Monday, December 13, 2021

SC Congressional candidate (who was once caught lying about his military service) says right-wing Christians need to take over America for God

This is what awaits us if we don't get off of our butts and vote en masse in next year's midterm elections:

Mark Burns, an unabashed Christian nationalist MAGA pastor who is running for Congress in South Carolina, spoke at the ReAwaken America conference in Dallas, Texas last week, where he once again declared that any law that contradicts the Bible must be overturned and proclaimed that now is the time for right-wing Christians to “take over” the country.

 . . . “Are we ready to declare war on every demonic spirit?” Burns asked. “Are we ready to take over? Somebody shout, ‘Take it back, take it back.’ Shout, ‘Take it back!’ We’re here to declare war on Satan. How many here know that this is a God nation, this is a Jesus nation? And liberals are trying to take God out of everything we hold dear. Are you gonna let them do it, Texas? I said are you gonna let them take God—somebody say, ‘Never! Shout, ‘Never!’ This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. This nation was founded on the fact that Jesus is the messiah.” 

 “Let me go ahead and piss off the mainstream media,” Burns continued. “Any law that is a law right now that’s contrary to the word of God should be outlawed and abolished in this nation. Do you believe that Jesus should be at the center of American politics in the United States of America?” 
“We’re here to take over,”  Burns later declared. “We’re here to take over, God help me. We’re here to take over. We’re here to take over!”

If Burns were truly a man of God, he would stop talking about 'taking over America' for God and talk to God about the time he got caught lying about certain biological claims, such as his military service,  and professional accomplishments:

South Carolina preacher Mark Burns, who regularly introduces Trump at his campaign events, had listed on his church’s website that he had a Bachelor of Science degree and served six years in the Army Reserve. 

Burns, however, was never in the Army Reserve. He was in the South Carolina National Guard, from which he was discharged in 2008, CNN found. As far as a Bachelor’s degree, North Greenville University told CNN he only attended the school for one semester. Burns admitted that he did not finish his degree when CNN asked him about it. 

 When CNN confronted Burns about the various professional and social exaggerations he had featured on his biography, Burns first said the page had “obviously” been either “manipulated or either hacked or added.” But the site host, Wix, said there was no evidence of a hack.

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