Friday, May 03, 2013

Religious right make 'propaganda -mentary' about gays in the Boy Scouts

Well I suppose this "documentary" about how gays will destroy the Boy Scouts was bound to happen. Religious right groups have been making all sorts of videos lately and none of them have been any good.

Editor's note - No doubt you all have noticed that the Know Your LGBT History segments have been on hiatus. That might become permanent. After over 100 segments, it may be time to put the series to rest. I will let you know what I decide at a later date.

'Religious right figures have hilarious twitter-fight' and other Friday midday news briefs

Labarbera, Barber, Mefferd twit-fight w/ Alan Chambers; I replenish popcorn bag - The twitter argument which proves that underneath it all, anti-gay spokespeople are really stereotypically dishy "old queens." And Warren Throckmorton - a sometime lgbt ally - should be ashamed of himself for instigating it. LOL!

Kelvin Atkinson, Gay Nevada State Senator, Describes Coming Out To Colleagues During Speech (VIDEO) - The African-American community NEEDS more men like Mr. Atkinson.

  Rush Limbaugh: Where’s The ‘Tolerance’ For People Who Come Out As Bigots? - At the end of my foot. Oh wait the hell, I'm feeling generous. Both feet.  

Bridal shop refuses to let transgender shopper try on gowns - Religious liberty my ass!  

NC GOP staffer: LGBT equality not a civil rights issue - Mess upon mess!  

Dumbest Real Estate Agent Ever Distributes Sales Flyers With Anti-Gay Propaganda - Learn about real estate and pick up some homophobia on the side.

How gay marriage can 'destroy' America - a video demonstration (yes, that's sarcasm)

This ad clarifies so much.