Thursday, September 23, 2021

Is 'Cruising' a disgusting movie or a misunderstood cult classic?

 In 1980, a movie called Cruising came out and caused a firestorm. It starred Al Pacino as a New York detective who goes undercover  as a gay man in the leather district in order to find a serial killer. It was controversial because it was vile and sordid. It took a lot of negative stereotypes about gay men and went into overdrive, particularly the one about realizing that you're gay causes you to become a killer. Needless to say it caused extensive protests even while being made and subsequently bombed at the box office.

I've seen it and thought it was disgusting. But once I showed a clip of it to a younger gay man - as in grew up in the post Ellen DeGeneres comes out/ Will and Grace world. He didn't find it to be as nauseous as I did. And that's the subject of this blog post. I have included the trailer and a full scene (NSFW) of Cruising as well as interviews with protestors. I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Feel free to respond in the comments section


'False story of two girls 'groping and French kissing' on LGBTQ float causes controversy at school board meeting' & other Thur midday news briefs

A video pushed by this group helped to spread a lie that two girls were 'groping and French kissing' on an LGBTQ float. The story isn't true, but it has caused controversy.

LGBTQ pride float sparks controversy at Williamson Co. school board meeting - This is a perfect of how even acknowledging LGBTQ people causes some folks to overreact. The situation was that two LGBTQ students are on video kissing on a parade float. They were accused of French kissing and groping each other. The kiss was a mere peck on the lips. No groping. No French kissing. You can see it via the link and judge for yourselves.

Priest Busted Stealing Parish Money For Drugs and Gay Sex Parties - How many times is this going to happen?