Thursday, June 11, 2015

Michigan now making it more difficult for gay couples to raise children via bad adoption laws

Michigan Gov. Snyder slaps gay taxpayers in the face with new laws.

If my lgbt brothers and sisters thought that this so-called culture war was nearing the end thanks to a possible Supreme Court ruling for marriage equality (which hasn't even happened yet), they got a wake up call today.

North Carolina's "religious liberty" law regarding magistrates is bad enough, but thanks to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, not only will children be potentially denied good homes, but the state's lgbt community just got a huge slap in the face.

Now it is legal for Michigan's adoption agencies to not only imply to the state's lgbt community that they are not worthy of having families and raising children, but these same  adoption agencies can receive lgbt tax dollars for the privilege:

Michigan's governor signed legislation on Thursday allowing private adoption agencies to refuse to place children with same-sex couples on religious grounds, one of a series of Republican-backed measures at the state level targeting gay couples. Governor Rick Snyder, a Republican, signed three bills into law a day after Michigan's Republican-controlled Senate approved the measures that had been advanced by the state House of Representatives.

 . . . The Michigan bills that were signed into law let faith-based agencies that contract with Michigan refuse adoption services to couples on religious grounds. The legislation does not specifically mention gay couples, but is considered a version of religious freedom acts considered in a number of states to shield businesses that may refuse services to same-sex couples from discrimination lawsuits. Child placement agencies that decline services to couples will be required promptly to provide prospective adoptive parents a list of other adoption agencies willing and able to serve them. 
One bill amended the state's child protection act and the others amended other laws to add language on refusing service.

Freedom Michigan, a coalition of business and other groups supporting gay rights, said the law will make it harder for the more than 13,000 children in the state's adoption and foster care system to find nurturing homes.

The ACLU is already considering challenging the laws in court:

ACLU attorney Brooke Tucker said the group is looking at ways to challenge of the law on constitutional grounds."The constitution doesn't allow discrimination based on religion and you can't do that with state funds," she said. "We're looking at our legal options and especially looking to hear from people who will be adversely affected by this."

This is NOT the last we hear about this in Michigan and, unfortunately, in other states. The signal has been given and I am sure that other states will be attempting to follow.

How long will it be before our lazy media creates the false narrative of the "backlash" to the progression of lgbt equality?

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