Monday, January 04, 2016

'Meet the anti-gay billionaires who are backing Ted Cruz' & other Mon midday news briefs

Upate - Due to technical difficulties beyond my control - I.e. a cut cable wire, at least until Wednesday afternoon, news briefs will be the only thing I can post  because I have no home internet service. Don't desert me just yet, loyal readers.

Editor's note - It's 2016 so let's just slowly ease into this year with a few news briefs before we really begin so. me fun:

Forget the Koch Bros for a second. The Wilks Bros are more dangerous

Inside the Anti-Gay Church That Loves Kim Davis and Ted Cruz - It's scary when real life beings to resemble a James Bond movie and a comic book. The second most dangerous people in the world are those who think their religion should shape society. The first most dangerous people is the second most dangerous people who have an obscenely large amount of money. 

Reno juvenile hall stops preaching against homosexuality - A victory for our lgbt children.  

Celebrating Our Right to Marry While Acknowledging the Psychological Scars - A piece I wrote last week which I reshaped for The Huffington Post. There is nothing wrong with lgbts admitting that we aren't bullet-proof or that we can "sashay, shantay" away our psychological scars. Acknowledging that they exist is the first step to defeating them.

 Charlotte Council to Take Up LGBT Protections Despite Threats From Anti-Gay State Lawmakers - Charlotte City Council comes out swinging for lgbt protections. I like that!  

Scott Lively Begs For Money And Calls For Passage Of Russian-Style Anti-Gay Laws Around The World - Modesty and good taste precludes me from saying what I want to say about Scott Lively. I have to remember that as long as he talks, the better lgbts look to the world. 

 Scalia: Constitution Doesn't Ban Government From Supporting Religion - Naturally he probably means the religion HE believes. Scalia is a nasty fungus on SCOTUS. He should have never been appointed and there needs to be some type of "how we got over" party when he leaves. If his remarks here doesn't convince you on that, then nothing will.