are already illegal regardless of whether bathrooms allow trans people. In fact, the suspect was later charged in a second assault in Loudoun County that was reported to have taken place in “an empty classroom.” The suspect has now been arrested and detained in juvenile detention.

So no Family Research Council, a pro-trans policy did not lead to any sexual assault in the Loudon County School District. Here is something else I found interesting. FRC used only one source for its claim about Loudon school district policy - an article in a publication called RT News

According to Wikipedia:

RT News is a Russian state-controlled international television network funded by the federal tax budget of the Russian government. It operates pay television channels directed to audiences outside of Russia, as well as providing Internet content in English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, and Russian.

One more thing. RT News does not have a good reputation for accuracy. In fact, it has been accused on more than one occasion of deliberately spreading disinformation.

According to the site Media Bias/Fact Check:

In review, RT News presents news that is generally in line with the Russian Government’s narrative. When it comes to covering USA/International News, they provide right-of-center coverage. They are highly biased in favor of Russia and occasionally run Pro-state conspiracy stories. The Columbia Journalism Review calls RT “The Kremlin’s propaganda outlet.”

And when it comes to issues of LGBTQ equality,  the Russian government isn't exactly a fan. Under its leader, Vladimir Putin, the Russian government has vigorously attacked the rights of Russian LGBTQ people to live in peace via legislation.  

In addition, there have been several ugly vigilante campaigns against LGBTQ Russians which led to them being beaten, tortured, imprisoned, or even brutally murdered for their orientation:

Receiving photos of mutilated bodies with the warning “you’re next” rattled gay rights activist Nikita Tomilov but when he saw surveillance men outside his home, he fled Russia for good. The threats via social media came from Pila - Russian for “saw” - a homophobic group which has said it was behind the fatal stabbing in July of an LGBT+ activist whose name was among a dozen on their widely-circulated assassination “blacklist”. 
 “I went to the police when I saw two masked men lurking outside my apartment, but they said they couldn’t do anything without proof that these men were there,” Tomilov, 22, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation via Skype from a European country. “What kind of proof could I bring them? And my family members started receiving threats as well. I realised it was too dangerous for me to stay in Russia.”

One wonders why FRC chose to site a Russian disinformation source for its false claims about the school district policy in question.

Or have I answered my own question?

No doubt, if confronted by these facts with regards whose news source it exploited, FRC president Tony Perkins and others at organization will loudly condemn violence done to LGBTQ Russians. They would probably react in mock outrage to being compared with the purveyors of such violence.

But like it or not, there is a similarity they share with Putin and the Russian government which they cannot easily deny. According to Putin, attacks on LGBTQ Russians exist to supposedly 'protect the children.'

"We are not forbidding anything and nobody is being grabbed off the street, and there is no punishment for such kinds of relations, . . . You can feel relaxed and calm [in Russia], but leave children alone, please."

How is that any different from the lies Perkins and FRC spew?  

What's more, if you can deliberately lie about pro-LGBTQ policies in a supposed bid to protect children, one has to wonder what else would you do if you are able to get away with it.

'LGBTQ advocates hail Canada's ban on conversion ('ex-gay') therapy' & other Thur midday news briefs

LGBTQ Advocates Hail Canada's Ban of Conversion Therapy - America should be embarrassed that Canada beat us to this. And with unanimous consent too. 

Katy ISD reviewing LGBTQ-related websites after backlash over blocking them​ - Blocking students from LGBTQ sites in general is not a wise or affirmative thing for any school district to do. 

Jonathan Bennett speaks out on this unhealthy thing so many gay men do - I agree. No one should put unreasonable expectations of perfection on themselves. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

'Ex-gay' leader accused of confessing to 'multiple falls' from Jesus

Jeff McCall claims that he was a trans woman and a gay prostitute before becoming a leader in the 'ex-gay' movement. However, accusations have come up that he has not been truthful about his 'ex-gay' status.

The ex-gay movement was once a powerful component of the religious right's war against LGBTQ America. But thanks to LGBTQ groups, activists, bloggers, and the simple fact that many leaders of this movement simply got tired of lying to themselves, it has fizzled tremendously.

But there are still some components out there causing problems.

Jeff McCall is an 'ex-gay' leader who claims that he is a former trans woman and a gay prostitute who was delivered by God. Now he leads an annual - and very sparsely attended - event called the Freedom March in which he and others 'ex-gays' march in DC proclaiming their so-called deliverance from the supposed "homosexual lifestyle."

However according to Truth Wins Out, a group which has been pivotal in the slow demise of the 'ex-gay' movement, McCall hasn't exactly been truthful. 

The group sent the following press release out on Wednesday:

Truth Wins Out condemned Freedom March founder Jeffrey McCall today as a hypocritical fraud after he admitted online to multiple hookups and romantic attachments with men, even as he continues to shamelessly lead “Freedom March” parades of so-called “ex-gays”. Given the tawdry revelations, Truth Wins Out calls on the Freedom March to permanently shut down and stop conning people into believing that they can “pray away the gay.” 

 “Jeffrey McCall is a self-serving con artist who runs a fraudulent organization that preys on vulnerable and desperate LGBTQ people who grow up in religious homes,” said Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen. “If McCall had an ounce of integrity he’d apologize for his rank hypocrisy and shut down his odious Freedom March racket before it ruins more lives. McCall’s own actions prove that he has no ability to ‘help’ anyone, starting with himself.”

 In an online post to his cult followers, McCall wrote (The typos are his): 

 In 2020 I met someone that I was trying to help (I was helping in other ways he didn’t deal with SSA) which lead to me being unfaithful to Jesus and giving my heart away. After denying what I wanted with him I then went on to fall sexually with a man when I felt wounded and lonely. This lead to multiple falls with men over time. (None of these men were Christians or people from ministry) Everytime I fell I would truly repent and turn away again. I would feel Gods love, mercy, and forgiveness sometimes before I could even finish the prayer. 

 Despite his repeated failures in practicing what he preaches, McCall’s organization hosted a Freedom March this November in West Palm Beach, Florida. On the group’s Facebook Page, McCall is shamelessly peddling his book, For Such A Time: From Transgender to a Son of God

 . . . Truth Wins Out attended the 2021 Freedom March in Washington, DC, along with conversion therapy survivor Jared Dixon. Our efforts to counter Freedom March lies can be viewed in our new video, Jared Goes to Washington, which already has over 15,000 views.

If this situation turns out as drama-filled as it seems, no one should be surprised. However it's best not to act jaded about it. While it has less notoriety than it did years before, the 'ex-gay' movement still has the power to sell a false bill of good to those still struggling with their LGBTQ orientation. Stories of ex-gay leaders falling from their self-created lofty perches are always delicious dish, but what about the stories we don't hear? The ones about the followers who genuinely believe the junk that somehow God can deliver them from being LGBTQ. Who is there for them when they are consumed with self-hatred because the lies of  'deliverance' doesn't come to fruition? 

Editor's note - According to Wayne Besen, head of Truth Wins Out, McCall's statement was on Facebook, but then removed.

'Study finds that hormone therapy linked to lower suicide risk for trans youth' & other Wed midday news briefs

Hormone therapy linked to lower suicide risk for trans youths, study finds - Another study detailing facts being ignored because some folks would rather be hysterical and stupid about trans healthcare and trans kids.

'Peace of Mind With Taraji' unpacks anti-LGBTQ beliefs among Black families - A conversation we need to have and continue having. 

11 Queer Movies Coming Out in 2022 We Can’t Wait to See - I took a look. I'm encouraged because none of them are the usual gay movies we've come to expect. 

EU court legally recognizes same-sex couples, children - Great news from the European Union.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

If only LGBTQ black folks had more heroes like Lafayette . . .

I have never seen the television show True Blood and I am not completely familiar who this character Lafayette is. I do know two things, however. 

Unfortunately the actor who portrayed him, Nelsan Ellis, has left us for another plane of existence (which is a shame because he was incredibly talented.)

And the black LGBTQ community would do well with more heroes like him - whether fictional or actual. Especially with idiots like Dave Chappelle exploiting homophobia and transphobia in the black community to make a cheap buck. And other individuals creating fake hate crimes which only serve to backfire on us.

'Juror in Smollett trial reveals what convinced them of actor's guilt' & other Tue midday news briefs

Jussie Smollett

Juror in Smollett trial reveals what convinced them of actor’s guilt​ - Let me guess. They saw him talking. Dang, Jussie! "We were all rooting for you!!" You disappointed the hell out of us.

Monday, December 13, 2021

SC Congressional candidate (who was once caught lying about his military service) says right-wing Christians need to take over America for God

This is what awaits us if we don't get off of our butts and vote en masse in next year's midterm elections:

Mark Burns, an unabashed Christian nationalist MAGA pastor who is running for Congress in South Carolina, spoke at the ReAwaken America conference in Dallas, Texas last week, where he once again declared that any law that contradicts the Bible must be overturned and proclaimed that now is the time for right-wing Christians to “take over” the country.

 . . . “Are we ready to declare war on every demonic spirit?” Burns asked. “Are we ready to take over? Somebody shout, ‘Take it back, take it back.’ Shout, ‘Take it back!’ We’re here to declare war on Satan. How many here know that this is a God nation, this is a Jesus nation? And liberals are trying to take God out of everything we hold dear. Are you gonna let them do it, Texas? I said are you gonna let them take God—somebody say, ‘Never! Shout, ‘Never!’ This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. This nation was founded on the fact that Jesus is the messiah.” 

 “Let me go ahead and piss off the mainstream media,” Burns continued. “Any law that is a law right now that’s contrary to the word of God should be outlawed and abolished in this nation. Do you believe that Jesus should be at the center of American politics in the United States of America?” 
“We’re here to take over,”  Burns later declared. “We’re here to take over, God help me. We’re here to take over. We’re here to take over!”

If Burns were truly a man of God, he would stop talking about 'taking over America' for God and talk to God about the time he got caught lying about certain biological claims, such as his military service,  and professional accomplishments:

South Carolina preacher Mark Burns, who regularly introduces Trump at his campaign events, had listed on his church’s website that he had a Bachelor of Science degree and served six years in the Army Reserve. 

Burns, however, was never in the Army Reserve. He was in the South Carolina National Guard, from which he was discharged in 2008, CNN found. As far as a Bachelor’s degree, North Greenville University told CNN he only attended the school for one semester. Burns admitted that he did not finish his degree when CNN asked him about it. 

 When CNN confronted Burns about the various professional and social exaggerations he had featured on his biography, Burns first said the page had “obviously” been either “manipulated or either hacked or added.” But the site host, Wix, said there was no evidence of a hack.

'Parents of gay teen who died by suicide dedicated to help other LGBTQ teens' & other Mon midday news briefs

Parents of gay teen who died by suicide dedicated to helping other LGBTQ teens - While the outcome is positive for the future, we need to work to keep the first part from happening from the get-go. 

Trans woman athlete gets conservative backlash for setting Ivy League swimming records - This right here is some bullsh!t and it underscores the ugly Catch 22 situation our trans athletes are constantly in. 

'BoJack Horseman' Creator Has Charitable Response To Dave Chappelle Netflix Debacle - Wonderful idea to raise money for the trans community off of that jerk.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

One Million Moms (actually one mom) working to amplify LGBTQ shame with its 'boycotts'

The latest whine by anti-LGBTQ group One Million Moms via LGBTQNation:

 It was just a few months ago that One Million Moms, an evangelical astroturf group funded by the American Family Association (AFA) — which is a certified anti-LGBTQ hate group — was upset that a cosmetics company was promoting a razor product for women, calling it “inappropriate” to suggest women shave. Now, unironically, the same group — led by one woman, Monica Cole — is calling for a boycott of Sephora because their new ad doesn’t only feature women. In fact, Cole is peeved that the ad includes a two men in a relationship sharing a kiss when “Sephora’s primary customer base is women.”

. . .One Million Moms regularly decries “cancel culture,” while launching continuous nonstop “boycotts” of various companies that offend their delicate sensibilities. The boycotts consist of launching “petition” campaigns, requesting people fill out a generic contact form on their page and sign up for the group’s emails as a form of protest. 

. . . In 2019, the group infamously caused Hallmark to ban an ad temporarily because it featured a lesbian couple, before the company’s management stepped in and did a 180. Since then, Cole and the AFA have made pushes against all sorts of brands that dared show support for LGBTQ people. Whether it was cartoons with dogs, dishwashing liquid, fruit, hummus, Oreos, movies with cyclops, or wrapping paper, the One Million Moms group has been there, trying to cancel anyone who dares recognize the existence of LGBTQ people. 

People laugh at this latest hissy fit - and the others of One Million Moms - and they should. But don't ever forget the reason why OMM does things like this. 

The goal is to amplify the narrative that LGBTQ people would be okay if we supposedly stop "shoving things down people's throat." You know the tired line -  "I have no problems with gays but why do they have to be in our faces all of the time with it? Why do they have to shove what they do down our throats?"

It's a dumb narrative which by its very definition, trivializes our lives, thereby reducing them to basic sex acts. It attacks our humanity. 

When some people accuse us of "shoving our being gay down their throats." they are accusing us of being uppity and not knowing our place, so to speak. They are saying that we have no right to act as if our lives don't encompass just sex. They are telling us how dare we do normal things like date, have families, or being open, public and unashamed about who we are as LGBTQ people because that's not what we are supposed to do. 

To put it another way - there are people out there who think that LGBTQ people are freaks but it's not enough for them to believe that. They want us LGBTQ people to believe it and they want us to act like our lives is something to be ashamed of. 

When OMM goes on with its hysterical jags and phony boycotts, that is the audience it is speaking to. 

Thursday, December 09, 2021

When you've declare 'War on Christmas,' a spectacular outfit is a must

One of the simplest outfits to wear when you've declared 'War on Christmas.'

It's that time of year again. Visions of snowy days, sugarplums, brightly colored tinsel, and the  'War on Christmas.' No one really knows how this notion started. All we know is that it comes annually like arthritis in the winter or those gosh-awful movie remakes to remind us that while there is good in the world, evil is never that far behind.  

It's the lovely time of the year in which conservatives entities like Fox News and conservative evangelicals either manufacture a moral panic from some isolated incident like a Christmas song excluding lyrics about Jesus or simply make up a lie (usually about someone praying or a Nativity scene) to push an alarmingly hysterical idea that evil forces (i.e. LGBTQ people, 'leftists,' socialists, pro-choice activists, etc etc) are plotting to destroy Christmas. Or at least take it away from its 'Christian' roots. They do it every year because people respond better when you make them fear something and puff up their egos at the same time. 

I say if we are going to have  a War on Christmas, let's go all the way. And the first thing we should consider is attire. It is important to send the message that we are seriously going to wreck Christmas  A good outfit can go a long way into sending the message. 

It's always good to have a theme. You want to coordinate your outfits so that there is a linear message sent. Any theme will do but always remember that creativity is the key. Now since I grew up in the 1970s, I am going to present a blaxploitation theme. Feel free to copy or create your own.

Outfit 1 - Now this is a basic outfit for those who don't like elaborate dressing. Just a simply wrap dress which does not require bra. Accessories of course include a double barrel sawed off shotgun and wig (for hiding extra stuff you may need - straight razors, small guns). This outfit is very popular for interrupting family Christmas dinners and accusing any man at the table of being your 'baby daddy' while demanding child support.

Outfit 2 - Now this a Dolemite special and can come in any color. It's a bit more subtle because it's meant to be worn in church. Or more specifically, for the times you are forced to go to one of those Christmas pageants in which your child is forced to play a shepherd instead of the angel proclaiming Jesus's birth..

Outfit 3 - This 'War on Christmas' outfit is good for any occasion because it's the slow, brooding look. This means you are definitely going out to ruin someone's good time at a Christmas party before the night is over by either 'cutting a hefa' or 'stealing that b!tch's man.' It also comes with accessories of press on fingernails so that you can get your 'slap' on.

Outfit 4 and 5 - Now these next two outfits work in a tandem. They are good for going any mall or store and stealing all of the attention. This works to  totally screwing up people's minds and thereby making them forget that one perfect item they were going to buy for their child, spouse, or loved ones. The female version (bottom picture) is less complicated but the male version (top picture) comes in turquoise, mustard yellow, and shocking pink. The male version is also best worn without underwear so that (as you can see in the picture), the material makes your 'nether regions' really stand out.

And always remember. It's never about you having a good time at Christmas. It's all about f@cking up someone else's holiday.

Editor's note - If by now you haven't figured out that this is satire, then what is wrong with you? Seriously.

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Conservative pundit's latest attack on trans youth underscores bigots' shift from homophobia to transphobia


Matt Walsh

Wednesday evening I read something in Media Matters which nauseated the hell out of me:

The bestselling “LGBTQ+ Book” on Amazon is Johnny the Walrus -- a hateful picture book by The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh that compares the gender identities of trans youth to a young boy who imagines he is a walrus. Amazon mislabeled the book into its LGBTQ+ Books section and, as a result, is promoting harmful anti-trans views to its consumers interested in LGBTQ stories. 

Walsh is a prominent podcast host at The Daily Wire, a right-wing media outlet and a cesspool of bigotry and hatred which frequently targets the LGBTQ community. Walsh himself has

a long record of espousing extreme anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, including falsely comparing best practice medical care for trans youth to “molestation and rape” and calling doctors who serve trans youth “pedophiles” -- and now he has used Amazon’s mislabeling to claim he is an “LGBT author” and “one of the leading LGBT voices in the country.” 

 Johnny the Walrus is an anti-trans allegory that compares a child imagining that he is a walrus to society affirming and accepting trans youth, including by providing lifesaving, best practice medical care when kids go through puberty. In reality, research shows that transgender youth are best able to succeed when their teachers and families accept and affirm their gender identity, which has been proven to reduce their risk of experiencing depression, homelessness, and suicidal ideation.

Supposedly this book is a top seller. Don't be fooled by that. I bet that just like they do to get their books on best seller lists, conservatives probably bought copies of this mess in bulk. And I also doubt the reviews are genuine. 

But more to the point, as Media Matters pointed out in the excerpt I provided, there is plenty of accurate information out there regarding trans children and it all contradicts Walsh's inferences. But Walsh isn't interested in giving out facts. He is only interested in trolling, passing along lies, and exploiting fears. And not just him. As the excerpt tells, he is getting plenty of help from Fox News and others in the conservative industry in amplifying this mess.

Walsh and his cohorts are yet another bit of proof of how the parameters of anti-LGBTQ bigotry have shifted.  As society is becoming somewhat more at ease with gays, these bloodsuckers are now targeting the trans community with the same tactics they used against gays, particularly the implication that the so-called 'trans ideology' is a danger to children. We saw this earlier this year with a trashy, discredited book from hack journalist and author Abigail Shrier.

It's relatively easy to distract people from facts by appealing to their egos and prejudices. Goodness knows that us gays have had to deal with it in the past:

As have so many other targeted groups:

It never changes. Only the targets who are selected by their vulnerability.