Monday, August 02, 2021

Family Research Council undermines vaccinations while giving a passive-aggressive defense of Jan 6th insurrectionists

Tony Perkins and his group, the Family Research Council, are undermining Biden's efforts to curtail the COVID pandemic and defending the Jan 6 insurrectionists

When the Family Research Council is not demonizing LGBTQ people or scaring people specifically about transgender Americans, the hate group walks a fine line between undermining the fight against the COVID pandemic and, believe it or not, defending the Jan 6 insurrectionists.

Displaying the same accusatory verbiage it uses to portray LGBTQ people as evil outsiders attempting to put Christians in jail, 'recruit children,' and cause general chaos, FRC president Tony Perkins  pushes nonsense that somehow President Biden is exploiting the pandemic to attack individual freedoms:

Joe Biden isn't a doctor, and he's certainly not your doctor. But that hasn't stopped the president of the United States from making every Americans' health decisions for them. The "scare-monger in chief," as former Civil Rights Division leader Roger Severino calls him, has decided that when it comes to COVID, the facts, the law, and the science don't matter. You will be vaccinated, this Democratic leadership says -- and surrender every constitutional right to privacy, employment, personal safety, and free speech until you do.

But that's just the prelude. In the same Washington Update, Perkins gave  a passive-aggressive defense of those who attacked the nation's Capitol on Jan 6 seeking to overturn Biden's victory in the 2020 election:

If you think China and North Korea are the only countries with "political prisoners," think again. According to some conservatives in Congress, some of the January 6th rioters have been held in jail for months under what they consider abusive conditions. At a press conference earlier this week, Republicans warned about the possible mistreatment of some defendants and demanded that they be treated fairly. "If they're guilty, they need to be charged accordingly," 

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) told the Washington Times, "but they need to be treated just like any other criminal." Stories continue to circulate that even the "nonviolent trespassers" have been put in solitary confinement for several hours a day. "Sadly, two systems of justice exist in America today," Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) (a former state judge) argued, "one for former President Trump along with those who support or don't hate him, and the other for everyone else." His colleague, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) agreed. "To my knowledge, none have been charged for insurrection, so I don't consider them insurrectionists."

Perkins seems to have no problem quoting members of Congress who went out of their way to minimize the damage or outright lie about what these insurrectionists did to our country with their violent attempt to overturn the 2020 election. Here are several facts he didn't mention about these lawmakers:

  • Rep. Gohmert has downplayed the events of Jan 6th by inaccurately claiming that the insurrectionists were not armed. The fact of the matter is they were armed.
  • Rep. Thomas Massie voted against legislation awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to officers who defended the Capitol because he objected to the incident being called an insurrection.
  • Rep. Gosar has not only lied about the Jan 6 insurrection by calling the participants peaceful, he has also attempted to make one of them, Ashli Babbitt, into a martyr. Babbitt was shot and killed on that day as she attempted to crawl through a window at the entrance of the Speaker's Lobby. Gosar - and others - have falsely claimed that she was executed for murdered. 

If these legislators bent over backwards to either lie about the Jan 6 insurrection or undermine the damage it did, why should their complaints about the insurrectionists receive any credibility?  That's definitely a question one should ask Perkins. 

And on that same note, he should also be asked just whose side is his organization on with regards to COVID-19 and the Jan 6th insurrection.

Because it's damn sure not  America's side. 

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