Sunday, October 27, 2019

Anti-LGBTQ images belong in a museum

Besides the junk and cherry-picked science, images play a huge part in the anti-LGBTQ industry's tactic of demonizing our community. By images, I mean photos, graphics, and cartoons created to convey the lie that the LGBTQ community are harmful to society. We tend to overlook how these images  underscore the basic hate and homophobia thrown at us. Many a time, we fall for the anti-LGBTQ industry's false narrative of queer vs. religious beliefs. In doing so, we argue on their terms and give them the home field advantage.

Over the years, the anti-LGBTQ industry has successfully  morphed from "protecting children" to "protecting the public health" to "protecting marriage," to the newest lie - "protecting religious liberty." But no matter how sly their talking points were, the images used as a part of their angle always told the real story. They always exposed the real hatred.

We make a mistake when we laugh at these images and express a desire that they be ignored. They shouldn't be ignored because, like it or not, they are a huge part of our history.  In fact, I think they belong in a museum so that no one forgets the truth they convey.