Friday, May 03, 2013

'Religious right figures have hilarious twitter-fight' and other Friday midday news briefs

Labarbera, Barber, Mefferd twit-fight w/ Alan Chambers; I replenish popcorn bag - The twitter argument which proves that underneath it all, anti-gay spokespeople are really stereotypically dishy "old queens." And Warren Throckmorton - a sometime lgbt ally - should be ashamed of himself for instigating it. LOL!

Kelvin Atkinson, Gay Nevada State Senator, Describes Coming Out To Colleagues During Speech (VIDEO) - The African-American community NEEDS more men like Mr. Atkinson.

  Rush Limbaugh: Where’s The ‘Tolerance’ For People Who Come Out As Bigots? - At the end of my foot. Oh wait the hell, I'm feeling generous. Both feet.  

Bridal shop refuses to let transgender shopper try on gowns - Religious liberty my ass!  

NC GOP staffer: LGBT equality not a civil rights issue - Mess upon mess!  

Dumbest Real Estate Agent Ever Distributes Sales Flyers With Anti-Gay Propaganda - Learn about real estate and pick up some homophobia on the side.

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