Friday, December 23, 2011

Know Your LGBT History - Saturday Night Live and 'Schmitts Gay'

Recently, Saturday Night Live got into trouble for a very crass skit which made fun of the transgender community.

The real shame of the entire controversy was the fact that in the past when the comedy sketch show parodied the lgbtq community, the skits were not only hilarious but made astute mockery of the social values at the time.

Such at the classic commercial above, Schmitts Gay, which poked fun at beer commercials featuring a heavy duty emphasis on half naked women.

The commercial featured Adam Sandler and the late Chris Farley.

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Never let the Santorums and Bachmanns forget that we have families too!

This year, over 18 million people saw Zach Wahls defend marriage equality on behalf of his family in front of the Iowa Legislature.

This month, thousands of families submitted photos, joining Zach and his family in sending out this simple holiday greeting.....and creating this video and online campaign called "Love Makes a Family."

See more of the photos here:

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